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Hikawa Nanako ②

Day 2 (Wednesday).

“It is more relaxed compared to yesterday. It sucks my cock and produces such a lewd sound too. Could teacher be feeling it already?”

“I, I don’t feel it! This is a medical practice… such a lewd thing… An~!!”

The same students councelling room as yesterday.

Same as yesterday, with rolled up skirt, tights and underwear pulled down, Hikawa-sensei pouts out her ass which I penetrated from behind.

-pan- -pan- While making the rhythmic sound of flesh hitting flesh, I look at Hikawa-sensei’s state.

Immediately after the insertion, Hikawa-sensei showed a slight sign of pain, but unlike yesterday, when I slowly and carefully use my waist, she starts to give out a sweet voice that she can’t hold down.

I don’t change Hikawa-sensei’s Parameters. This time, I only use hypnosis.

However, when I looked at the remote controller, the lust value has risen to near 40. Yesterday, she just lost her virginity, but it seems like she has started to feel pleasure from this already.

“I know, this is a medical practice… That said, uu, it’s coming soon! Uu!”

“Ah… fua~… it, it’s coming… “

I grasp Hikawa-sensei’s ass and ejaculate in a way to make sure it reaches the deepest place.

After feeling the hot semen pouring out inside her, Hikawa-sensei lets out a bewitching voice.

Day 3 (Thursday).

Day 4 (Friday).

As always, I violate Hikawa-sensei in the students councilling room.

As the days passed, Hikawa-sensei’s reaction became more noticeable. She release more love juice, and the nasty bewitching voice she leaks out every time I pound her increases.

Day 5 (Saturday).

Today is Saturday, the school is closed. But I went to school despite that.

Hikawa-sensei, who have the experience of joining their girl’s volleyball team during her school days, is appointed as the advisor to the girl’s volleyball department in our school. For Hikawa-sensei who needs the treatment for a whole week, my semen must be ejaculated in her vagina even on Saturday and Sunday.

I came to school because I was asked to come in the evening.

However, it is still early in the afternoon.

In fact, I came early since I could not wait until evening.

Around the school gate, I walked pass the girl’s volleyball team who seems to be on their way home after practice.

I can faintly smell the scent of anti-perspirant mixed with the scent of sweat coming from girls in their teens.

It tickles my nostrils, and I might unintentionally get an erection from it.

But for now, the one I will be having sex with is not the teenagers, but the 25-year-old female teacher who has recently realised the appeal of sex, Hikawa-sensei. She seemed excessively charming and seductive recently.

I am going have fun with that mature fruit.

I peek into the staff room, but I do not see Hikawa-sensei there.

So, where could she be~ thinking that, I head towards the gym.

I am met with an empty room, nobody is there. I wander around the school. And around the pool, I found Hikawa-sensei on the area near the women’s locker room and the shower room.

Hikawa-sensei shows panic on her face as she saw me.

“E-Etozawa-kun…! Y-you’re early… The appointment was at 5 o’clock…”

“I wanted to see Hikawa-sensei early, so I came.”

“Eh!? R-really… Stop teasing your teacher!”

Hikawa-sensei tries to give a frown at my words… However, she can’t hide her joy, and it turns into a funny face then turns to the side. Her ears are red.

“No, I mean it. And I promised to accompany Hikawa-sensei for her treatment.”

“Eh, ah… that’s right. It’s for my treatment…”

Hearing my words, Hikawa-sensei shows a bit of a desolate expression but immediately returned to her original ‘Ice Queen’ visage.

With her hair tied behind to one place, Hikawa-sensei in an outdoor-activity outfit somehow looks really friendly, unlike usual. She even looks really cool.

“Well sensei, shall we do the treatment now?”

“…eh? ah, no. I haven’t shower yet…”

“I don’t care”

“I c-care! Really… The staff room… is not good. Wait somewhere where there is no one else. I will contact you.”

Hikawa-sensei said so, slipping to my side, then heading to the women’s locker room.

The scent of Hikawa-sensei’s sweat tickles my nose.

This is Unbearable.

I hugged Hikawa-sensei’s body from behind as she is heading towards the building where the locker room is.

“…! W-what!? Etozawa-kun, don’t play around…”

“I’m not playing around, I want to put it in Hikawa-sensei’s vagina now. Look!”

I push my lower abdomen against Hikawa-sensei’s ass.

“No, no… Here is no good… After I have a shower, okay? I’ll look for somewhere else…”

“You don’t understand, sensei. You don’t have the right to reject. If I don’t ejaculate my semen in your vagina, you’re going to die. Are you going to say something so selfish?”


“There is no one in the women’s locker room, right? Let’s do it there. Let’s go.”

I head to the room while hugging Hikawa-sensei.

Entering the building, when I open the door of the locker room, there remains a faint smell of the girls who had been here until a while ago.

“E-Etozawa-kun… please, at least a shower… I haven’t change my underwear too.”

“Isn’t that fine?”

“Hyaa! H-hey! What are you doing! “

I lock the door as I entered the women’s locker room, and push down Hikawa-sensei with my face in the crotch area of her jersey. It have a thick female scent.

“Don’t you promise to just insert? S-stop it… It’s a disgraceful behavior.”

“That’s right, then let’s take off the jersey.”

“Ah, hya~a!”

I take off Sensei’s pants, then utterly stip her naked.

Then I grasp Sensei’s foot and spread it wide open.

“Kyaーa!! D-don’t look!”

“But it’s dim, I won’t know where to put it in if you don’t let me look.”

Saying so, I intently stare at sensei’s secret place. Since we always did it in the back-position, Hikawa-sensei seemed quite excited.

After having stared at it enough, -zii- I pull down my zipper and took out the cock from my pants that is already erected hard.

“Hiiー!” I hear Hikawa-sensei gasp.

“Ah, that’s right, Sensei always take it from the back and haven’t seen it, right? Look, this is the cock that always entered into your pussy, Sensei.”

“This… is…”

Hikawa-sensei can’t take her eyes off my cock, as if she is fascinated by it.

I sit down in front Sensei’s crotch who have her legs spread wide, rub my erected meat stick to her secret place, and feel the pleasurable sensation of her pubic hair and slimy love juice.

Hikawa-sensei’s pussy is wet.

“Looks like you’re ready now. Then, I’ll put it in.”

“Ah, um, Etozawa-kun… This position is embarrassing… so…”

“You’re so selfish. It doesn’t matter what position we do it in. Here I go.”

“Ah, w-wait… n n!!”

-zuburi-, my cock is buried in Hikawa-sensei’s vagina hole.

It is already wet and accepts my meat stick with no difficulty, I can smell the indecent stench of a female accepting a male.

“In the front-position, I can see Sensei’s face well. I see, you look like that when I’m putting it in here.”

“Ah…nh! N-no… Don’t look… hya~a!!”

When I grind my waist a little, Hikawa-sensei’s face distorts in pleasure.

“The woman that does not smile, the Ice queen” In reality, is just another female.

My cock rubbing with the meat wall releases a sound of pleasure. Sensei releases a sweet moan that she could not hold down, eventually she hugged my back.

“Nn!… Etozawa… kun… like this… like this…”

“This is already sex. We’re making love with each other.”

“Ann~! N-no… We are a teacher and student… ah… N nn!!!”

Sensei’s vagina which is now completely accustomed to the shape of my cock in the past few days, makes a sweet sloppy sound.

Sensei is so cute.

When I bring my face closer, Hikawa-sensei has a look that seemed frustrated, but she close her eyes as if having made up her mind. Her cute lip stick out slightly.

I slowly match my lips with Sensei’s and let my tongue enter her mouth.

Her body trembled, Sensei seemed surprised, but eventually, her tongue timidly starts to entangled with mine.

“N… nn… Etozawa-kun… we can’t do this… teacher and student… -chu-… such a thing…”

Despite her mouth speaking words of rejection, she keeps offering her tongue on her own. Does she even mean it?

While tasting Sensei’s tongue, I put my hands under her T-shirt to caress her chest.

Pushing up the bra, rubbing her breasts, and pinching the nipples on the twin hills that are hard and erect.

“Nn…! Mmmm-!! Ah, haa~… Etozawa-kun… breasts, no good…”

“Don’t you like having your chest played with while being inserted? Every time I pinch Sensei’s nipples, your pussy tightens up very strongly.”

“Ah…aaah… such a thing… anh~!!”

It seems like sensei can no longer keep her voice down.

I am on top of her, and an obscene love juice is exposed from where we connect.

…I’m close to my limits too. I move my waist even faster.

“… Sensei! Sensei! It’s coming…! Inside sensei’s vagina, I will let out a lot!”

“Ah… aa… nnn!! Ah, aahh!!!”


Bikun! Sensei’s body twitched, bending her back like a bow, and trembling. Her body had convulsions and her vagina hole squeaks tightly.

To this stimulus, I ejaculate inside her.

-buru- -buru-! Semen flows into her vaginal hole.

Simultaneous climax. -buru- -buru- as she’s spitting out semen from her vaginal hole, I breathe out roughly and lay down, covering Sensei’s body.

And without any further exchange, we kissed each other after the affair.

Day 6 (Sunday).

“Yes, Etozawa-kun, say aー”

“A, aーn…”

“…?Is it delicious? I’m not very confident…”

“Oh, it’s delicious… this mapo tofu.”

(TN: Mapo doufu/mapo tofu – spicy Sichuan dish of tofu and minced meat. The recipe may vary)

Hikawa-sensei maintains her Ice Queen visage, but when she asks me, she have a slight uneasiness crept up onto her face.

Hikawa-sensei is really that expressionless. Even when she goes “A, aーn…” it felt like a nurse doing her work, she doesn’t seem to be caring in the romantic way…

Sunday, I am in Hikawa-sensei’s apartment for some reason.

The room, very much like Hikawa-sensei, is neat and tidy, but unlike her image at school, it’s strangely fairytale-like…

For example, stuffed animals, stuffed animals, and stuffed animals…

I feel somewhat uncomfortable feeling the stares from the surrounding stuffed animals, while Hikawa-sensei begins to explain, “That child is Marie, this child is Anne, that child is Beth and the next child is…”

He~e~ Marie and Anne are best friends, Beth is a little timid~. This woman even came up with their settings.

Yesterday, after Hikawa-sensei’s treatment at the women’s locker room, Sensei hesitantly said, ‘you can come to my room if you like.’ An invitation to her room.

Then I came to Hikawa-sensei’s fairytale-like room.

After entering the room, Hikawa-sensei went to take a shower for some reason.

After her shower, Hikawa-sensei came out with a one-piece gown, and -chira- -chira- glances from time to time in this direction.

I ignore that gaze, she rush to push me down, getting on top of me in the cow-girl position.

Then it’s the next morning.

This morning, I am being spoiled by Hikawa-sensei, getting fed a mapo tofu which I don’t even choose.

“Etozawa-kun… What do you think of an older woman?”

“What I think? …What do you mean?”

Or rather, I feel like Ema asked me this this exact question before.

“I’m grateful to Etozawa-kun for accompanying me with my treatment…”

-moji- -moji- Hikawa-sensei takes quick short glances at me repeatedly, with her cool face like usual. But we’ve gotten naked together for the last few days, so I can tell, that’s the face she made when she’s shy.

“After the treatment, umm… I wonder if we will return to the relationship like the one before, a teacher and student, like strangers…”

“Sensei? Umm, what’s wrong?”

“E-Etozawa-kun, do you have someone you like? Do you dislike an older wife? What do you think about marrying at this age?”

“Wait, Sensei, hotー!! Mapo tofu on my face! Hotー!!”

“I, I’m… surprising a homely woman. When I get married, I will live in my husband house, and walk 3-steps behind my husband… I have my saving money too, and I’ll do my best with housework…”

Sensei approaches me without hesitation. Uhiyaー, a 25-year-old girl is closing in.

I hastily summon the remote controller and check Sensei’s parameters.

By the way, I only hypnotize Hikawa-sensei for a week. What is the parameter like now?


Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3



Affection… ■■■■■■■■■□  93

Romance… ■■■■■■■■■■  99

Lust…        ■■■■■■□□□□  61

Loyalty…    ■■■■□□□□□□  35


What a high value on love!! I didn’t perform any parameter manipulation on Hikawa-sensei, but it seems that after having sex every day, it simply went up. Wait! isn’t her title “The woman that does not smile, the Ice queen”?

I understand the situation.

For the time being, I kiss Hikawa-sensei on her lips as she gets quite close to me. The 25-year-old female teacher is silent at once.

“N n… mu ~tsu! …n…”

It seems that she was surprised by the kiss, but immediately, Hikawa-sensei returns it passionately too. With her hands around my head, to keep letting our tongues entangle and exchange saliva.

After a long kiss, when I release her lips, with the usual cool face, Hikawa-sensei looks over with a teary eye, seemingly a little upset.

“For now… let’s do the treatment for today, Sensei.”

“Yes… please… fill it all up…”

After that, I pour in lots as she requested.

Hikawa-sensei who is on top of me in cow-girl position, grinding her lower body while shouting my name, I can only say this, what a very destructive power.

Tomorrow is Monday and the last day of treatment.

Time to wrap things up.

TN: I’ll be translating from chapter 30 since, I’ll be honest, the previous translation was done too poorly

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