Chapter 19

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Grandpa Elvis was in trouble.

“We got to know each other’s story roughly…………

Frankly speaking, I don’t understand.”

“Complete don’t isn’t it.”

Takeo agreed.

“…..It seems that Sir Takeo is from another world………”

Alice was stunned.

“Takeo what do you want to do?”

“That’s true… the moment, I don’t understand why I came here.

I also don’t know how to go back. But I must do something.

But since I’m alive, I’ll have to start making a living somehow……….”

“That’s right.”

“I’m in trouble, isn’t it. I’m not confident about my physical strength, I’m not skilled at strategizing either. 

………..Looks like my lifespan is off another 3 days?”

“Eh? Are you going to give up!?”

Smith was surprised.

“………..No, earlier I recognized my present situation but……I think I’m pretty useless isn’t it?”

“Hmm………however, I cannot abandon my savior.

That’s why I was thinking that we can let him stay here for a while. What do you think?”

“I don’t have an issue.”

“I don’t have an issue with that either.”

“Hmm, then for the time being stay here Takeo. By the way, I’ll give you the reward for saving me later.”


Takeo responded.

“Since we’ve come to a conclusion for now, I’ll return back to my room now Grandfather.

Since I have to study.”

“Hmm, that’s alright. Do your best.”


With that Smith left the room.

There were 4 of us remaining now.

“Then? What is it?”

“About what?”

“I’ve really been pampered. For saving a person, I get 3 meals a day and get to sleep during the day.

Anyone would want to get suspicious.

Even I become a corpse tomorrow it wouldn’t be cool.”

“Hmm, what do you think Alice?”

“Since he saved Grandfather, 

that is reason enough for him to stay here for as long as necessary but……….

Grandfather would like to employ Takeo right?

“Hnn. I would like to know the knowledge that you have.”

“Even if you say knowledge, I don’t really know anything specific?

I may know the result or the end product but I don’t know the way or the ingredients.”

“Even if you only know the end result, I think there is still value in that.

Even if you don’t know the method or way, we call always ask other people.

I think it’s good if you can share your wisdom with everyone.

For example, you said that it was your first time seeing a carriage right?”

“I remember saying that but it was the first time I saw the real thing.”

“Then, what means do you use for travel in your place?”

“………By the way, how many days does it take to the royal capital?”

“If we travel only during the day, then it would take 6 days?”

“Approximately that long right.”

Fredrick reconfirmed it.

“Nnn assuming that it’s about 500 km, then it’s approximately the distance from Tokyo to Osaka right…………..

That’s right. So if we leave in the morning, we can reach in the evening of the same day.

In case you are in a hurry, if you leave once the 1st bell rings, you can reach before the 2nd bell rings. We also have that kind of means.”


The 3 of them were shocked.

“There is no magic where you come from right?”

“There isn’t.”

“Then what is up with that speed?”

“It’s a world that has advanced on the basis of pure technology.

Ah, in fact, there is a good saying,

‘A highly advanced technology is no different than magic’.”

“Hmm, can’t you use that kind of knowledge for me?”

“Even if you say that, I cannot judge whether I have knowledge that can be used.”

“Even if you can only consult it’s alright.

Even if you say something whenever you think of something it’s alright.”

“…….I cannot promise that I’ll only say good things?”

“I’m not expecting that, instead I want you to even say the bad things.”


Then I’ll become Mr. Elvis’s assistant consultant.

Even so, it’s okay to move around freely right?

If you call me then I’ll join the talk but I think it will be good if  I can convey my point of view in the various things I see and experience.”

“Hmm, I don’t mind. I’ll call you when necessary.”

This is how Takeo became a consultant.

Fredrick temporarily left the room.

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