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Chapter 78: The Principal

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Dao Ran, Qiao Cheng, and Shi Zhong Tian were not expecting to see their teacher rolling on the ground.

In their minds, the Vice President on the ground is representing the whole Tian Zhao school’s dignity! And he is covered in mud and dead leaves right now . . . 

But Xia Bo Jian himself did not give a crap about the school right now. He is involved in a fight with students-it is a serious issue. Those two kids are fighting with a teacher-they should be punished!

He stopped Su Tang`s attack very easily. He is powerful enough to tear her into pieces, but he would not do this. However, he needs to teach her a lesson.

But, at the time he stopped Su Tang`s attack, Lu Ping`s punch came to him. Such a powerful attack cannot be easily blocked, and eventually, Xia Bo Jian did not have time to prepare. He didn’t have time for preparation.

So, Lu Ping got him. They fell to the ground. This is unacceptable for Xi Bo Jian! Some student got him! He feels extremely angered and shamed.

Xi Bo Jian immediately stood up. He feels arrogant, but his Vice President`s robe is covered in mud and dirt. The same as his dignity.

Xia Bo Jian can destroy Lu Ping with one single punch! He fell down because he was taken by surprise.

It was an unexpected disaster for his dignity indeed. This freaking teenager should be punished!

Speaking of Lu Ping, he was just lucky enough to strike Xia Bo Jian! Vice President is way more powerful than him! 

However, he is not ready to retreat! He looks at Su Tang, who is laying behind Xia Bo Jian, and got even angrier. Lu Ping`s eyes are full of perseverance. 

He jumped to Xi Bo Jian, tried to hit him, but eventually, he missed.

Xia Bo Jian avoided this attack and changed his face. He feels something. . .

"Get back, Dao Ran"-screams Xia Bo Jian. He covers his face, getting ready for impact. . .

"What the F... "-screamed Qiao Cheng again. And after a second, he has been blown away by the air current.

Dao Ran and Lu Ping flew back as well.

Another person appears on the battlefield. . .

Chu Min, the drunken woman, has come.

She is famous in Tian Zhao school, for two reasons. Everybody knows that she

is constantly drunk and that she is a powerful practitioner. One day she has defeated

Lu Ping within a second. And some people say that she is the most powerful person in whole Tian Zhao school.

"You! "-Xia Bo Jian was not expected to see Chu Min.

"Look at her cloth," said Qiao Cheng.

Xia Bo Jian`s robe looks gorgeous compared to Chu Min`s. Her robe is old and dingy. It looks like she was not wearing it for a long time. But. There is one mark on this robe that makes everyone feels stunned:

"Is she? A Principal of Tian Zhao school!? "

Students have some symbols on their robes to distinguish the grade and faculty. A teacher also has their own symbols on their robes. And the higher position is-the fewer circles of light emblem has. And Chu Min`s emblem has only one circle of light inside the sun.

Big luminous light inside the sun means the Principal! The Principal of Tian Zhao school.

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