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Hikawa Nanako ③

Day 7 (Monday).

Today is monday, the last day of treatment.

During english class and when we pass by each other, Hikawa-sensei looks at me with passionate eyes (although there is no expression changes whatsoever).

Then, after school, saying “I couldn’t wait anymore”, Sensei came to pick me up in the classroom, and led me to the students councelling room.

This students councelling room has become quite familiar over the past week.

Entering the room, Sensei locked the door from inside, then immediately hugged me tightly.

“Etozawa-kun! Etozawa…kun. N… -chu-…”

The strict female teacher in suit, hugs me and matches her lips with mine.

It is a passionate kiss, with her tongue out to entangle it with mine, pushing her breasts against me.

“…-puha- Sensei, what hapoened? Aren’t you very aggressive today?”

“N haa… I can’t stand it anymore… At noon, and everytime I saw you… my body feels uncomfortable… Even during class, I only think about Etozawa-kun…”

Sensei is saying something so cute.

While staring at Hikawa-sensei’s teary eyes, I caress her ass from above her tight skirt, and -pikun- Sensei’s body trembles slightly.

She is expecting it.

“You seemed to really like the treatment, Sensei. Looks like you don’t need any preparation, right?”

“N… yes… Look… I just thought of having Etozawa-kun inside…”

Sensei slowly separates from me, then sat on top of the dest in the students councelling room and spreads her legs.

The beautiful legs are wrapped in pantyhose, and I saw a black underwear.

The black low-rise panty that is seen through the stocking are giving off sex appeal oozing with desire.

It’s quite different from her usual panties with no sex appeal.

“Sensei, your panty is so lewd. Did you wear this for me?”

“N… I bought it yesterday with thoughts that it might pleased Etozawa-kun… How it is?”

“You look great. Isn’t sensei quite a lewd girl?”

“Ah… No, don’t play with such a place… N…”

-kuni- -kuni- Sensei’s butt trembles as I teases her secret place over her panty, making long breath with a seductive tone to it.

Today, she wear it for me anyway, so I pull her pantyhose and tore it.

“N!… Haa~a! …Ahh!”

Through the torn pantyhose, I move her panty sideways and expose Sensei’s secret place.

The secret place is already wet with desire. I put my finger in and stir my finger around -kuchu-. Sensei raises a

voice out of pleasure.

-kyun- -kyun-, Sensei’s tightened pussy will not let go of my fingers.

“Sensei, you only enjoy yourself. That right! Sensei, please suck my cock.”

“Eh, sucking… with my mouth…? That, I can’t do it…”

“You can’t do it? I would be very happy if Sensei suck it with your mouth. The hardest erection, I thought of completing Sensei’s treatment when my cock got the best erection.”

Sensei is hesitatant, but when I repeatedly whispered, “I want Sensei to suck it with your mouth” and, “When it got hard like that, I’ll put it into your pussy”, she accepts, “It seems scary, but I’ll do it”.

It felt as if she is doing it because I asked her, but her eyes are moist and her expression is faintly blushed with lust. Sensei may also be interested in this.

I sat in a chair in the councelling room, pulled down the zipper and take out my cock.

Because of Sensei’s black panty, my penis is already raging. When she saw my cock, The woman named Hikawa Nanako takes a deep breath out of expectantion.

Getting off the desk and kneeling before me, she grasp my cock while embarrassedly looking down.

“W-what should I do?… I, don’t have any experience…”

“That’s fine, Sensei should do what you want to do, licks and kisses. Ah, please don’t do it with your teeth.”

“Um… like, this… -chu-“

Calmly, Hikawa-sensei kisses my cock. The soft sensation of Sensei’s lips hits the glans. That alone let my penis trembles with excitement.

“Kyaー! I-it moved…”

“Of course, This is the cock that is always in Sensei’s pussy and ejaculating inside. Please service it properly as an expression of gratitude that it cum inside you everyday.”

“U, un… -chu-… This is, Etozawa-kun’s… that always enters my vagina…”

Hikawa-sensei was awkward in the beginning, just kissing my cock, but gradually starts to be enthusiastic in her service.

Sensei brings her nose close to my penis, and -sun- -sun- smell it. On the tip of the glans, she stick out her tongue and starts licking.

And eventually, aanー she put my cock in her mouth and start sucking it.

A female teacher kneeling and serving her student’s cock.

I get more and more excited seeing Sensei’s saliva that leaks from her mouth while wetting and intently sucking my cock. Certainly, her movements were immature, but this is only getting me even more excited.

“N… hamu… chu… haa~a… Etozawa-kun’s… big… Amazing, it’s getting really stiff…”

She herself may have been excited by serving the cock.

Hikawa-sensei’s waist moves -moji- -moji- fidgeting as she rubbed her thighs together.

…When I thought that is about time, I heard the sound of key unlocking the door of the students councelling room.

Someone is coming in.

“…! Etozawa-kun, someone is…”

“Hey, Sensei, Don’t stop.”

“Nn! Nー!!”

I hurriedly grab Hikawa-sensei’s head, who in her panic took off my cock from her mouth, and forcefully return it.

My cock is caught deep in her throat and Sensei’s eyes are tearing up, but I do not loosen my hands.

Eventually, -gachari- the key had unlocked the door, it opens and someone came in…

…Yamashina Tomoko-sensei.

“…! Nn! Nnー!!”

Hikawa-sensei saw the person who appears is Yamashina-sensei, and raise her voice in panic. However, as my cock is thrusted in her mouth, she can’t even speak.

“Sorry to be interrupting~… Oh, Senpai, you’re licking Etozawa-kun’s cock, I’m glad.”

“Ah, come on in Yamashina-sensei.”

“Uwaー, Senpai, Today’s is a black underwear, so adult~ish.”

Hikawa-sensei, the female teacher who is sucking her student’s cock, is confused when she saw me calmly having a conversation with Yamashina-sensei.

Loosening my hands holding her head, puhaー Sensei seemed to have been suffering. She lifts her face from my cock.

“To-Tomoko!? This is not what it looks like…! This is, a part of a treatment…”

Out of panic, Hikawa-sensei calls Yamashina-sensei by name. They seemed to have a senpai-kouhai relationship in their school days. I wonder if they called each other like this too at that time?

On the other hand, Yamashina-sensei who was called, is smiling back to her senpai. Rather than getting upset, -nico- -nico- she smiled brightly, seemingly excited.

“I heard from Etozawa-kun, I didn’t know at all that Senpai was sick, but… it’s fine, Senpai can completely be cured with Etozawa-kun’s semen.”

This is the hypnotic setting I gave to Hikawa-sensei. Tomo-chan-sensei does not show any doubt about it but instead got pleased to hear that this disease can cured. Yamashina-sensei, whose Loyalty is at 100 never doubts my words.

It’s very similar to hypnosis. The only difference is whether or not they are aware of it when I give an order.

Those with Loyalty at 100 followed what I said.

I don’t know why I use hypnosis on Hikawa-sensei for this but, this is my decision.

Hikawa-sensei knows this act is definitely sex, even though it is for a treatment. She’s anxious when her kouhai, who she’s had a relationship with since she was a student see her like this.

Hikawa-sensei is trying to excuse himself but Yamashina-sensei is just smiling excitedly and said, “I understand~ for the treatment, please do your best.”

I reach out my hands and grasp Hikawa-sensei’s breasts that is in her suit from behind.

“Ahh~…! I-it’s not good, Etozawa-kun… Why, why is this…”

“I called Yamashina-sensei because today is the last day of treatment, and I want her to see the moment when the disease is completely cured.”

“No way…”

-muni- -muni-, I massage Hikawa-sensei’s breasts, while another hand extends to her secret place, then a lewd voice resound in the students councelling room.

“Wow, such an erotic voice can come out from Senpai. Just listening to it gives me a strange feeling.”

“To-Tomoko… don’t look… it’s embarrassing…”

Hikawa-sensei weakly muttered as Yamashina-sensei is watching while saying, “Fighto~desu! Senpai!” because I told her “Look”.

I turn sensei around, and put her hands on the desk.

While stroking her exposed bare butt, I slightly lower her panty and rub it with my erect penis.

“Well Sensei, let’s have your kouhai properly see the moment when my cock enters your vagina, and your face when I cum inside.”

“Senpai, please do your best! I am with you!”

“Ah… no, no…”

Yamashina-sensei grasps Hikawa-sensei’s hands and encourages her. However, Hikawa-sensei’s face is red out of embarrassment, unable to look at her.

I grab her butt and set aim to Hikawa-sensei’s pussy.

Although her Kouhai is watching, her wet vagina hole is wet -kuchu- and release a nasty sound as it accepts me.

-zubu- -zubu-… Her pussy that already got accustomed, easily swallows my cock. There is a stark contrast between Hikawa-sensei’s white butt and my dark-red penis.

“N~!! Ah…haa~a… It’s coming in… Even Tomoko is watching… ah… nnm~…!”

“It became quite good, Hikawa-sensei’s vagina. Now, let’s show it to Yamashina-sensei too.”

“Uwaー… Amazing, Senpai. The lewd juices are overflowing… I see clearly when Etozawa-kun’s cock enters senpai.”

Tomo-chan-sensei explans while holding Hikawa-sensei’s hands as if to encourage her.

“How nice, Senpai. Etozawa-kun, I would like you to do me too, later…”

“Can’t be help, I will ejaculate inside your vaginal too Yamashina-sensei, but later.”

Listening to the conversation between Yamashina-sensei and me, Hikawa-sensei realises what kind of relationship we are in. She looks surprised, and a little hurt too.

“Eh!? To-Tomoko? What was that… ahh~!”

“Ehehe, already found out? I and Etozawa-kun are Lovers. Right, Etozawa-kun?”

“Was that so?”

“Euu~ awful, Etozawa-kun! I will cry you know~!?”

Hikawa-sensei is dumbfounded when she heard the conversation between Yamashina-sensei and me. But even then, her vagina hole tightens my penis, -pan- -pan- the sound of meat hitting meat echoes, showing the expressing of a female in the middle of experiencing great pleasure.

“No way… I, Etozawa-kun was my first time… Kiss also my first time… even though I gave everything…”

“Because of treatment, right? Originally, I and Hikawa-sensei aren’t related in any way. Tomorrow will be back to normal again tomorrow.”

“No, no… nooー! Etozawa-kun… I love you… even though I love you…”

Hikawa-sense stuck to me while crying. As if to show her intention to not let me go, her vagina hole tightens, stronger than ever.”

“Senpai, It’s okay…”


At that time, Yamashina-sensei caresses Hikawa-sensei’s head to encourage her.

“Etozawa-kun is gentle… So Senpai, if you ask, you can be loved equally. Isn’t that right, Etozawa-kun?”

“En? Well, yea, Hikawa-sensei will be my lover too.”

I summon the remote controller and answered her, while raising Hikawa-sensei’s Loyalty value to 100.

Then Hikawa-sensei muttered “Your lover…? Me and Tomoko, Etozawa-kun’s lovers…?”

“That’s right, Sensei. Aren’t you glad? I’ll cherish you along with Yamashina-sensei.”

“Yes, I’m happy… I, can become lovers with Etozawa-kun… with Tomoko…”

I grab Hikawa-sensei’s arms and move my hips more intensely.

I raise Sensei’s upper body from the desk and violate her in standing-rear position. The sound of meat hitting each other and an obscene wet sound echoes in the room.

I ordered Yamashina-sensei take off Hikawa-sensei’s suit. She peeled them off while I move my waist slowly, like I’m licking her, and teasing her, to which Hikawa-sensei nearly gets frustrated.

Hikawa-sensei is stripped off of her jacket, shirt, and bra one after another and becomes half-naked by her kouhai’s hands.

“Ah, stop… Tomoko…no!”

“By the way, the last time I saw Senpai’s breasts was when we entered the bath together at the women’s dorm… They’re still beautiful…”

“No, no… Nnnm~!!”

As Yamashina-sensei took Hikawa-sensei’s nipple in her mouth and starts sucking, Hikawa-sensei gives a charming voice with tearful eyes.

Or rather that, they took a bath together… Did she do such things during their school days?

Until this year, they were a virgin. Did they have potential as lesbians? They never even thought about kissing a man? She even said they were together at the women’s dorm too… It’s Yuri-like.

“Senpai, right now, Senpai is way prettier and more beautiful. I want to kiss…”

“Nnhh!! N… -chu-…”

Yamashina-sensei kisses Hikawa-sensei while being poked by me.

At first she seemed surprised, but eventually close her eyes and starts entwining their tongue.

In no time, Yamashina-sensei undressed, pressing her bare-breasts against Hikawa-sensei’s breasts while kissing.

-munyu- -munyu- Two twin hills that clashed with each other softly change their shape.

In the standing-rear position, with me behind, and Yamashina-sensei from the front. Hikawa-sensei is in a sandwich situation.

Hikawa-sensei is too confused by the situation and no longer rejects anything.

Appreciating the female teachers’ yuri-play in front of me, I am soon at my limit.

“Uhh…! It’s coming out… I will put it out, Sensei. Take all my semen deep down.”

“Ah! Aan!! Take it out… lots…! Tomoko… look, when semen is pumped in my vagina, look…”

“Senpai, are you about to cum too? You have such a lewd voice…”

The sound of meat hitting each other becomes more intense. Hikawa-sensei’s moan grew louder while being seen by her kouhai. Eventually, I reached my limit.

-buru- -buru-! Semen flow into her vagina. -biku- -biku- Hikawa-sensei’s body twitched, I wonder if she reached climax.

“Ah…haa… a lot… inside…”

“…Fuuー Treatment completed. Good job. Like this, Hikawa-sensei’s disease will be gone…”

I push my lower abdomen against sensei’s soft butt to pour my semen deep into her place. Then I gently stroke her head, to which, Sensei show an enchanted smiling face.

“Um… Thank you, Etozawa-kun… I love you”


I am mesmerised by Hikawa-sensei’s smiling face as we stay with my cock inserted from the back. It is a kind and gentle smile that I could not imagine coming from her usual cool.

-chu- While staying like this, I give Hikawa-sensei a gentle kiss.

“S-so~… Etozawa-kun, I would like you to do me next… How about it…”

Then, Yamashina-sensei timidly and bashfully pleaded me, -moji- -moji- fidgeting all the while.

I reluctantly pull out my cock from Hikawa-sensei’s secret place and stood before Yamashina-sensei.

“Well, clean it up first.”

“Yes! N… -chu-… hamu…”

Yamashina-sensei kneels before me and starts to give a blowjob. Hikawa-sensei’s love juice and my semen that covers my cock is cleaned up with her beautiful tongue.

“To-Tomoko! My treatment has not finished yet, the next one is me!”

“Fuー! Senpai, that’s unreasonableー”

Hikawa-sensei also kneels before me, extends her tongue from the side and started to service my cock.

Double fellatio from two female teachers. It looks as if the two people are tangling their tongues and kissing each other with my cock in between.

I guess they are on the good terms. After that, I enjoyed the two pussies alternately, and equally cum in their vagina.

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