Chapter 35: Two Things

Wei Ming didn’t care much about Baliyan’s behavior, which was somewhat lacking in manners. Being the most trusted Protector of Wei Zhong, he is very good at carrying out orders in correspondence with the former’s style, emphasizing the efficiency heavily.

“Two things.” Wei Ming raised two of his fingers and got right to the point.

“First thing: Regarding Xia Feng institute’s growth during these few recent years, City Master is dissatisfied.”

“This…” Baliyan forced a smile. Regarding the growth of Xia Feng institute, he too had been equally dissatisfied. However, he truly didn’t have any methods to do something about it. With respect to facilities, or two hundred years worth of history, or the ever present support of Xia Feng region’s masses, most of the institutes on the continent are behind Xia Feng institute, let alone Zhai Feng. Soul’s Towers are the biggest proof of this fact. Even with respect to teachers, Baliyan had exhausted all his capabilities to net in geniuses. Although he wouldn’t dare go as far as the entire continent, when compared to Zhai Feng, he had absolute confidence.

The main problem lies in students. In terms of numbers, Xia Feng institute definitely can’t be regarded as lacking in students. However, Xia Feng, this mountainous region is truly an uncivilized area. Even after his utmost efforts, he was unable to find a single genius. There also isn’t much possibility of other regions or clans sending their talented children to Xia Feng institute which had facilities, but no achievements to speak of.

And because of this, Baliyan would think: ‘Even the cleverest housewife can’t cook without rice.’

“You need not explain.” Baliyan had barely said two words, and he was stopped by Wei Ming already:

“City Master is much more clear than you about the reason. However, how to resolve the problem, that is your responsibility. City Master has even handed over his only son to the Xia Feng institute. I think, you should be very clear on what this implies.”

(Tl: By reading this paragraph, it seems that Wei Ming is bossing Baliyan around. But that’s not entirely the case. He is addressing Baliyan respectfully. A more precise translation would be to put a ‘respected’ behind you or ‘your esteemed self’. For e.g: ‘City Master realize this more clearly than respected you.’ But that just sounds too weird.)

Wei Ming’s way of addressing Baliyan had been courteous through the entire conversation. However, his attitude wasn’t respectful at all. Sweat could already be seen on Baliyan’s head.

“I understand…. I understand.” He was continuously repeating. City Master

Wei Zhong’s support towards Xia Feng institute was unquestionable;

Wei Ming had demonstrated this point in extremely concise words. After showing such support and still not getting any results, City Master being unsatisfied is reasonable and fair. Because of this reason, Baliyan has been ashamed to even show his face. Under such conditions, in whatever way City Master wished to handle this situation from now, he had no other choice but accept it.

“However, City Master will not give up on Xia Feng like this. City Master’s Mansion will replenish the Two Soul’s Tower for you.” Wei Ming said.

“Huh?” Baliyan almost felt that he’d misheard. Wei Ming’s previous words were clearly justifying the reason for giving up on Xia Feng. Who could have expected such a turn of events?

“However, this doesn’t signify anything at all.” Wei Ming continued:

“This is because Zhai Feng needs four Soul’s Towers, whereas Xia Feng only requires two. It’s only saving trouble. City Master likes to be efficient.”

“I understand….” After hearing these words, Baliyan who had just recently been overjoyed because of the turn of events, started to sweat again. Although the City Master is still maintaining his support towards Xia Feng for the time being, but if Xia Feng still can’t manage to make a breakthrough in progress, then perhaps he would have to think about hitting the road.

“Second thing.” After the first matter was over, Wei Ming didn’t provide Baliyan any time to digest, and immediately began to explain the second matter.

“Xia Feng, will participate in Zhi Ling region’s Grand Soul Gathering.” Wei Ming said.

“Ah! This….perhaps is not too wise? For the time being, Xia Feng still doesn’t have the capability for this. One year……. give me one more year.” Baliyan began panicking. On this particular problem, he would firmly stick to his ground. He didn’t expect that City Master’s Mansion’s evaluation would come out this hurried. Unexpectedly, they want him to directly go to the Grand Soul Gathering, so they can look at the outcome. However, there is only one month remaining! How would Xia Feng come up with a powerful student within one month, unless…….unless….

Baliyan’s brain was reeling at a lightning fast rate, and he suddenly thought of a possibility: “Unless….”

“Unless Zhai Feng’s Lu Ping is transferred into Xia Feng, is it?” Wei Ming helped Baliyan to speak the idea he’d come up with.

Baliyan’s old face turned red. However, at this moment, he couldn’t be bothered with this. If he could win over Lu Ping, that would be extremely fortunate, and what better chance than City Master’s Mansion personally stepping in. Thereupon, he nodded.

“You think that City Master’s Mansion can just neglect student’s own wish at will?” Wei Ming suddenly said in a cold voice. This time, he didn’t even use any ‘honorifics’.

Godou was somewhat at a loss. If City Master’s Mansion truly issues such instructions, then, of course, the student’s desire can be neglected. Could it be that there is even such a student who wouldn’t mind City Master’s Mansion?

He naturally didn’t know that just yesterday, Lu Ping, unimpressed by both persuasion and force, bluntly rejected City Master’s invitation, and even seriously injured a Family Guardian. Therefore, such self-mocking words accompanied with such a cold tone, rendered Baliyan extremely puzzled.

“This is the list of names of Xia Feng’s students who will go to the Grand Soul Gathering.” This time, Wei Ming suddenly pulled out a paper and handed over to Baliyan.

Baliyan blankly accepted the paper and swept his eyes over it. The first name was: Wei Tianqi.

City Master’s only son. In terms of the realm, he truly is among the best in Xia Feng institute. If not for the collapse of the Soul’s Tower, going by his realm, he most probably would have rushed up to the apex of the Tower. However, just with this strength, he only had the qualifications to participate in the Gathering, entering the Soul List wouldn’t be that easy.

Baliyan had been pondering over participating in the Grand Soul Gathering of Zhi Ling region for many years, so naturally, he knew quite a bit about these things. Grand Soul Gathering doesn’t distinguish students on the basis of their grades. Wei Tianqi would not only confront the students of his own grade, but also the students of fourth grade which is one grade above him. Students of Zhi Ling region didn’t have the exact same graduation time as the students of Xia Feng region. Their fourth graders formally graduate only after participating in that year’s Grand Soul Gathering. And the Gathering’s final ranking would be the ultimate evaluation of their strength. The number of floors attained? This is just too embarrassing in Zhi Ling region.

Is City Master a bit overconfident because it’s his own son?

Baliyan was having such thoughts after he saw Wei Tianqi’s name in the list. However, soon after, his vision drifted over to the second name on the list.

Wei Yang.

Wei Yang? Is it that Wei Yang? The genius who attained the realm of Linking Of Souls just two years after coming into contact with the perception of Souls? One of the twelve Family Guardians?

This kind of a genius is precisely the student for which Baliyan had always longed for. It had been a pity that the guy was already a Protector, and had such a high realm. Thus, Baliyan didn’t seek him out. However, at this moment, City Master is actually handing over Wei Yang to him, and is even allowing the former to represent the Xia Feng institute in the Gathering?

Baliyan’s temples jumped twice. This display could only be seen when he is extremely excited. He had now realized the Mansion’s intent behind asking him to participate in the Gathering.

Beneath Wei Yang’s name, third name:

Wei Ming.

It was actually Wei Ming. Baliyan was not too clear about the true strength of this young man. Although Wei Yang is a genius, but it is said that, in terms of true strength, he is actually the last among the twelve Family Guardians.

Even Wei Ming had made an appearance. Baliyan was beginning to have extreme expectations towards this list. He impatiently moved his gaze towards the fourth name.

Wei Ying?

Who is this?

Baliyan was at a loss. Since surname is Wei, he must be one of the twelve Family Guardians. These twelve individuals with different origins, after following Wei Zhong and turning into his Family Guardians, would be bestowed the common surname ‘Wei’. Wei Ying is probably one of them. However, why has his name never been heard.

“Are you finished looking?” At this moment, Wei Ming’s voice sounded.

“Yes….I’m finished.” There were only four names in the list, just a glance was enough to sweep over all the names.

“There is no need to say much. I presume you will manage the arrangements?” Wei Yang was once again using the honorific.

“I understand. I will manage the arrangements.” Baliyan had lost count how many times he’d said ‘I understand’ today. However, for him, this was an extremely fortuitous matter. City Master’s Mansion is actually sending experts to represent Xia Feng in the Grand Soul Gathering. If this had happened before, then perhaps Xia Feng would have long ago rushed to the top, no?

Wei Yang, Wei Ming, and that unheard guy Wei Ying. I have these experts, and Zhai Feng only has a single individual, Lu Ping. Does that amount to anything?


Why am I still thinking about Zhai Feng and Lu Ping?

My thinking is a bit too narrow-minded. I’ve truly turned stupid while mingling in Xia Feng region.

With so many experts, I should focus on the talents of Xia Feng region.

It’s a pity. The number of experts is still lacking a bit. It’s just three of them. If all twelve happened to be dispatched, then at that time, with twelve individuals mightily occupying the Soul’s List, how grand would Xia Feng institute look? Ah!

Uh…. That’s not right. All twelve individuals of Xia Feng with the surname Wei? That would look too eye-grabbing and too unnatural. Present arrangements are nevertheless the better, being comparitively within the standards.

Zhai Feng? Lu Ping?

We will meet at the Grand Soul Gathering once again!

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