Chapter 70: Disciples

What to do?

Wen Yan really felt like allowing Lu Ping to kill this Daoran and be done with it. However, it was not possible.

An institute was not a lawless area. Murdering a student this brazenly, it would simply be impossible for institute to not investigate. Moreover, it wasn’t as if this Daoran didn’t have any background. Oppressing others and behave tyrannically straightaway from the grade first couldn’t just be done on the basis of realm alone. This was because he’d the institute’s vice dean, Xia Bojian behind him.

Although the latter was not institute’s dean, his seniority was even above that of dean, Yun Chong. Not to mention the cultivators that had left Tian Zhao and had been instructed by the former, even one-third of the teachers inside the institute were his disciples.

In an institute as small as Zhai Feng, the concept of disciples couldn’t be seen. However, in Tian Zhao, a reputable institute, this was quite ordinary.

Students would naturally like to follow a strong teacher, preferably a Linked One of three souls, like Xia Bojian. However, a teacher’s energy was limited, and students required different instructions according to their Soul’s power. After Linking, the disparity increased even further. With so many students, one teacher obviously couldn’t take care of them all.

Therefore, at this point, students would choose teachers. Or, more often, teachers would choose their students. Only selected students would receive guidance from their respective teachers. A teacher influenced a selected student’s realm and the ability significantly. Thus, importance of a teacher need not be mentioned.

Hereby, emerged the idea of disciples. Raising a formidable disciple would increase a teacher’s reputation. Likewise, students would yearn to become the disciple of that teacher even more.

Xia Bojian was one such teacher. His disciples could said to be as numerous as clouds, covering the heavens. In this respect, his fame was unrivaled in Tian Zhao. Not even Yun Chong, the institute’s dean, could compare.

Not only was Daoran former’s disciple, but also his blood sister’s son. The number of people that protected him in Tian Zhao were simply unaccountable. Tactful people would naturally not provoke him, and for those that were sought out by him, they could only curse at their bad luck. A few times, some matters had escalated quite far. However, Xia Boijan hadn’t even been required to personally step in, ever. His disciples had always settled the matters by themselves.

This kind of person, not to mention killing him, even the condition he was in at this moment, Wen Yan felt it might lead to trouble. Furthermore, their group was from outside the institute and had nobody to stand out for them. That drunkard woman? She seemed quite mysterious, but who knew how reliable was she. Even at this moment, she had run off to somewhere.

What to do?

Killing him won’t do, leaving him be was no good either, so what to do?

Wen Yan felt troubled, not being able to come up with anything worthwhile for the moment. Following her lack of reply, Lu Ping decided to take matters into his own hands.

“Don’t create trouble again.” Lu Ping said to Daoran.

“I will not come again, I will not come again!” Being in pain, Daroan’s entire forehead was drenched with sweat. No longer arrogant, no longer disdainful, his face only seemed distorted in pain.

“Leave!” Lu Ping relaxed his grip and let go of his wrist.

“I am…..You just believed his words?!” As Wen Yan jumped, Daoran also did the same. With a sudden big stride, he pulled open a distance of three meters between him and Lu Ping. His one hand was supporting the other. Although the pain didn’t subside instantly, his expression was already quite better and had turned into a sinister one.

“You… wait for me. It won’t be as simple!” Daoran yelled while escaping as fast as he could. Being a Linked One, although his ability consolidated strength, his speed didn’t pale in comparison either.

“Shouldn’t have believed him…..”Lu Ping seemed aghast.

“You are so stupid!” Wen Yan flared up.

Lu Ping prepared to go after him while turning his head and asking, “What about teacher Chu Min?”

“I don’t know, she suddenly disappeared. What are you doing?” Wen Yan was foolishly looking at Lu Ping. Daoran’s going back on his words was not out of her expectations at all. However, Lu Ping was quite decisive in going back on his words as well. Just now he said that he would let Daoran leave, but as soon as he saw the latter acting shamelessly, he was ready to chase and capture him again. These mountain people truly didn’t have the slightest sense of aloofness at all.

However, as soon as Lu Ping heard Wen Yan’s words, he stopped.

He looked at Su Tang, Xi Fan, and Mo Li, neither of whom had not a clue about the events that just occurred, and gave up on pursuing. Daoran’s group escaped in a frenzy. No one cared about those who were less agile and fell behind the group, and the latter almost broke into tears. However, as they saw that Lu Ping was not chasing after them, they relaxed somewhat and left in limping footsteps.

“Where did teacher Chu Min go?” Lu Ping looked around.

“I saw her going in that direction,” Wen Yan pointed with her finger. Her face didn’t look good. Blood was still trickling down the corner of her mouth. The injury she had received was not too heavy but not light either.

“I am here, go take some rest!” Lu Ping was also mindful.

“Ok, you be a bit careful. I will come back soon,” Wen Yan indeed felt as if she would not be able to continue anymore, and she left as well.

Only the four of them remained in the woods. Having their senses stripped off, the three had no clue what just happened. Xi Fan was still calm, Mo Lin still had something in his mouth, and Su Tang’s movements were becoming even more natural but sense of direction was still no good. Lu Ping brought her back since she had gone a bit too far off, then himself also returned back to the pile of fragments. Cultivating, paying attention to the surroundings, and keeping an eye for Chu Min at the same time.

Where did Chu Min go?

Lu Ping’s group didn’t know, but right in front of them, Bi Polar institute, knew it too well.

“It’s that drunkard woman from Tian Zhao!” In the beginning, they had not cared much about who broke into their institute. However, more and more students began to recognize Chu Min. Although they didn’t know her name, many of them had seen her drunkenly enter Tian Zhao on multiple occasions.

However, even if they had seen her, what did it matter this moment?

As Chu Min ran, she resembled a gale. Or perhaps one should say she was bringing the gale wherever she went. Students who had inferior realms were even blowing away and collapsing after ending up near this gale.

All were dumbstruck. They never imagined that this drunkard woman could be this strong. After she infiltrated the Bi Polar institute, students had obstructed her, surrounded her, attacked her, and much more, but to no avail. Regardless of their realm, in front of this woman, they were nothing more than paper.

Strong, Too strong!

“Go inform the Dean quickly!” Someone shouted. There was truly no other choice. Whenever they asked her purpose, she would say, “Looking for someone”, when they asked her who, she would reply, “Right ahead.”

Ahead? What ahead, haven’t you been running ahead till now? Who on earth is she looking for ahead?

Bi Polar students couldn’t tell. Wei Ying’s escape and hiding techniques were indeed too strong. Not only was he proficient in using the terrain to his advantage, but also adept at moving through the crowd. He’d already changed his attire three times after entering the Bi Polar institute. This was his limit. If wished to change his attire again, he would have to run naked.

Some Bi Polar students who took notice of him would lost him in a few moments due to his ever-changing hiding and escaping means. However, Chu Min was still after him. From Tian Zhao, she had chased him to Bi Polar. Bi Polar didn’t matter to her, and the former also couldn’t block her. In such a brazen and fearless way, she continued to chase after Wei Ying. Wei Ying didn’t need to turn his head to know this fact. Hearing the shouting voices and rioting atmosphere, he knew that this woman was still behind him.

Inform the Dean!

Although students were shouting as such, the fact was that the Dean’s grasp on the situation of his institute would be eternally beyond students’ imagination.

Originally, Dean Tang Mu didn’t care much and thought the intruder was again a Tian Zhao student who had come to pick a fight. Such matters happened time to time, he didn’t need to personally handle such affairs.

However, other piece of information soon arrived. The intruder was the drunkard woman of Tian Zhao.

Drunkard woman?

Tang Mu’s complexion immediately transformed. If this woman was truly intoxicated, it wouldn’t have mattered. However, she was not intoxicated. She had barged in Tian Zhao seeming as healthy as one could be. Now, this was a major affair.

He didn’t issue any instructions, because he had personally moved to deal with situation. However, as he was hurrying over to her, he received another information,

She is looking for someone, someone ahead….

She is….chasing someone?

Chasing who?

Being an institute’s dean, he was obviously tactful and shrewd. Tang Mu didn’t immediately went to confront her. He didn’t even went to the scene. He found a suitable position and distantly watched.

Subsequently, he immediately spotted Wei Ying.

Dean Tang Mu’s realm obviously couldn’t be compared to that of students.

Not only he spotted Wei Ying, he even recognized the latter. Although usually, Wei Ying tried to avoid the eyes of others at all costs, in front of Tang Mu, he never tried to hide. He was a protector of Wei family, and Wei family’s master Wei Zhong was a disciple of Tang Mu. Although the latter had already started to govern a region, towards his master, his attitude was one of utmost respect. Even Wei Ming’s attitude towards the latter compared to his attitude towards Baliyan was as different heaven and earth.

This was not simply pure respect to the master.

From the influential aspect, institute and teachers obviously couldn’t compare to a city master. However, students who had received guidance from the teachers of institute and disciples of a reputed master could be found throughout the continent. From the aspect of connections, nobody would dare compare himself with institutes and reputed masters.

Respecting an institute and respecting a reputed master, this was not merely a courtesy; this was interest.

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