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Houshouin Seiran ②

“What do you mean father!! What fiance?”

I can hear Seiran’s shouts, and then the voice of an older man, Seiran’s father.

“Please calm down, Seiran.”

“How can I calm down! This is about my fience… I already told you, tying familes through arranged marriage aren’t a thing anymore! I absolutely refuse to marry someone I don’t love!”

“Don’t be selfish, Seiran… Listen, the person you are going to meet have the power to blow up even our Houshouin Group if he wants to.”

The ferocious voice of Seiran and her father’s that is trying to persuade her.

He keep trying to convey the seriousness of the matter, but Seiran is still not convinced with it.

“He likes you a lot, and by all means wants to get engaged with you. It’s also not bad for you since he is a wonderful man even from my perspective. I’m sure he will make you happy.”

“Aren’t we only going to meet for the first time? …Anyway, he’s either a lustful old man or a greasy old pig, right? A man who forced an engagement cannot be a good person.”

“Seiran! No matter how hurt you are, I won’t allow you belittling him!!”

Seiran’s father suddenly roared as Seiran keep disparaging the other party.

Seiran probably did not expect his father to be so angry. After a surprised gasp, she continued with a tearful voice.

“Gusuー… You don’t have to get this angry… Father… I felt really unpleasant about it… If it is just to meet with him, I can accompany you… But you will annul for me, right?”

“No. I cannot go against him.”

“That’s…! Father is an idiot! I won’t get along with you anymore!”

I wonder if the crying was just a fake? She stopped crying and immediately intend to leave the room… I hear sounds like several people trying to grab hold of someone.

“Hey, release me! Preposterous! Who do you think I am!!”

“It’s okay, Seiran. I’m sure you will be happy, getting engaged with a wonderful person like him…”

Seiran’s father keeps talking with a voice that seemed to be intoxicated by something, akin to one who is indoctrinated to a religious cult.

Did Seiran finally realize the abnormality of her father?

She gives a surprised voice with a bit of dismay in it.

“Father…? What’s wrong? It’s almost as if you are not my father…”

Then, I got up. I have been waiting quietly in the next room.

This house belongs to the head of the Housouin Family. In other words, Seiran’s house.

Now, let’s go see my fiancée’s face.

“Y-you…! Father, it’s him! The one who attacked and tried to rape me!!”

As I opened the door and entered, I saw the appearance of Seiran being held by the men in suit, while an uncle wearing an expensive looking suit grabbed my hand for a handshake. He is Seiran’s father.


“Oh, it’s Etozawa-sama. I have been waiting for you. Seiran, go introduce yourself. He is Etozawa-sama, your fiance.”

“W-what are you talking about, father…? Isn’t he a criminal? Didn’t he attacked me?”

Seiran raises a doubtful voice voice as she saw me. Regardless, I start to talk to her father.

“Ohー What a wild lady your family’s Ojou-sama is.”

“I’m embarrassed. We apparently didn’t discipline her enough…”

“No no… It’ll be fun to make her submit to me. hahaha”

“As expected! Etozawa-sama is so broad-minded. This Houshouin is impressed.”

Hahaha! I laugh with Seiran’s father.

Seiran looks at the scene with unbelieving eyes.

“Father, what are you talking about?… This guy is my fiance…? Such…”

I turn around to look at Seiran. Then Seiran glared at me and starts to scream abusive words.

“Get lost! Beggar! I don’t know how you tricked my father, but this isn’t a place where people like you can enter… Kyaー!!”

-pachin- I lightly slap Seiran on her face.

This is the second time she got slapped. However, rather than caring about the pain, Seiran is stunned at her father and the other men who doesn’t seemed to care about it at all.

“You really do need to be disciplined. Rightー, Seiran’s papa?”

“I really am ashamed to no end… to have such an unruly daughter. However, I am most delighted that she could be disciplined by you, Etozawa-sama.”

“Leave all means of  disciplining her to me. Well, I came because it looks interesting.”

Then I speak to the stunned Seiran.

“Nice to meet you for the second time. Dear fiancée, I am Etozawa Koutaro. Please take care of me”

“W-who is your fiancée… hiiー!!”

-pachin− The sound of cheek getting hit resounds again. This time on the other cheek.

I lightly hold Seiran’s face between my hands, look into her pupils, then slowly speak to make sure she hears clearly.

“You really don’t get it. Until now, you can do what you want because of the powers the Houshouin Family holds. you still don’t get it?”


“An even greater power will appear and crush those already in power. Seiran-chan thinks she have the power, and that was exactly right… But too bad, now I’m the one with the greater power.”

I slowly lower my hands and grab Seiran’s perfectly shaped breast. “Hii−!” A short scream leaked from Seiran’s mouth.

-momi- -momi− I knead and rub Seiran’s breasts then bury my face there.

“S-stop! Father! help me, father!!”

“Seira-chan’s boobs are~ so~ soft~ How about your ass?”

“Hiiー! N-no!! Disgusting! Help… Somebody help me!!”

Seiran desperately seek help but the people surrounding her do not respond. Seiran’s papa even smiles while watching the scene.

“What’s going on… Strange, everyone’s strange…”

“Now, I want to taste her right away.”

“Taste… Disgusting!! A beggar like you, even if I die… kyaaー!! What are you doing!?”

“This? Handcuffs.”

-kacahri- a cold touch hits Seiran’s wrist. It is a blunt yet glimmering silver handcuffs.

“Okay. Bring Seiran-chan to her bedroomー. Oh, I want to have a tied-up play, so bind her to the bed.”

“S-stop…!! Disgusting!! D-don’t touch me anymore!! Or else, I’ll bite my tongue and die!!”

All bark and no bite. I know she don’t have the courage to do that.

Along with those men carrying the violently struggling Seiran-chan, I take a step toward the bedroom. Seiran’s papa wave his handkerchief saying, “You must your bestー Seiranー” like a fool.

A luxurious bed, and high-class furniture.

Probably Seiran’s room, seeing all the girl’s accessories here.

Seiran is handcuffed and each leg are tied with a rope to the bed.

Her legs are spread wide for an easy insertion.

She struggles to escape from me, but she couldn’t leave the bed.

I’m looking at the appearance of such a Seiran.

“I-if you come any closer, I seriously bite my tongue and die…”

“It’s better to not say things you can’t do, Seiran-chan. Look I’m getting closer and closerー See, I’ve come this close.”

Seiran’s eyes keeps glaring at me. She’s doing her best to look strong, but she most definitely can’t hide the dismay she’s feeling.

I get right next to her body, the distance is so close I can touch her if I just reach out. Then, Seiran calls out, her voice flattering even.

“H-hey~ What is it that you wished for? Money? I can tell papa and papa will give you a lot of money. If I open my mouth, the Houshouin family will fulfil everything I ask for, you know?”

I silently approach Seiran and stroke her lustrous white thighs.

“Y-you wish for a girl, right!? if that the case, Oyamada is good! Her mother is a prostitute… The daughter too will easily open her crotch to any guy!”

You use a lot of useless old words like prostitute Seiran-chan. You really have such a nasty and sarcastic tongue don’t you~, Seiran-chan.

And who is Oyamada? I don’t know her.

“Who is Oyamada?”

“T-the girl you helped…That girl, she invites a man by pretending to be frail. Her mother is so! That’s why the daughter is also a prostitute!”

Ahh! That mekakure-chan.

(TN: Characters with their hair covering their eyes. Nodoka from Mahou Sensei Negima! is my favourite mekakure character)

Seiran just reminded me of her by saying such, but for what purpose? Rather, from her words, Seiran seems to be having a grudge against Oyamada’s mother and not Oyamada herself.

But that doesn’t matter for now.

“The wish I have right now, can you grant me it?”

“Ah! yes!! I’ll grant it!! Whatever it may be…”

“My wish is to rape Seiran-chan. I wish to insert my cock inside Seiran-chan’s pussy, and fill my semen until Seiran-chan gets pregnant.”

When I said so with a smile, Seiran froze for a second then starts to spew curses with a distorted face.

‘Raped demon!’, ‘Pervert!’ she use such subtle old word, befitting her status as an Ojou-sama.

Ignoring those words, I slowly filp her skirt. Lovely pink panty.

-gya− -gya− Seiran gets even noisier as I remove her panty and starts licking her secret place.

Seiran’s pussy is a beautiful cherry color. It’s the premium pussy of an ojou-sama.

There is only thin pubic hair that looks like downy-hair at a glance, like she’s shaved. When I spread her plump meat with my fingers, the Ojou-sama’s female hole lasciviously invites me.

“I’ll kill you… I swear, I’ll never forgive you… I’ll kill you…”

Seiran keeps spewing out curses, but I keep licking her secret place without giving her any mind.

After fully enjoying it, I rode on Seiran and roll up her uniform.

-pururun- her well-shape breasy was revealed, and the cherry like nipples are on the top of her white twin hills. -chu- -chu- Sucking on them makes them hard soon enough.

Seiran continues to spew her curses. I tried saying things like, “Seiran-chan’s nipples got erect!” in order to change the mood of the situation, but it’s no good.

Unnー What I want to see is the scared expression of Seiran, not this grudging expression.

I summon the remote controller since it’s getting annoying.

Maybe I’ll use the hypnotic button?

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