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Chapter 72: Get your sword first

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 More and more students were gathering around, and they have no idea about the chasing that happened earlier, they just thought that this was an accident of the student who died suddenly, because Wei Ying is wearing the school cloths of the Bipolar School.

“Who is this?”

“Which grade is he?”

The Students were discussing. And it became a confrontation when Chu Min stopped.

Chu Min frowned on her face, because how things were going was beyond her expectations.

This action of spying on Wei Ying would never be a good thing, also the other three people except Lu Ping, who are also extremely dangerous. There won’t be a way out if he faces them together.

That is why Chu Min acted quickly, following Wei Ying, and luring the other people so that she can find some clues about what they are up to. She would like to finish them all and eliminate all of the threat.

It would be best if she can follow him quietly.

Just like the prediction of Tang Mu, following quietly is not the thing that Chu Min’s good at, and she cannot follow him in that way no matter how many levels she is higher than him. She had to use her own way to push him. But she never thought that he can be so resolute-to kill himself, this is totally out of her expectation.

She got nothing, the only thing that she can confirm is that he killed himself instead of murdered by anyone. She looked around, there is nothing strange around.

She’s been surrounded, but no one dare to get closer to her, until Qin Sang follows up, this time, she got the sword.

“Want to run, never!” She shouted.

Chu Min turned her head and look at her:” Since when do I want to run?”

“Good!” Qing Sang put the sword in front of her, she can tell that opponent is on a very high level, even higher than her, but she got confidence. Level of power, just one aspect of strength, the ability of control, the specialty of skill, and the superpower of your weapon, all of this becomes final strength of one person.

However, she, who is the awakener of soul and power, has a keen talent for control ability of all that power.

From one of the great four families, only the one who comes from them can have this skill, and on one can learn all of them from any Schools.

Also, the sword in her hand, is level five superpower sword, lots of practitioner has no chance to get a glimpse on it in their whole life, but , she has been using it since she was born.

So, she is not afraid, she got tons of confident, she would not be.


Chu Min twisted her hands and forms a strong tornado out of her palm towards Qing Sang’s hand.

The wind is too strong to resist, Qin Sang lost balance, her fingers spread, and the hero sword has been taken by this tornado.

Wind comes forth, took the sword of Qin Sang, but not to Chu Min’s hand either. Chu Min does a gesture, the direction of tornado changes, the sword stab into the ground hardly.

Dirt is everywhere, this tornado just like a sharp bit, drilling into the ground, and the hero sword in the tornado becomes part of that bit. Suddenly, the wind is gone with the sword, everything is covered in dust.

“Get your sword first.” Chu Min said contemptuously, and everyone can see that she did it easily and give her a chance to survive. What would happen if that tornado goes to Qin Sang’s head... 

Qing Sang’s face looks like red, or white, or green, she is staring the hole on the ground, and her right hand is still sore.

Compare to other students, she knows how good Chu Min is, and she knows it by her own experience. She’s not preparing to give up, but she has to admit that she cannot confront her right now, especially without the sword.

“Miss…” the little girl is coming.

“What are you doing here? Go get the sword!” Qin Sang shouted.

“Yes…” the little girl is going to dig up the dirt, looking for the sword hardly. Chu Min is prepared to leave, but she turns around, looked at Qin Sang, and after that she was ready to leave.

Students around cannot block her way, because even high rank students can't stop her. This person is not on the student's level, she has to be taken care of by the mentors!

Students are thinking and expecting any mentors to come out, and this woman just left from the front door of the Bipolar School.

Right at this moment, Tang Mu appeared.

“What happened?”  He asked, and let someone take Wei Ying away, told students to stop asking. In the end, he should help Miss Qin. Compare to Wei Zhong, the force of Qin is much horrible than Wei. Wei Zhong would have showed a good sign to him, but about Qin?  It is already made Bipolar School proud enough to have Miss Qin here. Even she’s been polite to teachers, but Tang Mu knows that it is just the education she had, not that she really cared about them.

Miss Qin is in a bad mood, she does not give him a good face.

The little girl is still digging on the ground, Tang Mu smiles and walks to her, pats on her shoulder so that he can help her. He used his ability and the hero sword jumps out to his palm immediately, then he pulls it out, gives it to the little girl.

The little girl shocked, and she does not know if she should put it back or give it to Miss Qin. She is looking at Qin Sang, like she is asking by her eyes, but Qin Sang just as shocked as her right now.

Tang Mu just did it so easily, not a big deal. And gives it back to Miss Qin, Tang Mu just smiles, nothing more, just smile. But Qin Sang feels a little bit sorry for her attitude earlier.

“Thank you, sir…” She mumbled.

“Ha Ha Ha, keep working, there is long way to go.” Tang Mu just like a teacher, said something not important, and then left.

“Miss, the sword…” the little girl holds the sword, stand in front of Qin Sang.

 “Put it back!” Qin Sang said, the crowd scattered, but her mood cannot be recovered so quickly. She has not been treated like this since she was born...

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