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Houshouin Seiran ③

Seiran keeps cursing me with hatred, “I’ll kill you”, “I never forgive you” such crazy words. You’re scaring me, Seiran-chan.

However, when I press the hypnosis button, Seiran’s mouth immediately shuts and the light in her eyes are gone. She have entered the hypnosis mode.

“Can you hear me, Seiran-chan?”

“Yes, I can hear you…”

Seiran honestly replied my words, while still tied as before. Now, what kind of hypnosis do I plant on her?

“From now on, Seiran-chan will assume my words as absolutely true. If I say I’ll do something, please think that I will really do it”

“Yes, what Etozawa Koutaro says, I will think he will really do it…”

“Ah, later, Seiran-chan cannot commit suicide. Commiting suicide isn’t good, you can’t do it even if you think about it.”

“Yes, I will not commit suicide…”

I think she’s simply bluffing when she talks about biting her tongue and dying. But I cannot be sure what actions she might take later. So I keep an insurance for the time being.

Now, the prepations are already. By the way, I check Seiran’s parameters.


Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3


Houshouin Seiran 【CONCEIVE・MODE】ON

Affection…□□□□□□□□□□ -79

Romance…□□□□□□□□□□ -54

Lust…      ■□□□□□□□□□  9

Loyalty…  □□□□□□□□□□  0


So low… well, obvioisly.

Or rather, the affection and romance values have gone minus already. She really hates me.

I release her hypnosis, then Seiran’s curses revived.

“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you…”

“Oh dear, oh dear, you’re so noisy, Seiran-chan. Aren’t you saying that you are going to kill me way too many times? Don’t you realise the current situation you’re in?”

I shouted to Seiran, loud.

“You keep saying ‘kill’ this ‘kill’ that. It never crossed your mind that you might get killed instead?”

-pita- Seiran’s curses stopped.

Seiran looks deep into my eyes like she’s searching for something. I put my hands on her face and match my eyes with hers.

“Killing you gruesomely, killing you atrociously, killing you miserably. I can kill you in the most painful and horrible way in the world.”

The change of Seiran after I spoke is super dramatic. Her eyes are dyed with fear and her knees began to tremble. She teared up and shake her head with all of her might.

“No… noo… Don’t kill me… I don’t what to die…”

“Nah, I’ll kill you. Seiran-chan, dead. Papa, sad. I’m serious.”

“Noo… H-help… Please don’t kill me…”

Wow! The effect is so outstanding!!

Now, Seiran’s face is paled with fear.

Getting carried away, I add even more threats.

“I love you enough to kill youー”


“Killing me, Softlyー”


“I will love with you until the ski slopes melted.”

“No… they’ll melt… the ski slopes are melting…”

It looks like Seiran already fell to the bottom pit of deep fear.

-choro- -choro- there was the sound of raw warm liquid leaking from behind me. Turning back, Seiran seemed to be leaking out of fear.

“Uwa, you’re leaking…”

“Help… Please don’t kill me… no… noo…”

Looks like I went too far, but It’s also nice to frighten this Ojou-sama. I take out my erected cock that is socked by Seiran’s pee and show it to her, slapping her face with it.

“I am going to put this in Seiran’s pussy, if you feel good, I won’t kill you.”

“R-really…? You will help me…?”

“Really, really. Here I go.”

I point my erect cock to Seiran’s pussy that is moist with her pee.

I notice that her pussy is moisturized with a slimy liquid that is different from pee. I take out the remote controller to check it.


Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3


Houshouin Seiran 【CONCEIVE・MODE】ON

Affection…□□□□□□□□□□ -29

Romance…■□□□□□□□□□  10

Lust…       ■■■□□□□□□□  32

Loyalty…   ■■■■■■□□□□  61


Oh, the parameters are rising. Apparently, she developed Stockholm syndrome-like feelings out of fear.

Does her brain delude itself to think that she likes me to escape from fear?

Anyway, I slowly advance forward to taste Seiran’s pussy.

-zupu− My cock is going inside, but it’s awfully tight. Seiran muttered “painful…” with tearful eyes as I keep going forward. I can see blood flowing from the part where we are connected.

“Seiran-chan, you were a virgin?”

“Ah! I-it doesn’t hurt…! To accept Etozawa-sama, I am happy…! P-please don’t kill me…”

Seiran shows a forced smile even as she is has a teary face, with the fear in her face that cannot be hidden.

I’m glad she is willing to force herself so much for me. I have to do my best too! I violently grab Seiran’s well-shaped breasts while slowly shaking my hips.

Her tight pussy squeezed my cock and Seiran twists her body to endure the pain.

The rolled-up uniform showed her white and glossy body. The appearance of Seiran accepting me while squirming her body makes my cock harder and harder.

“Seiran-chan doesn’t seem to feel comfortable. Let’s do it like this, if Seiran-chan don’t cum, I’ll kill her.”

“Hii!! Ah, an… an…”

Seiran starts panting as she hears my words. She feign moans when I pinch her nipples.

“Ah, ah, It’s so good, Etozawa-sama~…! an… an…”

“If you’re pretending, I kill you.”

“Nooー…!! Don’t kill me… Please, pleaseー… I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die…”

Seiran began to cry as she’s being violated.

I move my hips even more intensely as she starts crying for real. Her pussy that swallows my cock is getting more moist and starts making a lewd sound.

Hahaha. Maybe I should stop bullying her now?

“Seiran-chan will understand the greatness of my cock right away. Here.”

Summining the remote controller, I raise her lust value from 30 to 80 in one fell swoop.

-bikun- Seiran’s body trembles.

“Eh? W-what…? Ah… haa… nn…”

Seiran’s action changes from crying to panting immediately.

Seiran’s white body dyes with the color of cherry-blossoms. Her entire body became an erogenous zone, and when I rub her breasts, her pussy squeezes my cock tightly as she raise a joyful voice.

“Ah~… feels… so good! Etozawa-sama… I, cum… I cuming!”

-biku- -biku! Seiran have spasm all over her body from climax. -kyunto- and her pussy comfortably tightens my cock.

“Aa~… haa~… haa~… Even though it’s my first time… I’m properly… cumming… Etozawa-sama, I cumed… You will help me now, …right?”

“I have not cum yet.”

“I’m so sorry! I am going crazy… U, uu… I’m afraid… I’m scared… I’m scared… I don’t want to die…”

Seiran begins to cry again.

Slowly pulling out my cock, Seiran look at me with completely frightened eyes.

“D-don’t kill me… I will do anything… I will do anything so…”

“I’m just untying the ropes. I’m tired. Seiran-chan will sit on top of me and shake her hips.”

I untie the rope that tied Seiran to the bed and unlock her handcuffs. Surprisingly, Seiran obediently gets on top of me when she got released.

“That… excuse me. With my pussy, feel good… please…”

Seiran who straddles me slowly sat down. -zupupu- my cock is swallowed. Looking at Seiran’s body from below, the white and glossy body with amazing proportions releases tremendous sexual appeal.

“Ah! haa~… Etozawa-sama’s… big… nn… ah~… ah~… aaaaaah!!!”

Seiran just let down her hips and piston several times, then she cum again. She looses her strength and lay down, covering me.

“Hey, you’re cuming again? Stop joking with me.”

“S-sorry, I’m sorry, I just feel too much… Next… I’ll do my best to make you feel good…”

Seiran shake her hips intensely in fear of death.

Although it’s an awkward movement, the desperate expression of Seiran, the soft body that moves on top of me, combined with her looks as she restrains herself from feeling too much as I stretch out my hands from below and rub her breasts, my cock only keeps getting even harder.

“Etozawa-sama’s penis… big and sturdy… Seiran, is feeling it too much! Aah~… Etozawa-sama!”

The desperately flirting Seiran is so cute. I’m sure she said those words for the first time in her life, and she never would’ve thought that one day, she would end up saying something like this.

Now she’s terrified of me, flirting with me, and drowning herself in the pleasure of a female.

“If you lie to me, I kill you.”

“I-I’m not a lying…!! ah~… Etozawa-sama’s cock, amazing… it’s true… ah~!”

Seiran praises my cock while swinging her waist and shedding tears. It seems she wasn’t acting. Checking the lust values on the remote controller, it has already exceeded 90. She was trembling intermittently from a little while ago, she had probable cumed many times already. This Ojou-sama is serving my cock in her pussy, swinging her waist intensely while hiding that fact from me.

Soon I’ll reach my limit.

I grab Seiran’s butt and start to piston from below. Seiran lay down and cling to me with disheveled hair, seemingly unable to endure it anymore.

-munyutto- Seiran pressed her breast tightly on me to serve me further.

“Ah!! Ah, aah~! It’s… no good!… I’m dying… too much, getting… crazy…!”

“I’m feeling good too! Not long and I’ll cum…”

“I will die… I will die… don’t kill me… please don’t kill me… Seiran is already… Seiran is, haa~!!”

While I listen to the ecstatic Seiran repeatedly saying, “I’m dying! I’m dying” I further accelerate my waist movement.

“Uu!! I cumming, Seiran… I will plant my seeds inside… firmly, take it all!!”

“Y-yes, I-I will give birth to Etozawa-sama’s child… a lot! a lot! Please fill me a lot with your seeds!!”

-buru- -buru-! My cock ejaculates grandly inside Seiran’s pussy. At the same time, Seiran clings to me even tighter.


Her body trembles fiercely without raising a voice. Apparently, this is her biggest climax ever.

Seiran clings to me like a spoiled child until my ejaculation ends. While being wrapped in pleasurable fatigue, I think about a single girl.

The girl named Oyamada.

It’s about time the police’s findings arrives.

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