Chapter 23

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“Shall we check the amount of magical power and the system once again?”

The shop assistant said seriously.

………It isn’t like he wasn’t serious about it earlier but right now he was exuding the feeling of a doctor.

First I placed my palm on the mouse like protrusion.

The shop assistant looked at the container and nodded.


As the shop assistant prompted, Takeo held his hand out to the circular flask.

Slowly the water level started to rise.

……….it’s the same, isn’t it.

“It’s the same isn’t it.”

The shop assistant said the same thing.

“It stopped at the same place earlier,

the water level rose just as much last time, the quantity of Sir Kitamizato’s magic power is approximately 15 – 25.”

“Haa. Is that a lot? Or is it too little?”

The 2 of them had that reaction earlier so he assumed that it was less but he decided to ask just now.

“If you compare it to people who don’t have an aptitude for magic, then it’s a lot.

However, compared to those people that have magic aptitude, they start learning at 14. Even beginners at the age of 5 have more than 50.

As they begin to train, the quantity increases, and by the time they become a magician, it’s around 200.”

…………….Hmm. It’s pitiable isn’t it, thought Takeo.

“Next, please hold out your hand and say ‘Lux’.”

Takeo held out his hand as instructed.


The tip of the staff lighted up just the same as earlier.

“Please say it two more times.”

“Lux. Lux.”

Since the light hadn’t disappeared yet, the light became brighter.

As time passed it became a little dimmer and then disappeared.

During this series of activities, the shop assistant watched the flask.

“Please face that target and grasp it as you say ‘Flare’.”

“Wait a……”

Alice was about to say something but the shop assistant signaled her to pause.


Nothing happened.


Takeo wondered.

As Alice looked relieved, I had a big question mark on my head.

The shop assistant also had a relieved yet surprised expression as he nodded.

“I roughly understood Sir Kitamizato’s magic.”

The shop assistant put away the tools and sat down on a chair.

“First let me explain what I understand.”


Takeo felt like he was about to hear the doctor’s sentence.

“Let’s put this in proper order.

Sir Kitamizato does have an aptitude for magic.

Since he does not have a special system, he can use any magic evenly.

The quantity of magic is a maximum of 25.”


Takeo reconfirmed the information in his mind as he responded.

“However, he did a series of magic that didn’t match the amount of power you have right?”

Alice asked her doubt.

“Yes, that how it is.

That’s where we decided to check the magical power once again. First, he said ‘Lux’ once and then twice continuously. Then he said ‘Flare’.

What I understood from this is that Sir Kitamizato’s magic doesn’t reduce.

In a very short period of time, he used ‘Lux’ once first, then 4 times, next he did it once and twice again- for a total of 8 times.

Earlier I mentioned that beginners start to learn with power quantity of 50 but they are tired once they use this magic 5 times.

Moreover, the reason he couldn’t use ‘Flare’ is proof that he cannot use magic that goes beyond his amount of power he holds.

By the way, they get exhausted in 1 try if they do the experiment we did last.”

“Umm, what does this mean?”

Alice was making a difficult expression as the asked the shop assistant.

“In other words, Sir Kitamizato can use initial magic no matter how many times he wants to without his power reducing. However, he cannot handle magic that exceeds his limits even slightly.”


Takeo couldn’t respond with anything other than that.

Was it a good thing or wasn’t it, he just couldn’t understand.

“……………Is that so?”

Alice seemed a little regretful.

“Yes. Although Sir Kitamizato can use magic, he cannot become a magician……….to participate in combat.”

“Is that how it is?”

Takeo wondered.

“He can certainly use low-level magic,

however, it’s when it’s at a stage where you can activate it.

Magic increases power by multiplying the magical power.

That’s right………..let me give an example.

‘Freya’ is a magic that manifests fire and launches it.

The amount of magic required to activate is 10 and the power is 2.

So if you apply double the maximum power of Sir Kitamizato, then the power becomes 4 to the power 2.

However, if you apply 20 times the maximum power of a magician, that power becomes 1048567 to the power 20.”

“………….It’s insignificant isn’t it.”

Takeo was startled.

“Yes. That’s why Sir Kitamizato cannot become a magician that serves the army.”

“I see. I understand.”

Takeo expressed his thanks.

“No…….then, shall we make the glasses?”


The shop assistant took the frame that Alice chose, and adjusted it so that it would fit Takeo’s face.

“I’m sorry but it will take 1 bell to make this.”

“Understood. We’ll be back to take it once 1 bell has passed.”

“Understood, and the payment will be 1 gold.”

“Make 2 for that.”

Takeo looked at the shop assistant with a straight face as he said that.

“Eh……….then…….for 2 golds……….I’ll……..”


Stare……….>>>Takeo and the shop assistant were looking at each other.

The shop assistant lost first.

“Then how about 2 for 1 gold and 6 silvers?”

Takeo felt that it wasn’t bad but since he wanted to come here again, did he bargain too much? 

“Then for 1 gold and 8 silvers, make 2 pairs of glasses that are difficult to scratch and give me 1 book that is for beginners in magic.”

The shop assistant’s face brightened. Even if Takeo wanted 2 of those books, it still wouldn’t even cost 1 silver.


Takeo paid the shop assistant.

“I’ll make one in 1 bell’s time, but can you collect the other one on another day?”

“Yes. Then, we’ll be back.”

Takeo and Alice got up from their seats and left the store.

“Thank you very much.”

The shop assistant called out.

Takeo and Alice went towards the tailor shop.

“Lady Alice, you seem a little out of it.”

“Sir Takeo. Why didn’t you say yes for 6 silvers?

You purposely increased it to 8 silvers.”

“Eh? I didn’t have an intention to bargain it till there.

I thought that 2 extra silvers was the cost of the bargain.”

“Haa……….but, it’s good if you get it cheaper right?”

“Hm………it depends on the situation though.

This time,  I thought that I may have to come to that magic goods store again.

I cited the price that I thought was right.

If he views this positively, then next time he may sell things to me a little cheaper or even sell me rare things.

By the way, I was thinking that I would like to use 2 silvers to pay for the Lady’s tea.”

“Eh!?… Understood!”

“Alice happily replied, while blushing slightly.

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