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Chapter 76: Against the fist (1)

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 “Hey. Are you… okay???” Wen Yan shouted. She realized that Xi Fan was always injured!

He’s been seriously injured since the day he came to the school.

People can generally insist seven days of intensive Qi practicing, but Xi Fan was seriously injured.

However, he finished his training within a day, and as a result- this practice has destroyed him.

Killing Luo Ting has released the pain in Xi Fang`s body, the wounds that he received during his fight with Xing Luo and others have opened. After this fight, he cannot support his body anymore.


Wen Yan got a serious injury as well. She wants to walk to Xi Fang, but she cannot do it. Eventually, she fells down to the ground.

Wen Yan is finally understood, why Xi Fan killed Luo Ting so decisively.

Because he has no choice, if he did not do that, Luo Ting would kill them both.

She is not familiar with Xi Fan, but this severely injured person makes her feel steady and mature.

Killing . . .

This action seems risky, but it was the safest choice at that moment.

 “Are you all right? Are you all right!!” Wen Yang shouted on Xi Fang. Tears burst out her eyes. 

Wen Yan is using all her energy to crawl to Xi Fan.

“Hey! Hey!”

She is afraid to touch Xi Fan because he is covered in blood, so she shouted. But Xi Fan was laying there, unconscious, just like he did before the fight.

“Anybody there? ANYBODY!!??”

Wen Yan cannot think of others, she just wants Xi Fang to be back to consciousness.

“Calm, calm down“ -Wen Yan tells herself. She has no energy to do anything, it is meaningless to shout.

Shouting! A sound of soul!

She needs to use her sound of soul, send the voice out.

Quiet… concentrate, Sound of soul… A sound of soul . . .

Wen Yan closed her eyes, collects her energy, try her best to ignore the pain, get control of her power of soul and extracts all the power she has: SOUND OF SOUL: -


Her voice went through the walls, the forest, flew across the whole Tian Zhao School.


“No matter who, just come… Please. . . “

Wen Yan screamed it again and used all her energy. After that, she fainted completely.


There are a lot of people in Tian Zhao School. Hopefully, someone will come . . .

Lu Ping is carrying Su Tang and Mo Lin.

He runs as fast as he can. But will he make it?

There is someone who can track people depending on smell, so there is no reason to hide, he needs to get rid of them by running.

When he gets out of the library, he feels a strong wind comes from behind, and a person blocked the road in front of him.

“Ay, wait! I am not an enemy…” this person looks frowned.

He was tired, but his eyes were full of hope. So, Lu Ping let him speak.

“I’m Qiao Cheng, young brother of Qiao Ying, I heard that you are really fast.” Qiao Cheng said to Lu Ping.

“You are faster.” Lu Ping said.

“I’m faster than Qiao Ying, but compare to you, I am not …” Qiao Cheng pointed at him: “If you weren`t carrying those two people, you would be even quicker.”

So, this Qiao Ying is a fast runner too? 

Damn it! 

People with good running abilities are tracking them as well. What a drag.

Speaking of a devil, Dao Ran appeared in front of Lu Ping.

“Run! Keep running you bastard! We will catch you anyway!!! “

Dao Ran is not rushing to beat Lu Ping. Clearly, he was not thinking that Lu Ping will be able to escape again.

He is ready to play around, to humiliate him first.

Dao Ran is massaging his right hand that Lu Ping has twisted this morning. It hurts badly, he thought that he is going to lose his arm. But it is just a mild injury, after all, he is an extremely strong practitioner.

That is why he asked those four-grade students to help him, he needs to get his dignity back before anyone else will find out.

Also, Dao Ran wants to show how merciful he is. He wants to give Lu Ping a chance.

“I might forgive you if you admit that you are wrong. KNEEL!” Dao Ran said with a cocky face.

“Wrong? What have I done?” Lu Ping is looking at him innocently. This look makes Dao Ran angry, he feels that Lu Ping is not taking him seriously.

“You just lost your chance!” Prepare for battle you fool! “

“Kill yourself you bloody bastard!!”-said Lu Ping.

Dao Ran is pissed! He is starting to concentrate his QI. He is ready to use his magical gauntlets. Even Qiao Cheng can feel how strong that power is.

Dao Ran is a talented student. His physical strength is one of the best in all Tian Zhao School. Although he brought some help, they still cannot compare with his strength. Especially in a physical confrontation.

But Lu Ping has an advantage on speed.

Will he run?

Qiao Cheng doubted, he steps down a little, not only to avoid the power of that fist, but also to get more space to control Lu Ping. But he’s not willing to help Dao Ran either.

However, Lu Ping did not run, he throws two people to the ground.

“Take them. Help me”-shouted Lu Ping.

“Eh??” Qiao Cheng is confused, he did not expect that Lu Ping would ask him for help. 

Although he does not want to fight, he should decide- which side he is on. Although… although Qiao Cheng does not want to hurt these people, DAMN… how smart is this Lu Ping?


Qiao Cheng did not realize what happened. A human-shaped cannonball is coming to him with a thunder-like sound.

“WHAT THE HELL!” Qiao Cheng shouted, it is coming so fast and so fierce that he did not have a chance to confront it- he just dodged it with his swift movements. 

A strong wind passes him, he heard a thud behind him. Qiao Cheng turns his head and saw that Lu Ping has crashed in a tree. The impact was so strong that Lu Ping broke the bark of that tree.

Three is shaking heavily, leaves are falling on the ground like during autumn. Blood comes out from Lu Ping, it is dripping on the leaves.

“You got some guts bro, stand up, one more time?!” Dao Ran is walking towards Lu Ping.

“This Lu Ping is fighting Dao Ran when he wears his gauntlet?

Is he insane? 

Qiao Cheng is shocked. How can Lu Ping fight such a weapon? 

Lu Ping is dazed, obviously, he is surprised. Dao Ran`s power is much bigger than this morning. Then, he noticed the gloves on his hand.

Superpower weapon?

He knows the ability of this kind of weapon, just not familiar with this specific one. Just like Wen Yan, he is defeated unexpectedly.

“What’s that look? You are planning to knee!? What a pity, you already lost your chance. But you can try-maybe I’ll be convinced. 

“Ha ha ha ha.”

Dao Ran laughs. He is super confident about himself.

Suddenly, a strong wind came to him from another side.

Dao Ran turns his head. The attack was coming from the girl that Lu Ping was carrying.

“DO YOU WANT TO DIE?” Dao Ran is not hesitating. He raises his fist towards Su Tang.

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