Chapter 33

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Takeo and Alice reached the magic goods store and entered inside.

“Lady Alice, Sir Kitamizato, welcome.”


“We’ll be intruding.”

Alice and Takeo replied.

“Thank you for yesterday.

I have come with a request today.”

Takeo gave an overview of the trench coat and the lapel.



“I see. That ‘Trench coat’ seems to be good.”

“Therefore, I would like to get the lapel made here.”

“Yes. I’ll be glad to.

However, although the lapel can be produced here, but to add in the personal authentication and the personal information is a little……

If I have to tell you honestly, then the method to read the information and the method to write the information uses the same magic, therefore it can be camouflaged.”

“I see.”

“That’s why, how about we add a magic that cannot be released once it’s applied. A magic that is unchangeable?”

“Hnnn……….then, what if we add the name and the affiliation badge to a name tag the is worn on the neck like a necklace?”

“It’s possible.”

“Can we visually confirm the anti-counterfeiting?

…………..For example, it changes colour when touched. Or it lights up?”

“It’s possible.”

Takeo thought for a while.

“Then, if you stroke it once, the rank badge will turn a navy blue from red. The emblem part of the affiliation section will light up blue. Please make it like that.

Also, if you lightly tap the name tag twice, the affiliation emblem should be revealed.

Please make them unchangeable once you produce them all.

In case if you try to change it, the whole thing should turn light blue and none of it should be changeable.”


“There are 4 types.

I have drawn the draft of the shape on this piece of paper, so for now please try to think of it like this.”

Takeo handed over the paper to the shop assistant.

“Please give me a estimate.

For 50 pieces per type.”

“That’s right……….please look around the shop for awhile.

I will make it in the meantime.”


Alice and Takeo started looking around the store.

Takeo thought that this place is like medieval Europe with magic.

Compared to present day Japan, the security here is bad.

That’s why he wanted some equipment for self-defence………..

His physical strength was average………perhaps below average and he wasn’t even trained in Kendo or Judo……..

Isn’t there some good equipment?

As he looked to the table, his eyes suddenly landed on an item that was hung up on the wall, an item that he was shocked to see.

“Eh? Why?”

He was shocked enough to say that out loud.

Something that is used for shooting in night shops at Japanese festivals was hung up on the wall.


It was a gun that looked like it would be used in wars  or movies during the olden times.

“Umm……..Can I hold this?”

Takeo asked the shop assistant.

“Yes you may.”

Once he had the approval, he took it in his hands.

It cost 10 pieces of gold.

Without caring, he turned the lever by 90 degrees to the front.

Once the turned the lever, he could put something inside the barrel.

“This is………”

“Aah. When you insert ‘Bullets’ inside that ‘Rifle’ and turn the lever back to the original position,  you can shoot.”

The shop assistant explained.

“It  was made in Catalanda Empire so that even those people that have no aptitude for magic can use projectiles.

As you can see, you can only shoot 1 bullet at a time and the bullets need to be loaded every time so it isn’t very useful.

Moreover, its expensive……

I stocked it up because it seemed interested but it doesn’t really sell.”

“I see.”

“By the way, since when are these being sold?”

“Has it been recently? Or was it last year?”


“Is that so…..”

Takeo thought that he could use this as his weapon but since he will keep having to replenish the bullets it was a little troublesome.

“By the way, if I buy this, how much would you sell it for?”

“Eh !!? You’ll buy it?”

“I’m yet to decide.”

“…………..I see. It doesn’t really sell well………I’ll make it 6 pieces of gold.

I’ll also include the bullets.”

“How many bullets will be included?”

“I’ll give 50 pieces.”

“ Do you not have more than 1 of this?”

“………….No………….I have about 2 more in stock……..”

The clerk said with a dark expression.

Useless pieces?……….Takeo sympathized.

“………Then, I’ll buy those as well.”

“Eh !!?? Then I’ll sell the 3 for 15 pieces of gold and I’ll also include all the 200 bullets that I purchased as well.”

The shop clerk said happily.

“I would like you to request you remodel the guns.

Please remodel it so that I can use it.

Make it so that it doesn’t require the supplementary loading of bullets.

Please use one gun to make a prototype and 1 for me to use……….a complete one.”

“Is that possible?”

“………..If it’s Sir Kitamizato’s magic system then……..I think it’s possible……..

However, since it will use precious stones, it won’t be cheap……”

“……..Yes………Even so it’s interesting isn’t it?”

“Yes, That’s true!”

“Even so, if there is no upper limit then I’ll be in trouble. Let’s cap it at 25 pieces of gold including the cost of the gun.

Tomorrow. I’ll come back again so let’s discuss the specifications then.”


“It’s probably better not to stock up on this rifle anymore.”

“I am fortunate that Sir Kitamizato decided to but it this time……I won’t stock it up anymore.”

The shop assistant gave a wry smile.

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