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Houshouin Seiran ①

Houshouin Seiran is a freshman at our school.

She is an amazing woman.

What so amazing about her? Firstly, Her name is amazing, “Houshouin” and then “Seiran”. I’m not too sure, but it’s definitely impressive.

And her family is also amazing.

Their roots being a Noble family.

And ultimately, their wealth is amazing.

After the war, all the former noble families fall one by one. Seiran’s great-grandfather, who has shown great business talent, raise the Houshouin Family to greater heights than the pre-war era.

The Houshouin Group have more than 100 affiliated companies, in fields ranging from construction, to medical, to education and finance.

Their relatives also produce a number of mayors and prefectural governors. It isn’t an exagerration to say that the local cities around here are controlled by the Houshouin Family.

This school that I am going to is also a private school operated by a school corporation based on the Houshouin Group.

Well, in short, a superior Ojou-sama with great power over the common people.

Lastly, Her looks is amazing. She’s a beautiful girl.

Shiny and smooth legs, tight waist, and ripened breasts.

Long hair that makes you feel her elegance and well-organized beauty.

There is no harm to see her from a far away place, and she will be a feast for the eyes. Only, she have a really bad personality.

One day, as I was walking pass the corridor, I encounter Houshouin Seiran and her lakeys surrounding a girl.

Occupying the space that connects the school building to the school grounds.

The girl surrounded by Houshouin Seira and her lakeys, stood on the spot, shrinking her already small body, seemingly like she’s waiting for the storm to pass, while looking down.

I can hear the group surrounding the girl talking down on her.

“Really, you’re too full of yourself, Oyamada-san.”

“Didn’t you only get admitted through scholarship? Honestly, a girl like you here will mar the elegance of our school.”

“Be careful! Poverty can be passed on. Didn’t you hear? Oyamada-san lives in a ragged house. I wonder if it will break if typhoon strikes?”

Houshouin Seiran has not joined in this bullying.

She’s only looking, laughing and grinning as her lakeys keep bullying her.

Eventually, the bully mentions about the birth of the girl.

“If the parents are humble, the child is also humble. Really, your birth itself was foul.”

As soon as one of the bully mentioned the girl’s parents, the girl who had endured till now raise her face and retorts while trembling.

“D-don’t say bad stuff about my mom…!”

“…Huh? Who said you can talk?”

“Mom… mom is not wrong… for my sake, she working hard daily…”

“Anyway, she earns money by selling her body to any man everywhere. She is a prostitute after all.”


The girl glares at the bully who keep spewing profanity. She’s small and seemed terrified, but it seemes she do not allowed bad-mouthing against her mother.

Getting glared at, the group were frightened for a second, but eventually bully her even further on seeing the girl’s rebellious eyes.

Meanwhile, the girl keep her glare, but she is also trembling with tears accumulating in her eyes, and she no longer talked back.

Houshouin Seiran only look at the girl with a menacing smile.

…This scene, how Shoujo Manga like.

I vaugely thought while watching this scene.

What’s this, it’s kinda funny.

The Houshouin family is influential in this area. Seiran, the only daughter of the Houshouin’s house is a hardcore Ojou-sama that was raised like a princess from a young age.

Adults bow down in front of her, and she look down on everyone else.

She took it as a matter of course, which bore her a prideful and stubborn personality.

Such an Ojou-sama is bringing her lakeys to bully a girl.

Listening to their story, there seemed to be some sort of relationship between the girl and Houshouin Seiran, but as an outsider, those matters don’t have anything to do with me.

Yes, it doesn’t matter.

Houshouin Seiran’s uncle is the Principal of this school too. I can’t imagine being safe in this school if I went against her. She is a girl who is well known to be able to change public opinion, and all the adults of the Houshouin family are too sweet to this Ojou-sama.

It’s better to not get involved. I won’t even be able to keep what’s already mine if I went against her.

I would be thinking like this before.

Before I have the remote controller now.

I look at Houshouin Seiran’s body as if I’m licking all over it.

You can tell of her excellent proportions even with her uniform on. Her gorgeous appearance and those dazzling but mysterious thighs too.

I slowly get closer to Houshouin Seiran and her lakeys.

Then, the other side also notices me and throw their line of sight toward the nuisance.

Slowly, I approached closer to Houshouin Seiran. Seira who looked at me with suspicion, gazed arrogantly at me while asking.

“Can you please not disturb us? We were in the middle of talking to this girl…”

Before Seiran even finished her words, I stood close before her, raise up my hand…

And I slap Seiran with all my might.

The boy’s slap seemed to be quite powerful, and Seiran who got slapped raised a short scream and fall on her buttocks on the spot.

While holding down her slapped cheek, she shows a face that seemed to say, “I don’t get what’s going on”. Until now, she probably had never received this kind of violence. She has been raised as a precious Ojou-sama after all.

Seiran’s skirt, as she fell down, turned up slightly and show her alluring white thighs.

Seeing the appearance of such a Seiran, I…

“Let me have a peek at your pantyー”

“…Kya! Kyaaー!! S-stop it!!”

I roll up Seiran’s skirt with all my might and have a good look at her panty. As expected of an Ojou-sama, she’s wearing a luxurious underwear.

Seiran raises a scream, holding her skirt down, and trying to escape from me. But attempting a getaway is a no no. I slap her butt and she screams again.

With her getting all frightened, I put my hands on her underwear. While forcibly taking off the panty, Seiran resisted in a hurry. Pure white buttocks and a glimpse of her embarrassing place.

At that time, her lakeys finally got back to their sense, grab my shoulder while saying, “W-wait! What are you…” I give a headbutt to that girl, making her fall down too, screaming.

I decided to go back to stripping Seiran’s panty once again.

“Don’t keep resisting now…”

“N-no…! Stop it!! What are you…”

Seiran’s lakeys are also an Ojou-sama themselves. Their parents are at least executive of the companies affliated with the Houshouin Group.

Perhaps because they grew up in such good environments, these Ojou-samas are not used to this storm and cannot respond to the situation.

Seiran keeps holding her skirt down, not letting me take off her panty, but there is a difference in power between boys and girls. After struggling for a bit longer, I take off her panty and raised the loot up high.

“I’ve taken it offーーーーー!!”

Let’s sniff it. -kun- -kun-, smells like an ojou-sama.

Seiran is stunned.

Finally, the lakeys recognize me not as “A righteous meddlesome person” but “An insane street boy who passes by”. They take Seiran’s hands that is trying to grab me, and desperately escape with her skirt waving on her waist.

“S-Somebody! A crazy guy has gone on a rampage… Help!”

“He’s insane…! What’s wrong with that guy!!”

Houshouin Seiran and her lakeys ran away while saying terrible things. They keep calling me crazy. I just got a bit too excited so I forcefully strip the girl I hated.

Although those people are completely gone from this corridor, there are students who heard the noise and looking out from the windows of the school building.

Houshouin Seiran and her group are no longer here, only me and the girl who was bullied. Oh, right, she’s still here.

Suddenly remembering that, I turn around to look at her. She had a frightened expression for some reason.

“Ah, um… Did you, come to help me?”

“No, why?”

This girl is saying something strange. When I asked back with a strange face, the girl takes a step back with an even more frightened expression.

“Violence is not good… especially not such a terrible thing to girls…”

“But it’s exciting, no?”



The girl got nervous.

Taking a second glance at the girl, I realized, she’s surprisingly cute?

Although it is a bob-cut hairstyle, with her long bangs hiding her eyes, making it difficult to read her facial expression. Her whole body is expressing how frightened she is of me.

A glimpse from between her bangs shows a face that’s quite cute.

No, not quite. She is pretty cute…

A small body that is only about my chest. Giving her a tenderly feel.

I go one step closer to see her face.

Then, she raises a voice, “Hiiー!!” She fell down on her butt as she attempted to step back.

…What? Why does it feel like I’m bullying her? I have not done anything yet…

-muri- -mura- My cock begins to react, but before I do anything, the hallway become noisy.

Apparently, Seiran and her lakeys called the teachers.

A physical education teacher old man is walking this way, his shoulders trembling.

How troublesome.

“And thats why, -supan!-, I slapped Seiran’s face, and then Seiran collapsed. She looked frightened for a moment, I guessed that turns my switch, so I bully her further…”

The school reception room.

I was talking to the physical education teacher, the principal, the directors, and the police officer for some reason about the incident.

“Aren’t frightened girls cute? And the other party is the high-handed Seiran Ojou-sama no less. My cock will react, right? Did I do anything wrong?”

When I asked Takahashi, the physical education teacher, the principal, the directors, and the police officers start speaking in a hurry, feeling my irritation.

“No no no, nothing is wrong! I am really sorry to have wasted your valuable time Etozawa-san…”

“That’s right, that’s right, I understand Etozawa-san’s feelings very well! I cannot apologise enough. I didn’t know it was you.”

The adults desperately apologize. Well, this is the result of raising their loyalty to 100 with the remote controller.

Apparently, the principal called the police.

He called to the police because his cute niece Seiran was beaten by a boy. Or maybe, Seiran herself called the police.

Well, the police officers around here obviously are in cahoots with the Houshouin family. Most of the time, they are here because of fights between the students, and the students were injured, or the likes.

The police officers who had their loyalty value raised to 100 are apologizing in earnest.

“No, I’m sorry, I really didn’t know, sorry. There was an instruction from above… an attempted rape and murder. Saying that I should ignore the Juvenile law and everything.”

Far from being about injury, it is an attempted rape and murder! I’m shocked!

Now that I heard that, I think the enraged Seiran not only told her uncle and the directors, but also her father, her relatives, and all sort of adults saying, “I was about to be killed” and “I was about to be raped”.

Apparently, the ojou-sama seemed to be in great displasure. Was it so shocking to have her panty being taken away? I only took off her panty too.

“Really troublesome. Whatever, I am going to do it in the near future anyway. Principal, let me meet with the head of the Houshouin Family”

“Do you have something you need with…? Ah, no! I’ll call them right away!”

I showed my irritation to the principal, then he started running like a rabbit.

I felt the need for connection with, or domination rather, with the Houshouin family. I mean, it is ‘necessary’.

And I also ask the police.

“The police’s chiefs… no, I’ll go. Please take me to the police station.”

“Ah, yes. Of course, no problem…”

“Just for a bit, there is a girl I want to look into. You’re good at it right?Investigation.”

A lady officer nods to my question with a question mark.

Now, let’s make them my servant one by one. Men as servants, woman as female slaves!

Hahaha, this is what real power is, Seiran-chan.

I grinned and laughed while recalling Seiran’s face.

About to get raped? You don’t even know what’s coming for you.

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