Chapter 55: Failure

“BANG” the ground cracked as a great halberd smashed through its surface, it was at the exact spot Fang Tien previously stood, before his thought was even completed he was attacked.

“Hey, don’t run just stay still!”

“Yeah, we just want to torture you a bit for killing our brother”

With his LongSword dragging as he fled Fang Tien searched for an opening his eyes scanning every movement of everyone within the vicinity, this caused his mental loud to be even heavier as his eyes worked overtime allowing him to survive in such a disadvantageous situation.

Damn, where is it, an opening has to appear eventually, could I try baiting?

Suddenly Fang Tien seemed to slow down in his running, his doges becoming sloppier as he tried over a rock while evading, seeing the opening the halberd-wielding bandit broke formation as he rushed forward to attack, his halberd swinging downward towards Fang Tien face with great force.

Found it!

“Kill!” Fang Ten said coldly, his eyes filled with murderous serenity.

Using his sword as a shield Fang Tien quickly parried the halberd chop, the rebound throwing the bandit off his feet, with swift movements Fang Tien quickly dashed, it was as if an arrow had been released as he quickly closed the gap between the halberd bandit, his sword being quicker than him as it had already pierced through the bandits heart!

Before the others could even react, using the opening left by the halberd bandit leaving the formation Fang Tien seamlessly performed consecutive slashes as he attacked the closest bandit, his sword dripping with blood as 3 large sword cuts appeared on this unlucky bandit, his left army slowly fell, then his right arm and finally his head tumbling on ground his expression of shock forever carved on his face.

“CLANK” the other bandit had managed to recover, barely blocking Fang Tien strike with his great ax, his arms bulging as his muscles jumped into overdrive, his veins seeming as if they were great snakes ready to leave his arms to attack at any moment.

4 of the bandits will reach me in the time it would take to do 4 more moves, the closest approaching one is alone and will probably enter attack range by 2 moves, I have to kill this guy in one move for my best chance of survival.

I didn’t want to use it so quickly but its the only sure way to kill him.


Using the force from the Ax blows Fang Tien rapidly stepped backward, lengthening the distance between the two, his long sword could be seen dragging on the floor, his hand gripped tightly to the hilts “Fierce Breaking Slash!”

The Bandit boss stood silently watching Fang Tien every action, as he noticed his actions becoming increasingly strange he immediately had a bad premonition “Quickly Attack him”

“I have him, boss,” the ax bandit said his great ax fully prepared for slaughter

“No Need I’ll come to you,” Fang Tien said coldly his feet seeming to vanish as he dashed forward with maximum speed his Sword slanted as it left a deep imprint in the ground below.

“BOOM! an explosive sound rang out as Fang Tien and the great Ax bandit collided, blood and limbs could be seen flying everywhere, the ground turning into a pool of blood as another body fell lifeless.

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