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Oyamada Tsubaki ①

Indeed, the police investigation ability is excellent.

I dropped by the police station before coming to the Houshouin Family’s Home. From the police chief to all officers enrolled in the office, even off-duty police officers have their loyalty value changed to 100. They are no longer national dogs, they are my dogs. Hand! Woof!

I’m letting my faithful dogs investigate 2 things.

One of them is the girl who was bullied by Houshouin Seiran. And the other one, that would be taking a while. Well.

Oyamada Tsubaki.

First-year, a freshman that entered as a scholarship student in our school. Tuition fees are waived for scholarship students.

I read the survey file from the police.

-fumu- -fumu− Apparently, Oyamada’s house seems to be quite poor. Oyamada Tsubaki has no father on the family register. She seems to be born as an illegitimate child.

The mother rented a house, living with just her daughter, a hovel may be the exact word to describe their house. The mother is earning their living expenses with part-time jobs, but the family’s financial status seems to be in quite the difficult state.

The cause is debt. It seems Oyamada’s mother is a good person, taking over as a friend’s guarantor, then her friend just disappeared. Moreover, the place where that friend borrowed was in a bad place. It was a Yamikin, with the Yakuza behind them.

(TN: Yamikin – Black market / Illegal loaning company)

Oyamada Tsubaki also tried to help her mother by delivering newspapers, but it’s just a drop in the bucket.

She had tried to stop going to school to get a job but by her mother is against it. Our school takes a fair amount for tuition fee, but scholarship students don’t pay tuition fees. She studied hard and somehow got a quota for scholarship.

A hard worker, Oyamada Tsubaki.

I unintentionally shed tears getting to know of the situations of Oyamada Tsubaki.

However, Oyamada’s mother seems have fallen sick recently, and can’t continue to work, so repayment of debt has been delayed.

According to police information, the amount of debt owned by the Oyamada family is about 5 million yen. It seemed to have been just 500,000 yen originally, but the loan being a Toichi, the amount of debt have snowballed to that much in only 3 years. It’s a considerable amount.

(TN: 十一 orトイチ – Toichi is a type of illegal loan charging 10% interest every 10 days.)

With Oyamada’s mother falling ill, making it impossible to pay the interest, it seems that recently, the Yamikin seemed to be trying to force them to illegal prostitution to collect money.

Their target is not only Oyamada’s mother but also Oyamada Tsubaki herself.

However, there are things that I don’t understand with just this survey file. Which is the relationship between Houshouin Seiran and Oyamada Tsubaki.

“Crossing the Meridian of the Showa Era, the Silver Grass withers… Money is painted in a hue of red, like blood…”

(TN: I think this line is from an enka, but since the song doesn’t have any translation, I have to interpret it as I can. The lines here in particular says how Oyamada’s mother withers at the prime of her life… and how money is bleeding out of her life… I think lol)

I unintentionally used Kansai dialect. But there is something this survey file alone doesn’t help make sense of, which is the relationship between Houshouin Seiran and Oyamada Tsubaki.

Seiran hate Oyamada Tsubaki, or rather She hate Oyamada’s mother and daughter duo. You could say, she have a deep grudge with them.

Seiran have a personality that seemed to look down on the poor in general. But to have such a deep seated grudge with just this seems impossible…

I got curios, and decided to ask Seiran about it.

Kneeling down at my feet, with her face in my crotch, -juppu- -juppu- Seiran is serving my cock.

“Hey, Seiran-chan hate Oyamada Tsubaki, right? Why?”

Seiran who is desperately giving a blowjob, with her tongue crawling all over my penis, corrected her posture right away.

By the way, she is naked.

Since then, I ravish her non-stop in the Houshouin House. Seiran’s body is soiled with my semen and the sticky white liquid comes out from her crotch.

“Y-yes! That Oyamada Tsubaki is the daughter of a prostitute. I hate her because she is a dirty woman with filthy blood running in her veins.”

“That’s not an answer. Are you kidding? Do you want to die?”

“Hii..! I-I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

-gabaa-, Seiran prostrate to ask for an apologized. A naked dogeza. The first time I saw one.

I have not released the hypnosis on Seiran yet. This Ojou-sama seems to has become a faithful female slave, maybe because I kept threatening her as I fucked her. What a poor thing, who did this to her?

“What is this ‘prostitute’ thingy you keep talking about? No, I understand what the word meant…”

“That would be Oyamada Tsubaki’s mother… That prostitute seduced my father! She’s a bitch! A slut! She is a dirty woman who stole the Houshouin’s blood, defiling the Houshouin’s blood with a prostitute’s! She’s a whore! A thieving-cat!”


“So the point is, Seiran-chan and Oyamada Tsubaki are half-sisters, right?”

“Such a dirty woman is not my sister…!”

“Seiran-chan, you aren’t willing to listen to my story?”

“S-sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Please don’t kill me…”

Oyamada Tsubaki is a dirty woman and her mother is a thieving-cat.

After hearing the story from Seiran, it is apparent that Oyamada Tsubaki is the result from Seiran’s papa cheating.

A few years ago, Oyamada’s mother stay as a maidservant in the Houshouin family.

At that time, the wife, Seiran’s mother was pregnant, so the husband, Seiran’s papa got really horny, then have an affair with Oyamada’s mother, and as a result, Oyamada’s mother got pregnant.

Seiran’s mother got into a fit of rage when she knew about it, and Oyamada’s mother was kicked out from the Houshouin House, with no relatives to rely on, she gave birth to Tsubaki and raise her as a single mother.

Seiran’s mother infused all her grudge into Seiran from an early age. As a result, now Seiran has a grudge against Tsubaki.

It feels like I am watching a drama.

I decided to call Seiran’s papa and mama to this room.

I talk to The Head of the Houshouin family who are seated in seiza.

“Old man, aren’t you rich? You could’ve taken care of the Oyamada mother-daughter as much as you want. Is she not your own daughter? That Tsubaki girl.”

“Haaー It just that… I’m scared of wife…”

“So you’re saying, aunty is the cause of it? Seiran’s mama?”

I turn to ask Seiran’s mama. She is pretty good and elegant for her age. Even then, I don’t have any lustful thoughts for her.

What came out from Seiran’s mama is a grudge against Oyamada’s mother, that seemed to have seeped deep into her bone marrows.

“…That prostitute not only seduces my husband but also stole the Houshouin’s blood, a thieving-cat… Ah! no, if Etozawa-sama tells me to forgive her, I will grant them forgiveness!”

When I started clicking my tongue, Seiran’s mana takes back her words and proclaim “Forgiveness” in a hurry. Seiran’s papa seemed to be pleased hearing it.

“Y-you will forgive them? Let’s call them back to the family immediately, they have already been having a hard time for so long already…”

“Ah, that’s no good, I have something I want to do with Tsubaki-chan.”

“I-is that so… If this is what Etozawa-sama says…”

I stopped Seiran’s papa who was in high tension and suddenly tried to pick up the Oyamada mother-daughter duo.

Even though Seiran’s mama had said “Forgiveness” the anger within her belly is not extinguished yet, and with Seiran’s papa saying he wants to take them in, the two started a quarrel between husband and wife.

Really troublesome.

“Ahー really, stop!! Married couples should get along with each other! You two have sex or do something else to make up… ah, no, stop, not here! I feel awful just looking.”

In response to my words, Seiran’s parents blushed and wanted to have their make up sex in their daughter’s room, which I stopped immediately. What is this middle-aged couple thinking about?

As for Seiran, when she saw her parents suddenly kissing and hugging tightly in the place, she have an unbelieving face.

I understand the situation. Seiran and Tsubaki are sisters with different mothers.

For the time being, I called the police officer who summarized this investigation. I want to meet with the Yamikin’s president who Oyamada’s mother is in debt to.

“Yeah~, as Aniki said, Oyamada-san have a debt with us. It starts as just 500,000 yen, now interest alone swelled to 5 million yen.”

I hear the story from the Yamikin president who is using a suspicious Kansai dialect. This guy calls is me “Aniki”. As loyalty value reaches 100, he began to call me “Aniki, Aniki” non-stop.

The man next to the Yamikin president is a man with plenty of muscles. He is the boss of the Yakuza who are behind the Yamakin’s back.

“Hee~ I heard the story from this guy. We also deal with prostitution for the law-makers and presidents in our house before. If we saw potatoes could be developed into a shiny jewel, we will put our−… Ah, no, I still haven’t put my hands on her yet. I didn’t know she was Aniki’s woman… No, I’m really sorry. I will cut off my finger.”

“Masa! bring the tools!” I hurriedly stopped the boss who is calling his underlings in the office.

Here is the gang’s office. Being the only student here, it seems out of place for me, but everyone here have pledged to be my servant thanks to the remote controller.

But this kind of atmosphere somewhat scares me. It’s like watching a movie in V-cinema.

(TN: A direct-to-video industry in Japan)

After that, I share my plan to the boss and the Yamikin president.

In front of these mighty men who obediently nodded to say what I am saying, I recall Tsubaki’s lonely and cute face, this will help keep the peace of my mind.

Oyamada Tsubaki has no place to escape.

At school, she receives relentless harassment from Houshouin Seiran, and harassment from debt collectors when she goes home.

This rental house will likely collapse if a slightly strong wind blows, have graffities on the wall saying “refund” or what not, all of which are the debt collectors’ handiwork.

Harassment keeps coming. Recently, a cat’s corpse was thrown to the front door. The police didn’t do anything about that. Tsubaki thinks that Seiran may be behind it, or the wife of the Houshouin could have a hand in it too.

I know the relationship between me and Seiran. She is my sister from a different mother.

In such a life, the only one who is kind to her is her mother.

A gentle mother who keeps working for me until she drops and smiles even when she is in trouble. I went to school after mother persuaded me to do so… But with the situation being as they are, I would have to go to work.

But is there a place where I can work?

I don’t want mother to force herself again. This time, the condition of her body is not very good. We really should go to the hospital, but we don’t even have the money for that…

I walk on the road to home with a gloomy feeling.

When I saw my house, I found two mean looking guys standing there. My whole body turns stiff.

The men slowly approach Tsubaki when they saw her form.

Tsubaki is nervous with fear and just stood there, stiff.

When those guys get near, she starts to speak to them, but the sound escaping from her mouth is very weak.

“W-what is it…? Why do you look for me…?”

Of the two men, a skinhead with an aloha shirt opens his mouth. That black eyes without light stares at Tsubaki, making her feel terrified.

“What? I~ won~der~ what~ it~ could~ be~ Money. When will you return it?”

“A-are you from the financial company…? I am sorry, but money has not been prepared yet…”

“No~t ‘yet’. The repayment date has passed so long ago and the top person are pressing down too~. 30 million yen. If you can take it out, it will also helps us brothers a lot.”

30 million. Tsubaki is in a daze for a moment because of the amount that is too much.

That’s not right, it was not such amount…

“30 million…!! W-wait! The debt was supposed to be 500,000. Why is that…!”

“Ojou-chan, do you not know of the word ‘Interest’? If you don’t quickly pay it back, it will get to this much.”

It will certainly increase with interest. But it’s suppose to be 5 million.

It will be inflated to that much according to my calculations.

The men then surround Tsubaki as if she is a prey, with an obscene smile.

Tsubaki’s fear only increases as she sensed their intention.

“Such… Such a large sum, I can’t get it…”

“It’s al~right, The elder brothers here~ have thought about introducing you a goo~d job…”


“Yeah, it’s a simple~ job. You just have to spend o~vernight with old men, it’s o~kay”


“The other party includes ma~ny politicians and presidents. A young woman like Ojou-cha~n are very much favoured, and those men paid a lot for it too.”


Prostitution. The men are asking Tsubaki to sell her body.

Her head got blank. Her throat is parched, and her mouth can’t move.

Even when seeing such appearance from Tsubaki, the men just smiled, grinning from ear to ear.

“If you don’t wan~t to, that’s not a problem at all. I will ask that o~ld hag then. But she is pretty old already, we~ll, I guess that means the amount of pay will be limit~ed.”

“How about it? She’ll be working as an illegal prostitute on a fishing ship. One year in the Bering sea, to relieve the sailors of their desires.”

“…Indeed, the old hag can earn a so-so amount then, but they might easily break her…”

“At that time, just throw her into the sea. She would be treated as missing when getting on the ship anyway. Nobody will know about it”

I cannot believe the conversation in front of me. These guys are discussing about throwing my mother into hell.

Mom’s body is not good right now, her sickness will definitely worsen. What will happen if you take her to such a place? …I’m sure she will die.

“Ah… umm!”

“Aa? What is it? Ojou-chan.”

“I-I…I will take her place, so… d-don’t touch… mom…”

Looking at the figure of the girl lowering her head, the men grinned with an obscene smile.

“Is that so~? Ojou-chan rea~lly love your parents.”

“Well, you just have to keep company with those old-man. Ah, You can continue going to school because some of them like that too.”

The men quickly started talking about work with Tsubaki. Like “We can gathered women at the hotel and have an orgy party, would you like to go there?”, “No, a sadist wants a partner. let’s go over there!”, etc.

Tsubaki listen to their conversation as if it is something from a distant world, just standing there.

Apparently, work starts tonight.

Then she followed the men asking to leave, like a robot.

After a few steps, Tsubaki looks back at her house. The home where her mother will be sleeping in.

Mom…I am going. Absolutely, I will definitely protect you…

The words muttered by her mouth, however, vanished simply, without even riding the wind.

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