Chapter 42

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The dungeon boss Enemy appeared.

‘The air is heavy…!’  

R++ level virtual system variant Enemy Octicawerpers.

The system, which means the essence of the simulation, was a virtual system.

A mutant species because it was abnormally mutated by the dungeon cave.

The transformation has already progressed so that it was difficult to recognize the original, but if you want to compare it, it was close to the shape of a giant octopus.

It had many legs as a means of attack and faithfully hid its weaknesses, which was advantageous for it to go one vs many.  

“Move to the appointed locations!”  

They scattered to each location with his cry.

Currently, Hwang Ji-ho was the only one who had derivative skills among those six.

However, Hwang Ji-ho was hiding his skills.

There was a high possibility that the attack would be prolonged because there was no crucial skill to take down the R++ with a final blow.  

‘But if we target his weaknesses, we will be able to finish it soon.’  

The weakness of the Enemy of this wetland cave dungeon was lightning.

He was the one who was able to inflict damage most effectively by targeting that weakness.

‘Because it’s a Boss Enemy, it won’t be as easy as the previous Enemy.’  

This time, he was thinking of piercing the vital spot with a lightning hammer, a high-ranking magic that was one level higher than the lightning javelin.

However, like what you would expect from a Boss class Enemy, it was defending its vital spot hidden under its legs with armor with an insulating effect.  

‘There is no way the kids in my class wouldn’t be able to break that…!’

There were five insulated armors that protected the weak points of Boss Enemy Octakawerpers.

“Ha ha ha ha ha.”

“······Hwang Ji-ho, that feels bad.”  

It was Hwang Ji-ho who played openly and kept pace with Han-Yi, but anyway, the combination of the Tae Ho-kwon destroyed two armors in turn.  

“Hyodon, we are finished!”

“Uh, uh. President, I’m done too!”

Another two armors were stably destroyed by Maeng Hyo-don and Kim Yu-ri.

The combination play was a bit creaky, but it was a skill like Kim Yu-ri, a high-ranking talent who kept her pace with thugs like Maeng Hyo-don and Andain. 

“Okay, done……!”  

The remaining one was destroyed last, thanks to the addition of Sawol Seum, who was monitoring Irena’s whipping.

Sawol Seum shouted, confirming that all armor had been destroyed.

“All armor has been destroyed!”

Powerful magic requires high concentration and a long casting time.

It was he who calculated and cast the formula for mana management while keeping a distance from the boss Enemy.

Fortunately, immediately after all the armor was destroyed, the casting finished.

“Fulgureus Marcus!”  


Five lightning hammers appeared above the high lifted rod.  

“It’s bigger than the last magic! Everyone step back further!”

At the shout from Sawol Seum, all the other students retreated away from him.

When the Boss Enemy tried to move chasing after the students.  


As his rod moved, five lightning hammers struck the vital spot of Octakawerpers.

It wasn’t burned down as quickly as a miscellaneous mob, but the Boss Enemy struggled and gradually collapsed.  

“It fell!”

“The remaining HP is zero. It will disappear soon!”  


As Irena said, the boss Enemy with zero HP disappeared as a particle of light.

Now, the remaining enemy in the dungeon simulator was 0.

They had successfully cleared the virtual simple dungeon safely.  

“Wow! It’s the clear screen!”

“Oh, I guess in the simulator, it looks like this.”  

Each hologram floated in front of them.

[Simulation clear! Clear time 7 minutes 45 seconds.]

A shout rang out.  

“It’s been less than 8 minutes…!”


“We cleared it!”

“Wow, wow! We beat it so fast!”

The seven first graders in class 0 cheered with high fives alternately.

By the time they finished high-fives with everyone, the afterimage of the dungeon was torn down.

Functional metal and simulator devices that filled the floor and walls began to be seen.

They safely returned to the gym.  

“Good work.”  

Ham Geun-hyung, who was watching them through the screen, opened his mouth.  

“This is my first time seeing guys who cleared within 10 minutes in their first team play. This is the first time I see kids like you.”  

The lines he had heard on the first day of admission.

But unlike then, he was smiling with a grim face.

‘When I look at Ham Geun-hyung’s face, I think I’m right.’

This team play wasn’t just about clearing.

Clearing in the shortest time with minimal force.

Number of consumable items used 0.

Number of people who used Gwanglim 0.

Number of wounded 0.

The goal was achieved.

“Everyone did well. You guys seem to have read my intentions well. The difficulty of this dungeon was actually not very high. But if everyone had tried to share the achievements ‘fairly,’ the clear time would have taken a long time.”

Most Enemies have weaknesses.

In order to quickly attack this, team play was to support a teammate who can do damage most efficiently so that they can show their best skills.

If Enemy’s weakness was a wind attribute, then the main attacker would have been Sawol Seum, if it was weak to blunt attacks then Maeng Hyo-don or Han-Yi, and Hwang Ji-ho would be the main attackers.

If the slashing attacks was the weakness, Kim Yuri.

It was unlikely, but if it was a dungeon with a high proportion of traps, it would be more efficient to plan an operation centered on Irena.

With the Use All Things skill, it was usually possible for him to take the lead, but there will be times when it comes to the level of certain attribute attacks, others would be better to lead.  

“You have devised an operation that took advantage of each other’s strengths, centering on Cho Eui-shin, who had the most effective skill for the attack, and faithfully implemented it. You guys have cleared the dungeon in the best way in the shortest time. This kind of team play is the most important thing in attacking the otherworld. Keep that in mind for the future.”

After the general review was completed, Ham Geun-hyung began to conduct personal evaluations. 

“First of all, Cho Eui Shin. After setting up this operation, you destroyed the enemy by casting calmly in front of the Enemy’s eyes. You did well.”  

After him, Han-Yi and Hwang Ji-ho.  

“Combo play between two Taeho-kwon users, Hani and Hwang Ji-ho. I think you guys fit well with each other. But Hwang Ji-ho, you played around too much. You know what I mean right? Han-Yi needs to try to match Hwang Ji-ho’s movement. You will have to take more time looking out at your surroundings.”  

Hwang Ji-ho seems to have been caught playing.

Hwang Ji-ho was in fact more interested in seeing how much Tae-ho kwon Han-Yi could use rather than defeating the Enemy.

Next was Kim Yuri and Maeng Hyodon.

“The movements between Kim Yuri and Maeng Hyo-don was not bad either. Both of you have a great attack power, so keep that up. And Kim Yuri, you must have been unfamiliar with the Enemy. Practice with the simulator. Maeng Hyo-don, you need calm down a little. You are familiar with your body condition right? Make some eye contact with your classmates who will be together for the next year as well.”

It seemed like it would take a long time for Maeng Hyo-don to get used to Kim Yu-ri.

He also showed symptoms of addiction to recovery items, so it would be nice to worry about injury as well.

“Sawol Seum, Irena. Both of you did a good job monitoring the situation. The practice of catching the enemy was not enough however. Sawol Seum, you need to provide support a little faster. Irena should focus on improving muscle strength and strength in general.”

The evaluation of the seven was finished.

But then······.  

‘He didn’t say much about me.’  

He waited because he wondered if he would give him more advice.  

“That’s it for today’s class. Use the remaining time and talk with each other reflecting and reviewing. That’s it! Everyone, good job.”

Class ended much earlier than usual.

And he ended up receiving only compliments.

When Ham Geun-hyung turned away and disappeared, the remaining six gazes turned to him.  

“Of course, he is the Unknown Supernova after all. He only received praise.”

“Vice-president, you are pretty good.”

“Yeah······! In the next team play, I will work as hard as Eui Shin!”  

He thought Ham Geun-hyung saw him as the planner of the operation so he went easy on him.

Even if he didn’t make any mistakes.

He thought these kind kids did not have any sort of envy or jealousy because they were all staring at him praising him.

He hoped they stop.  

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Hwang Ji-ho laughed at his embarrassment.

He hoped he will play around less and laugh in moderation in the future.  

“Let’s have lunch together today. Also to review!”  

He agreed to all of Yuri Kim’s suggestions.

The seven first graders of class 0 moved to the first-grade restaurant together and spent time holding their first team play review today.

The conversation didn’t end even while they had lunch, so they walked the promenade and chatted.  

‘I feel like I’ve come to see flowers rather than a review meeting.’  

It was just when the cherry blossoms started to bloom.

They chatted while watching cherry blossoms.

There was no end to the topic, and the eyes were not bored.

In addition to the cherry blossoms along the road, forsythia, moss, margaret, daffodils, bamboo flowers, etc. in the flower garden on the other side of the promenade.

All the other flowers were beautiful enough to not lose to the cherry blossoms.

“I have a  guess who Ham Geun-hyung would recommend….”  

As he was preparing to move to take an elective class, Hwang Ji-ho shone his eyes and murmured ominously.


There were a few things that came to mind, but he decided to ignore them.

Meanwhile, the class bell rang.  

“Today’s afternoon class bell was played by our department!”  

The class bell was still an election song.

The campaign song to encourage elections used in the last presidential election was played with a string quartet composed of two violins, one viola, and one cello.

Could the election song sound this lyrical?

It seems that the best performers did not care what songs they played. 

“I will someday participate in the production of a class bell too! I will practice hard.”

Irena’s aspirations were decided to be supported by all the 1st graders.

As long as the player has talent, the ability to acquire is several times that of ordinary people.

Irena, who was trying to learn the violin for the first time, will be able to perform as a sound source for the class bell next year, as early as the next semester, if she practices hard.

After a short flower viewing, they disbanded while listening to the class bell.

*    *    *

After school.

As usual, the newspaper office he arrived at with Hwang Ji-ho.  

“Praise me!”  

Moon Sae-ron, a loser who lost to the culprit of the clock tower incident and lost to the horror of the ghost story, was showing a triumphant face.  

“I won the interview with Yeom Jun yeol!”

“Hey, that’s awesome.”

“Aren’t you lying? Senior Red Dragon doesn’t like to do interviews.”

The interview article, being written by Moon Sae-ron and the picture of Yeom Jun-Yeol taken directly were displayed as a hologram.

Those who were in the office of the first year of the newspaper department exclaimed out loud.

“I thought he would just say no, but when I tried to ask, he just said OK? Instead, he asked to let him know if something interesting happens! He didn’t come to school in March, so he was curious about the news that had occurred at school.”

He had accepted the interview in exchange for information.

Yeom Jun-yeol was looking for the Red Phantom Thief.

Since he talked with Irena and Sawol Seum, he may have sensed that the Red Phantom Thief was related to Silver Light, and maybe the first-grade class 0.

It’s true that he helped two of them in the illusion auction.  

‘Moon saeron has wide feet and bright ears. It would be good to use as an informant. Yeom Jun-yeol chose the right person.’  

This was Moon Sae-ron, who played an informative role even in the game.

Even though she was so timid that she didn’t help to investigate ghost stories.

Anyway, they finished the task of writing an article for all the new members with the interview with Jun-yeol Yeom by Moon Sae-ron.

After being confirmed by the head of the newspaper department, all the first graders moved to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-grade public spaces. 

“Teacher Jegal Jae-geol is a little late today.”

“Because he is the head of the school affairs department, he’s probably busy. Or another second-year class 0 had an accident.”

“Usually in such a case, he will contact you though….”

The head of the newspaper department and the vice had anxious faces.

There was no atmosphere to report.  

“I think a problem occurred with the editorial department again.”  

Moon Sae-ron intervened between him and Hwang Ji-ho and lowered his voice.  

“The editorial department?”

“Hwang Ji-ho, that bothers you too? Are you curious?”

“Yes, tell me.”

Moon Saeron was grasping this case.

It was like a playable character whose dream was to win the Pulitzer Prize.

“They want to merge the editorial department with the newspaper department and close down the newspaper department.

“······The newspaper department has been around since the opening of silver light. It’s only been 10 years since the editorial department was created.”

Hwang Ji-ho must have checked the history of the newspaper department before joining.  

“Hwang Ji-ho is right. Still, the editorial department…There are quite a few weird graduates who backed them up and a lot of outside sponsorships came in. Strangely, the newspaper department was always weak. If teacher Jaegal-Jaegeol had not chosen to be the head, it would have closed down a long time ago.”  

Hwang Ji-ho’s eyes shone a little at Moon Sae-ron’s words.  

‘······The teacher staff was busy due to the case of Choi Pyeon Deuk and his decadent business. Thanks to that, it was progressing a little slower than the game, but it looks like it’s still on track.’ 

The textbook editorial department and newspaper department scenario.

It was the event that triggered Jaegal Jaegeol to get hit by a curse and made him leave the Silver Light High school.

Today, Jaegal Jaegeol did not appear in the newspaper room until the end.

*    *    *


His device was full of new messages.

First, he checked the group message room with Joo Soo-hyuk and Maeng Hyo-don.  

[Joo Soo-hyuk] Eui-shin, Yun-seop smoked again! Picture of evidence here.

Behind Joo Soo-hyuk’s selfie, he could see Bang Yoon-seop squatting against the wall, holding a lit cigarette in his hand.

Because it was photographed in one cut with that handsome Joo Soo-hyuk, Bang Yoon-seop seemed more humiliating than usual. 

‘Perhaps today was the day when Bang Yoon-seop was rescued by Joo Su-hyuk after having a quarrel with gangsters.’ 

[Joo Soo-hyuk] Yun-seop was confronted by strange people. When I saved him, Yun-seop had a burning cigarette in his hand.

His bread shuttle Bang Yoon-seop had grown up.

He didn’t start the fight, but rather others started the fight first!

As a result, in the end, it was the same thing.

He thought he got caught smoking a cigarette too.

He thought he did a good job getting Bang Yoon-seop’s account number. 

[Me] Deposited the price of bread to the account of Bang Yun-seop. Have him buy bread. From a faraway bakery.

[Joo Soo-hyuk] Can I run about 10km?

[Me] Yes, it’s the weekend, so you can make him run more if you want.

[Joo Soo-hyuk] Okay!

[Maeng Hyo-don] When will this idiot wake up? He already got caught by me twice.

[Joo Soo-hyuk] If I count this time, it’s been three times… No matter how correct it is, saying that he’s an idiot is a bit radical expression, Hyo-don.

[Maeng Hyo-don] Oh, it’s the noble Joo Su-hyuk.  

No, whether he was a noble or not Joo Soo-hyuk eventually will admit that Bang Yoon-seop was an idiot anyway.

Meanwhile, a group message room with Jang Namwook and Yoo Sanghoon.

[Jang Nam-wook] Eui-shin, will you really not come?

[Yoo Sang-hoon] Even late you should.

[Me] Sorry, I’m busy.

[Yoo Sang-hoon] Why pretend to be busy? What else are you doing?

[Jang Nam-wook] What do you mean what is he doing? What are you doing again Eui Shin? Even if you are a player, you must not do anything dangerous.

He ignored Jang Nam-wook’s continuous nagging and closed the message window.

Today was the day when the first graders of Silver Light and the Military Academy gathered.

They were planning to rent a private basketball court and play basketball all day long.  

‘I think they are going to do a formal exchange later.’

At the recommendation of Yoo Sang-hoon, and Doshi-hoo, the chief student of the academy, people who were not in the basketball club also gathered.

Neither Jang Nam-wook nor the basketball team were the ones that brought them in.

As a result, more than 20 people gathered, so it was said that they had to play at the same time by dividing them into two sides.

‘Jang Nam-wook was persuaded to come right before midterm exams? He wasn’t one to not study. Jang Nam-wook wasn’t interested in basketball. Doesn’t he like baseball more?’ 

Even though he didn’t know how Yoo Sang-hoon and Doshi-hoo caught him, Jang Nam-wook also sent a message to him several times asking him to play basketball.

Nam-wook Jang was also an easy guy. 

‘The midterm exam is coming up real soon, but to play basketball. Looks like he is confident.’

Not doing the studying he asked them to do.

This was the reality that took place in the two tops of Korea’s most prestigious high schools.

It wasn’t what he could say being at the house of Chairman Hwang Myung-ho.  

‘I’m looking for him today.’  

Today, the Alliance of the 12 meeting was held.

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