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Chapter 71:The most efficient way

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City master will respect school and teachers because of his own benefits.

School and teachers hah. Of course, they would do the same thing. The Narrow Peak school is a good example. It won’t have this large scale of influence and the unique Soul tower without the support of Narrow Peak city’s master.

Bipolar School doesn’t have such weaknesses like Narrow Peak school, their training area is not safe at all. But Tang Mu and the master of Narrow Peak city will have a good relationship anyway, so will their students.

Students respects teachers, teachers protect students, also, students would stand out to protect their mentors if they are in any trouble. Among all this, it is natural that most of the relationships between mentors and students are just the simple caring for each other. But between Tang Mu and Wei Zhong, it is hard to keep that simple relationship, and they just accepted it that way.

That is why Tang Mu would like to help Wei Tian Qi, son of Wei Zhong. If not him, Tang Mu would never arrange the ‘’Third quarter Moon ritual’’ to help him depend on his mediocre talent.

This ‘’Third quarter Moon ritual’’ requires a huge amount of precious resources, it will be provided by Wei Zhong, but the Tang Mu should be a guardian. Each of the 21 days needs to sustain 21 magic circles every night, which is very complicated, only this way can the person who practices in it can get the maximum power of the moon and escalate to a higher level.

During these 21 days, it will be enjoyed by the person who is practicing it, it is not difficult, the only thing that needs to be done is to feel the energy and absorb it no matter how much you can get.

To the guardian, in another way, the 21 days will cost a lot of energy, even sacrifice. This kind of sacrifice, Tang Mu would never accept it only because of the relationship with his teacher, as if he would do it in front of his own son! This how close their relations are.

The relations of those two can be defined as more than just friendly. However, the guard of Wei Zhong is hunted by Chu Min, right in Bipolar School. He might need to help them. It is just interesting-how Wei Zhong`s guard irritated that women?

Tang Mu is just thinking, should he act or just observe?

“What… does this woman want?” Tang Mu is curious. He can see that Wei Ying has excellent escaping skills, but still, there is a large gap between her and Chu Min. She will get him if she really shows her skills... But she is keeping a distance from him, is she hunting the other targets?

It is still too much trouble even for this, but thinking of her temper, she would never follow him quietly and she is not good at it. Of course, this is the best way to threaten We Zhong and lure someone out.

So, the only way to stop her is to confront her!

Tang Mu did not resign it to any other person, because he knew how terrific Chu Min can be, not to mention that she is easy to talk down. He has known her for a very long time, so maybe, he can talk to her, but there are no guarantees that he can convince her to stop, he needs to be ready for a physical confrontation…

Tang Mu is smiling with sadness. It is not that he is afraid of her, at least, he can lose her to Wei Ying. He is just too tired of fighting, no matter whether he wins or loses, he will be terribly tired.

But this is the only way, if he were to ask another person to do it, tiredness won’t be the issue.

Eh…. Whatever.

Tang Mu sighed! He was ready to make the move, suddenly, he saw a shadow move extremely fast towards Chu Min, and there is another person following this shadow. Shadow wasn't jumping or crawling, it was just running. She is chasing that shadow, but it is very hard for her,  she is not too far away from the shadow. The shadow speed is quick enough to shock everyone. Her movements are clumsy as if she doesn’t know what to do with her body.

“It’s her!” Tang Mu’s eyes landed on the beautiful shadow, he is surprised. If it’s her, he might not need to do the capturing himself. Despite this she cannot completely resist Chu Min, she is still good enough for her plan to succeed.

Tang Mu decided to wait. Someone shouted behind Chu Min:” Who dares to confront Bipolar School?!”

He didn't finish his sentence, and the shadow appeared just like a light, even quicker than earlier. It is hard to get close to Chu Min, but that shadow just jumped over all people that were surrounding Chu Min. In the blink of an eye, it landed in front of Chu Min.

“Qin is my last name, I’m Qin Sang, say your name!” -A pretty girl introduced herself proudly in front of Chu Min.

She is Qin Sang, the proudest student of Bipolar School. Because her last name is Qin, and she is so proud of that, then this Qin must be one of “Wei, Qin, Liang, Gu” great names.

Four ancient families-Wei, Qin, Liang, Gu.

Four great families of Xuan Jun's empire.

In the Narrow Peak city, the last name Wei is just an ordinary name, but Qin is an extraordinary last one.

Because of her last name, Bipolar School cannot accept her. There is no teacher that can take her to be his student because everyone knows that she will leave eventually and will seek for the best Schools, just like her other three brothers and two sisters did.

She is so proud, and is extraordinary, she won’t stay at Bipolar School for long, but she has her own interest in it.

That is why she acted out, blocked Chu Min, and asked her name.

But Chu Min just ignored her.

She heard every single word and knows that her last name is Qin, but still, she keeps moving, without saying a word.

“How dare you!” Qin Sang is furious, spread her right arm: “My sword-come to me!”

WHAT?!” There is someone who responded with a little bit of panic in his voice. This little girl was hardly following Qin Sang, and Qin Sang increased her speed at the last second. The distance between them was big, but now, Qin Sang called to her sword, and the little girl throws her sword from her back towards her.

She is skilled and precise, clearly, there is an understanding between them. But she seems a little bit anxious because she thought that she is too far from Qin Sang, but suddenly the opponent came too close to her, she is afraid that she cannot throw the sword.

Qin Sang stretches her right hand, to reach the sword, but there are four solid fingers in her hand instead of her sword.

She was holding the left hand of Chu Min instead of the sword. This gesture makes Qin Sang feel sick. Qin Sang falls on the ground, Chu Min moves fast besides her, the wind with dirt all over her face, and no one catches her sword. That sword was just flying over her head and stabbed into the dirt after a while.

“Miss…” that little girl finally gets to her, she’s never seen her like this, the little girl takes the sword back, but Qing Sang is still on the ground. She has never been treated like this, never in her life...

“Miss…” The little girl never thought this will happen to Qin Sang, she feels sorry for her. Qin Sang wakes up from the stunning, and she was so furious that slapped that little girl's face!

“Dumbass, how dare you do that?!” Qin Sang was abused.

“I’m sorry, miss…” That little girl cried and looked at the ground. Everyone around them did not make a sound, but all of them felt sorry for that little girl.

Qin Sang is the best daughter of Qin family, the awakener of the power of soul and body. But this little girl, just an ordinary person who has no experience in fighting. It is hard to believe that she can match the speed with Qin Sang depending only on her legs. Not to mention that the last minutes. Qin Sang used her abilities to catch Chu Min. There is no way that little girl can match her speed like that. There is no reason to blame her.

Qin Sang stands up, took the sword from the little girl. She is preparing to catch Chu Ming again, she saw that she stopped. But suddenly, some student shouted out:


“Someone is dead.”

What happened? Everyone has no idea, just gathers around, and Chu Min also says nothing, but stops. Because the person that is dead is the one she was chasing.

Wei Ying is dead.

But nobody knows that he is the target of Qin Sang except Chu Min, he was skilled enough in fighting and his escaping skills were good as well. No one knows that he is the one who responsible for all this.

“How did he die?” Students were asking, but there are only two people knows the answer.

Chu Min, and Tang Mu.

Wei Ying staggered and fell on the ground while Qin Sang blocked Chu Min.

He seems to know that he cannot get rid of Chu Min and knew Chu Min is letting him go on purpose, for catching more of his people.

He just went to Illumination School to spy on Lu Ping, just a simple order from Wei Ming, not even a difficult strategic plan.

In the end, he killed himself, because he belongs to Wei family, and that is the most efficient way.

 He did not expose himself, did not expose any of his purposes and purposes of other people, he just choose to finish all of this by killing himself.

 Among the crowd, Wei Ming turned around and left quietly.

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