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Chapter 74: A human Face with a Monster's heart

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The distance between the forest and school is far, so there is no time to go there. Fortunately, Chu Min’s window in the library is always opened.Wen Yan decided to go there.

 Soon, they got into the room through the window.

The enemies are getting closer, Wen Yan’s power of sound is already level five, so she could hear loud voices:

“Hurry up…”

“This way…”

“Where are they?”

Wen Yan whispered to Lu Ping that he needs to be quiet. It is too risky to talk. The enemies could find them. After a few seconds, Lu Ping whispered: “Be careful”, took Mo Lin and Su Tang with him and left through the emergency exit.

So, Lu Ping, Su Tang, and Mo Lin have left. Lu Ping is bagging them. They need to run as far as they can from this place!

“Luo Ting, come here.” Someone said outside the window.

So, they are here…

Wen Yan was afraid. The person who is talking right now is a good tracker. His name is Luo Ting.

Luo Ting, the fourth-grade student of Tian Zhao school is the student of Xia Bo Jian. He is a controller of the essence of the soul. He can track the smell of his enemies. Some students even call him “The Hound”.

Is there any smell to track on?

Of course, there is a smell!

Lu Ping and others took lunch half an hour ago! They left some smell of food behind them. There is no difference between the road sign and smell for Luo Ting. He has already got the direction.


The direction he pointed, is the library window.

“They are inside!”

Dao Ran walked in first, he seems already forgot that his arm been twisted by Lu Ping. He seems to be arrogant because he got more people to help him, although they are not his friends, but the students of Xia Bo Jian. And Xia Bo Jian is Dao Ran`s uncle.

Dao Ran is ready to beat Lu Ping himself. He brings a weapon- one pair of metallic gauntlets, which is a second level superpower weapon.

Their strength can be increased fifteen times plus thirty percent Strength of soul infusion. Dao Ran is confident in his power.

He knows that people are hiding. 

He walked to the window and jumped in. Luo Ting is right behind him. 


There is lightning coming right towards Dao Ran.

Dao Ran has no fear at all. He got a good weapon in his hands. He immediately blocks the lightning.

“You guys better mind your own business!” Dao Ran said that and drag Wen Yan out. Her strength cannot compare with Dao Ran, not to mention that her old injuries are not recovered yet.

Wen Yan shouted to him, she wants to win over some time for her friends, but she did not expect that he will bring a weapon. Dao Ran got her whip as well. This whip is level three superpower weapon, should be more powerful than his gloves. But now, her weapon is in his hand, there is nothing she can do.

“I will show you my strength” he raised his arm toward Wen Yan, but Luo Ting steps on him pushed his arm. Dao Ran misses.

“She is from our School, let’s get other people first!” Luo Ting said.

 He talked him out! Wen Yan has a chance.

“Your whip is mine!” Dao Ran said to Wen Yan. 

“Let`s find Lu Ping and others!”

He runs out. Wen Yan said nothing when Luo Ting looked at her. He smiles and follows Dao Ran. Shi Zhong Tian and Qiao Cheng walk away as well. They are students of Xia Bo Jian, so they know Wen Yan and do not want to hurt her.

Clearly, they do not care about Dao Ran’s plan, they are helping him because of Xia Bo Jian`s gratitude. 

When they left the library, Wen Yan sealed the door.

She needs to protect Xi Fan.

Wen Yan is the student of Tian Zhao School, Dao Ran could not do anything to her. 

She hopes that Lu Ping can outrun them. The only issue is that Lu Ping is carrying two people by himself.

Will they make it?

Wen Yan wants to help Lu Ping, but she cannot leave Xi Fan here alone.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps in the alley, one by one, closer and closer, someone came to the door.

“Who is there?!-Wen Yan is scared.

The door opens, and Luo Ting suddenly walks in.

“You?” Wen Yan is surprised, “Why have you come back?”

“Heh heh.” Luo Ting smiles, and walks into the room,” they do not need me anymore.”

“They got them…” Wen Yan said with disappointment, and when she saw Luo Ting was closing the door, she got a bad feeling.

“Yes, they got them.” Luo Ting nodded.

“That is why you came back?” Wen Yan asked.

“Of course not, although they got them, I helped you earlier, so I came back to ask you for a favor.”

Luo Ting is smirking.

“You perv!” Wen Yan is shocked. She knows what he means.

“What? Do you want me to tell my friends that there is another one in this room?” Luo Ting said and walks towards her.

“YOU ARE MONSTER!” Wen Yan shouted, she thought that Dao Ran is the most disgusting person she knows, but this Luo Ting is even worst. 

“You still injured. You don’t have your whip. How can you fight me?” Luo Ting said.

“I can try!” Wen Yan is not backing off, she is ready. She was ready when she heard the footsteps. The person in front of her has a human face but has a monster heart. She did not realize it after studying for four years with him. 

This Luo Ting should die!

Wen Yan is quick and furious. She is not afraid of making a noise, even if Dao Ran comes back, she would choose to kill this one first. So, she attacks Luo Ting.

“I like it. You are tough!” Luo Ting is smirking again. 

He is acting quickly, using two fingers of his right hand and pointing them towards her…

“Ah…” Wen Yan screams. Luo Ting attacks her wounds! It is so painful that her strength of soul has totally gone.

“He he…  I smell Dao Ran! You guys had some fun this morning?” Luo Ting knew where her weak spot is. So, he attacks right there. It is very cruel.

Wen Yan bites her own lips. This Luo Ting is a monster indeed. He has no shame and has no honor. 

Another hand, another attack, another pain.

“Do not blame me… you know that my skills are good for attacking the smelliest places” Luo Ting said. One finger, two fingers, three fingers, Wen Yan has no strength to defend herself, she totally lost control of her body.

“You are so tough… I will enjoy doing THIS to you, ha ha ha!” Luo Ting screams, moves towards her.

Wen Yan is completely defenseless.

“Die, you… bloody.. fu….

This is Wen Yan`s last words, Luo Ting took away her strength, she is not even able to kill herself…

“He he he…” Luo Ting smiles and pushes her to the table behind them.

He starts to pull his pants off.

  However, suddenly someone said:

 “Hey, You? Do you want me to go in first?”

That was Xi Fan. He is still laying on the floor, but able to talk again!

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