Chapter 49: Next Life

Under the escort of the Royal Palace Guards, and the civilian and military officers, the procession from East Divine Kingdom left the Imperial Place, setting foot on the ‘East Sea Street’. Among all the officers, there were Prince Yao and Commander Wu, who had witnessed how Wu Yu was dethroned. They grinned from ear to ear seeing the procession off.

“From now on, our East Yue Wu’s fame will shake the whole east!” Emperor Yuan Hao spoke in excitement.

Ministers and officers stirred up right away, complementing that Emperor Yuan Hao was wise and forward-looking.

Empress Dowager was smiling gently, proud of her son.

“We send Wu You off. Now, the only troublesome person here is Sun Wudao.” Yuan Xi looked around. She hadn’t seen Sun Wudao these days.

When the procession of East Divine Kingdom was travelling the East Sea Street, it was surrounded by thousands of citizens. If there hadn’t been any guards, there would have been a serious congestion.


“Princess Wu You!”

From the crowd, people screamed out with sadness from time to time.

Most people could only cry with tears in silence, seeing the procession off helplessly.

It was Jiu Shijun leading the procession, followed by his eight navy officers riding on black horses as big as elephants. They rode past with great dignity. No one dared to look at Jiu Shijun’s eyes.

After that, there were two carriages. One was red with designs of dragons and phoenix. It was very delicate and luxurious. Most likely, Wu You sitting in there. While the other one was in complete black, extremely sinister and ghastly, making people scared.

“Stupid people. They even aren’t willing to let Princess Wu You marry me.” Jiu Shijun sneered. Looking up, the city gate was ahead.

Suddenly, a stir happened.

Inside the carriage, Wu You’s hands were shaking and her heart was in her throat.

“Jiu Shijun, you mass murderer! You do all kinds of evil and you are as ugly as a pig! You don’t deserve our Princess Wu You!”

“Jiu Shijun, let Princess Wu You go!”

Instantly, over a hundred of martial warriors showed up, from the surrounding roofs to the East Sea Street. In a second, they encircled the procession.

They came on their own.

“I don’t deserve?” Jiu Shijun laughed. He was in a very good mood today. Those martial warriors were just clowns to him.

Wu You heard what they were shouting. She was wearing a veil, and it was not appropriate for her to show her face. But she was worried about those martial warriors, so she drew the curtain, saying, “Thank you for your kindness. But I am willing to marry Jiu Shijun. Please leave now.”

She knew that they would die right away if they fought with Jiu Shijun and You Ling Ji.

“Princess Wu You, you!”

Their faces sank. They were here to save Wu You with passion, and never expected Wu You would say this to them. Maybe there were a few people that understood that Wu You was protecting them.

“Leave, now!” Wu You looked at the black carriage and said in hurry.

“Now that they have already stepped on the gate of hell, how could they go back?”

At this moment, a nice voice came from the black carriage. It sounded like a fairy, but it creeped Wu You out.

Too late!

“Devil shadow.”


A black figure flew from the carriage, passing by all martial warriors in shocking speed. Among those martial warriors, the strongest were at the 5th Heavenly Stage of the Martial Dao, and most were at the 3rd. When the figure flew past them, they didn’t even notice it!

Pa pa pa!

Instantly, the black figure went back to the dark carriage.

Then, over one hundred of dried bodies lied down on the street. Yes, dried bodies. Their blood and flesh were dried out and only skin and bones were left. The scene was extremely dreadful.


Seeing this, the people seemed like they were hit by lightning. They wet their pants, screaming, crying, and running away with pale faces. In such a panic, some people were stepped to death.

This day was a nightmare to the capital.

Over one hundred of martial warriors became dried bodies in one second!

“He he he.” In such panic, only the one sitting in the black carriage could still laugh,

“Let’s keep moving!” It was not unusual to Jiu Shijun.


Wu You punched the wall of the carriage, her face pale, and covered her chest with her hands while breathing heavily.

“You Ling Ji, is so horrible…”

No matter how calm she was, she couldn’t hold on and broke down. Even Mi Shang, who followed her as the dowry, was frightened in the carriage after a glance at the scene.

“No, I can’t allow Wu Yu to fight with her…”

Her heart was beating crazily, and her face had no color in her cheeks. She could fall down at any time.

“Brother, please don’t come…”

Wu You could only pray now. She hid a red pill in her palm, which was now mixed with her sweat, pricking her palm. It was this pain that kept her sober.

Ka Ka.

The wooden wheels vibrated from the friction with the ground.

When Wu Yu was trapped in the prison carriage, he left the capital through the East Sea Street too.

Now, people all had run away. There was deathly stillness. Only wheels and horse-hoof sounds could be heard. Wu You drew the curtain and looked up, the city gate was right in front of her. She was leaving the capital soon.

“With his temper, if he wanted to show up, he would have already done so.”

“Good. You really grew up, and finally made a right choice. My only hope is that you will live well.”

Wu You was tearing up.

She didn’t want to die in the capital. After she passed the gate, she would swallow the pill.

And Wu Yu would take care of her mother’s family.

“Last time, it was you who left the capital. Now it is my turn.”

Wu You wiped her tears, smiled, and thought of every detail of the past several years. That little naughty Wu Yu was most afraid of the strict Wu You.

“Next life, I want to be your sis again.”


The carriage passed the gate. The capital was now behind her.

Wu You closed her eyes. As she imagined, she held the red pill, preparing to swallow it. It was highly toxic, personally made by her. She was so weak, so she would die right away after swallowing it.

“Sun Wudao?”

In this critical second, Jiu Shijun’s voice scared Wu You, making her drop the pill. It fell off the carriage because the carriage was very shaky. Wu You had no chance to take it.

“Oh no…”

She didn’t even get the chance to die. But she had no time for the pill now. She drew away the curtain as the carriage stopped.

When her eyes passed past Jiu Shijun and his followers, she saw a tall figure in the sandy ground in front. He was wearing a mask, holding a dark golden staff on the ground, as if he was waiting there for a long time!

“Wu Yu!”

He still came.

However, Wu You didn’t want him to come. But she knew she couldn’t change Wu Yu’s mind. Now, she could only pray.

Under the burning sun, that child was so majestic today. He was looking down upon everything.

“Him choosing to fight outside the capital may be because he doesn’t want to affect the citizens!”

Wu You didn’t expect this. She was about to suicide.

From inside the carriage, she looked at Wu Yu’s eyes, and she saw his determination and courage.

For Dao cultivators, courage came first.

“Sun Wudao Shangxian, why are you in my way?” Jiu Shijun asked loudly.

The news that Wu Yu was stopping the procession spread rapidly to the capital, then to the Royal Palace. When hearing this news, Hao Tian and Consort Xi smiled at each other. They had expected this result.

“Let’s go and see how Sun Wudao brings about his own destruction.”

Devil cultivators might be worse at Dao cultivation than orthodox cultivators, but they were much better at killing.

In the eyes of the masses, Wu Yu looked cold. He took out his staff, pointed at Wu You’s carriage, declaiming in a vast voice, “Jiu Shijun, You Ling Ji, and Hao Tian Shangxian! Hear me! The lady in the carriage is mine. Yes, I love Princess Wu You. Today, you must release her.”


His strong voice caused a storm in the capital.

The new Imperial Protector Shangxian liked a mortal princess! And he was holding up the procession of East Divine Kingdom…

Since ancient times, there were a few love tales between celestials and mortals. Even though most of them didn’t have a good ending, at least their stories were desirable and widely praised. And today, a new tale was born! [Yes, a wincest story is born!]

A mysterious Imperial Protector Shangxian and a kind-hearted and pretty princess.

They became a sensational love tale.

Instantly, numerous people went to the gate. They seemed to have found new hope, and they wanted to see this in person. No matter what, to them, Wu Yu was much better than Jiu Shijun!

“What did you say!” Jiu Shijun was not patient. He was angry now, so he became like a violent beast in front of Wu Yu, even though he was not strong at all.


You Ling Ji was waiting for this moment. Suddenly, her carriage smashed apart. She jumped out, took off her cloak, and with a strange smile, walked to Wu Yu step by step, and licked her lips with her fresh red tongue.

“I killed my first Dao cultivator when I was 20. Now, Sun Wudao, you are number 363.”

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