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Oyamada Tsubaki ②

Like she’s sleepwalking, Tsubaki got on a car with the men and they brought her to a basement somewhere.

Dim red lighting.

Unknown tools she don’t know what they are used for were lying everywhere. Syringe. Whip. Weirdly shaped objects. Washbasin.

There are beds equipped with restraints and looking closely, the sheets have stains that are unlikely to fade away even if they are washed.

Tsubaki tried hard to look away from those stains, most likely because they looked like blood stains…

Tsubaki, still in her uniform was told to wait here.

So she is waiting, trembling in fear.

She makes a confession while shivering with regret and sense of duty. She’s not even sure what she’d confessing about, most likely the horrible things she may get to witness from now on. Will the pain pass as quickly as possible? Will I be able to hold my screams even just a little. Such thoughts occupied her head.

Eventually, the door opens.

-bikun− Tsubaki stiffened upon seeing the man who came in.

A greasy, half-naked middle age man, wearing a leather face mask on the face, and a handful of needles in his hands. He don’t wear clothes. No, he wore one. An adult disposable diaper.


Tsubaki leaks a short scream as she saw the strange appearance of the man.

The man in diaper shows a devilish smile behind the face mask, as he saw Tsubaki in such a state.

“Gufu… gufu… A young girl came again today…”

“…Ah, umm…”

“Gufu… Fufu…”

The man began preparing tools while glancing at Tsubaki on his side from time to time. Tsubaki felt a frightening cold sweat on her as she recieve his nasty sight.

While Tsubaki is watching, the man lit up an alcohol lamp then put the needle having a vicious shape above it.

The needle gradually become red as it is roasted with heat.

Although no-one asked, the man began to give an exposition in a seemingly good mood.

“Gufufu… First thing I heard today was about a fine piece coming in, so I’m getting a little more fired up than usual. Do you understand this? It’s Chinese torture tools, I just stab this needles at the points where it will hurt. It hurt~s a lot… They all screamed and cried, ‘Please kill me’.”

…Tsubaki doesn’t understand the words the man is saying.

What is he saying so much? Why does he seemed to be having so much fun?

However, when the contents of the man’s words contained, “How would you like to be tormented?”, Tsubaki understands immediately and a short scream leaked out from her mouth.

“Hiii…!! N-Noo…”

Tsubaki’s entire body is shivering. The man laughed even more happily when he saw her shiver.

“It’s okay, I’ll cherish you to not faint until the last minute… Okay, it about time. Where shall we start… your feet, or belly?”

The man approaches Tsubaki while grasping the red needle with pliers.

Scary, it’s too scary.

The scene was too intense for Tsubaki, who has lived as a plain, ordinary little girl. Her head becomes blank from fear, and -showawa- warm liquid leak from her crotch.

“Oi oi, it’s still too early to pee yourself already~ I have to punish the child who is wetting herself.”

“Ah… a…”

She can’t say a word, her body doesn’t listen.

Tsubaki have no choice but to tremble in despair as the man came nearer.

The man come closer, one step at a time, which only makes her despair raise up.


And, it’s time for me to enter the stage.

“Oraa! This is the second time I’m having this kind of feeling! Oraa!!”

-don!- I open the door and entered the basement. There is the trembling while leaking pee, Oyamada Tsubaki, and a fat mask man wearing only a disposable diaper approaching her. What the hell! Or rather, Amazing!

The masked man showed an embarassed expression to me who suddenly came in, but he quickly regain his composure then gave an angry shout.

“Who the hell are you! This is a members-only club… non-members can’t enter this placeー… Guhaa!!”

“Hentai Punishment Punch!”

It seems the boss carry out my orders more enthusiastically than I instructed (Right, This man is the Yakuza boss). While the boss gives an excellent performance, I beat him down and grab Tsubaki by the hand.

Tsubaki cannot keep up with the sudden change in situation and just looks bewilderedly at it.

“Eh… Y-you’re…”

“That was really close, Oyamada Tsubaki. Well, let’s go.”

“Eh? Eh!?”

I force the confused Tsubaki on her feet and pull her along.

When we get out from the basement, we are met with a long corridor. Someone must have heard the commotion here and came to look. There are two bastards coming, the men who brought Tsubaki here.

“Oi oi oi! Little brother, aren’t you a bit too~ hasty?”

“Do you know where this place is? Don’t think you can return aliveー…”

“Villain Ascension Kick!”


The two Yakuza fell down with a good reaction. Even though they were just kicked, they give performances like Takuzo Kawatani.

(TN: A Japanese actor most famous for his roles as villains)

I feel like I’m overdoing it, but Oyamada Tsubaki doesn’t seemed to notice. Well, that may be normal considering what the situation is.

I held Tsubaki’s hand as we head to the exit. Ascending the stairs and going outside, it was on a downtown area lined with multi-tenant buildings.

By the way, the one who made an appearance next is…

“I’ll be in trouble Etozawa-san. I can’t just stand by with you hindering our business like this.”

A man came out from the shadow of a building while using a suspicious Kansai dialect. Looking at the figure, Tsubaki’s body trembles. He is the president of the Yamikin.

The President look at Tsubaki with grumpy expression.

“Ojou-chan is also trying to run away… If you don’t want to work, then I’ll let your mother take over. Are you okay with this?”

“T-That… don’t…”

Tsubaki mutters weakly.

Eventually she releases my hand and muttered sadly…

“Etozawa-senpai… right? Thank you for coming to help, but I have debts I need to return… for my mother, I… I have to do it…”

Tsubaki conveys her gratitude to me with a soft voice.

“When I was bullied by Houshouin-san, you came to help me… Violence is not good, but I was glad… You came to help me again today. I… may be having a rough time awaiting me, but I think I can do my best because I have the memories of Senpai coming to help me…”

One by one, Tsubaki spun her words from the bottom of her heart…

“When you took my hand and led me to exit, it was the happiest moment in my life… Thank you… and, goodbye…”

Tsubaki tries to walk away from me and head to the Yamikin President. I called out to her back.

“Are you in debt, Oyamada Tsubaki?”

Tsubaki doesn’t answer. It was the Yamikin president who replied instead.

“That’s right! Her mother become a guarantor for a friend and has taken over the debt, now the debt has rise to 30 million! What? You’re gonna pay for her!? That’s a lot of money… The amount can make a person’s life go crazy you know!!”

“Yamikin Divine Punishment Attack!!”


I ran to the Yamikin president and hit his face with the suitcase I held in one hand. The president collapse.

The impact exposed the contents of the suitcase.

A wad of money lies there.

“Here. 30 million. I’m buying Oyamada Tsubaki. Do you have any complaint?”

I grab a pile of money from the trunk and hit the Yamikin President’s face. The president collect those scattered money in a hurrying, screaming, “Ahh! Money! Money~!!” Good acting. Maybe you can debut as an actor?

The Yamikin President gathered the money and hold the trunk, giving a quick thought and called out.

“…No, this isn’t enough. You make trouble in our business, hitting our customer and employees. Pay a consolation fee of 100 million!!”

I gave a smile and snapped my fingers to the Yamikin President who tells me with a proud face. This is the my response.

We hear the sound of a helicopter approaching, as if timing with my finger. We are near a multi-tenant building, and the helicopter flies high above it.

“W-What! What’s going on!!”

“Here, 100 million, you can accept it.”

Three suitcases are dropped from the helicopter. It fell to the head of the Yamikin President without any difference in aim. -guhee- The President let out a voice like a frog getting crushed.

The impact of the drop reveals the contents of the suitcase. Again, a wad of money spreads. A lot of cash that the general public will probably never see in their lifetime.

I look back and talk to Tsubaki, who has unbelieving eyes.

“Good, shall we go!”

“Etozawa-senpai… umm, who are you…?”

“Me? I was just passing by…”

To the confused Tsubaki, I answered while making the pose I had practiced in advance. Turn 45 degrees diagonally!

“Sorry for the trouble.”

It’s setteled.

I think. Probably.

Later, when I calm down and look back, it will be really embarrassing.

What ‘just passing by’? So retarded.

I am strucked with the mood of wanting to find a hole to hide in, but I forced myself to calm down, thinking that it was good because it was fun.

I called the Yamikin President and the Yakuza Boss a bit timidly.

“That wasn’t bad. When you see someone in need, just help them out.” I said this on the phone and they replied, “I will do as Aniki said!”

The President… his appearance in an adult disposable diaper was intense…

As an aside, after that, the group leaders helped the weak as “The Hero of Justice” (although their spirit seems to be quite arbitrary for each individual), who help the weak and crush the strong. Their way of life became famous amd some reporter summarized it to a book and was even made into a movie. But this is a different story, so I will omit it.

Now is Oyamada Tsubaki’s story.

I am sitting on the tatami floor in a plain six tatami mats apartment.

Warm sunshine cheerfully came from the window.

I look over my simple modest castle, while having leisurely thoughts like “The weather is good”.

A low dining table and a minimum amount of household furniture. It is a simple room a student from the Showa era are likely to rent.

This apartment is rented in my name. I rented the whole apartment and decided to live in this room together with Tsubaki.

Outside the window, I can see Tsubaki in the apartment yard, taking in the laundry that is exposed in the sunshine.

After that time, I took a Limousine I had prepared and arrive at this Showa era like apartment. I who paid out 100 million, prepared a helicopter and even used a Limousine. When I told Tsubaki the apartment I lived in is here, her eyes turned blank.

She don’t know who I am. I have lots of money but I live in an apartment. It most certainly sounds messed up.

“I want to live by myself for social experience…”

“I see, that’s right…”

“But since it’s the first time living alone. I would like Tsubaki to be my maid to take care of me, if possible.”

“Ahー Yes! I will do it! Etozawa-senpai has not only help out with our debt but also look after my mother…”

Tsubaki’s mother was suffering from tuberculosis. It’s the diagnosis the doctor sent.

Although it’s a old disease but it still exists today, and if treated badly, you will die. I got the hospital to take care of her with great importance. We were told that if she gets good nourishment and receives proper medical care, she will be cured without any problems.

Tsubaki felt a lot of gratitude to me because of that.

Her mother has been hospitalized, and Tsubaki who will be left alone at home came to me as my maid when I told her to live with me. She wants to do something to repay my kindness, even if only a little.

I told her to mind about the money, but Tsubaki, who have a strong sense of responsibility will do anything to return them. Well, I don’t think 100 million is easy to return.

Ah, the source of the 100 million is the Yamikin President. They seemed to be money gained from an illegal route.

“If this money is used by Etozawa-san, this money will be happy too!” the Yamikin President says so. Is that okay? Oh well, it’s just to show-off anyway.

-gachari− the door of the room opens.

Tsubaki holding the laundry came back.

“Welcome home, Tsubaki.”

“Ah, I’m home… Goshujin-sama… Ehehe”

Tsubaki laughs shyly.

Tsubaki’s appearance is no longer in a school uniform, but maid clothes!

I’ll say it again. Maid Clothes!!

Classic style maid outfit reminiscent of the good old Victorian England. Long deep navy blue skirt that extends to the calf, and a white apron above.

With a ribbon tightened on the chest, it creates a pretty atmosphere.

Neat and pure. It’s THE Maid-san!

And she calls me “Goshujin-sama” as per my request, but Tsubaki seems to be enjoying it to call me like this.

A small body with bangs covering her eyes. Though, even like this, it still can’t hide her cuteness at all. It’s no exaggeration to say that Tsubaki is a angelic maid that had descended in this six tatami mats room. What am I even saying?

When I look at Tsubaki folding the laundry while humming a song, -gu~u- a certain sound came from my stomach.

“Ah, sorry Goshujin-sama, are you hungry? I will prepare it now…”

Tsubaki cheerfully stand in the kitchen. She rolls her apron and shakes the ribbon on her back as she prepares the meal.

“…like a newlywed couple”

“…!! Ah, mou~… Goshujin-sama…”

Tsubaki’s whole face reddens and she turns around while still holding a ladle, with a loose and embarrassed, but serene smile.

And the life of me and Tsubaki, akin to a gentle stream flowing has begun.

I ate the meal Tsubaki prepared. In the evening, we went to the public bath together. There is no bath in the apartment.

We meet at the exit of the public bath and go back together. On the way back, we go to the shopping district to buy ingredients for dinner. Tsubaki’s face turns red when a gentle greengrocer called her “Oku-san”. But she smiled happily.

(TN: Oku-san – Wife, Madam)

At night we sleep on the same futon.

Since it’s a six-mat room apartment, one of us will go outside when changing clothes. Tsubaki bashfully crouch down to conceal her body when I pretend to go into the room by mistake while she changes clothes. Her appearance with a lovely panty and average breasts are permanently stored in my brain’s HDD.

“I can’t sleep unless we sleeping together.” when I said this, Tsubaki came next to me with a determined expression, but I did nothing to her. Tsubaki’s eyes seemed somewhat disappointed then. Hahaha.

I hug the small body of Tsubaki and sleep. Sheー smellsー niceー and her body so soft. It might be my imagination that Tsubaki’s breath is getting rough. Yep.

The next morning, Tsubaki prepares breakfast with a bad mood.

We went to school together.

After class, Tsubaki will come to pick me up.

Joyfully, like a dog wagging it’s tail as it welcomes its master.

Our relationship gets better and better.

Around the third day, I summon the remote controller and check her parameters.


Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3


Oyamada Tsubaki 【CONCEIVE・MODE】OFF

Affection…■■■■■■■■■■  99

Romance…■■■■■■■■■■  99

Lust…       ■■■□□□□□□□  28

Loyalty…   ■■■■■■■■□□  78


Well, It should be okay now.

Operation: Let’s Get Them Intimate, Commence!

(TN: ‘Them’ refers to Tsubaki and Seiran)

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