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Houshouin Seiran and Oyamada Tsubaki  ①

“Tsubaki, we will be having a new person joining us today.”

“New person…?”


Tsubaki shows a slightly complex expression when she heard what I said. We are on our way home right now.

“We’ll be having another maid. She has the same age as you.”

“Eh!… Such a thing, Goshujin-sama, did I make a mistake on something?”

Tsubaki asked with an anxious tone. Perhaps she thinks I won’t be needing her anymore.

“No, no. Tsubaki is doing very well. Very cute.”

“Cu-cute… he~he…”

“Well, I’ve been asked to keep her by my side. It’ll get a little narrow, but please bear with it.”

“If Goshujin-sama says so… I’m alright with it.”

Tsubaki-chan seemed to like being called cute, and I stroke her head as she makes a cheerful and bright smile. Eventually, my castle and the Showa-era like apartment came into view.

As I climbed the stairs and came to the door, I told Tsubaki, as if I had just remembered.

“Ah, that’s right, the newcomer, she is someone Tsubaki will know.”

“Eh? That’s…”

-gacha− I open the door.

At the entrance of the six-tatami mat room, a young lady greets me on her knees, with three fingers pushed to the floor.

She is dressed in the same classic maid style as Tsubaki.

“Welcome back, Goshujin-sama. I had been waiting for you. I’ll do my best with my hearted devoted to my duty, my best regards…”

Houshouin Seiran raise her face, and had her eyes wide open as she made eye contact with Oyamada Tsubaki who is behind me.



By the way, Houshouin Seiran doesn’t know that Tsubaki lives here either.

All I said was, “You be my maid to take care of my daily life.”

Seiran lets out a groan unbefitting of an Ojou-sama, while Tsubaki trembles and hide behind me.

This is my scenario, “Doki~ ☆ The half-sisters become my maids, doing Cleaning, Washing, Cooking, Sex! There is also vaginal cum shot!”

I take a break while sipping tea.

So good. The houjicha really fits with this six tatami mat room.

(TN: Houjicha- Roasted Japanese green tea. They are roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal)

I feel so relaxed, but the other two doesn’t seemed to be relaxing at all.

Tsubaki, trembling and hiding behind me as she looks at Seiran, and Seiran, who keeps staring at such a Tsubaki. Eventually, Seiran talks to me in a low voice, “Goshujin-sama…”

I also ordered Seiran to call me Goshujin-sama.

“Goshujin-sama… What is this all about? I haven’t heard that that prostitute’s daughter is living here!”

“No, she’s not!… my mom… is not a prostitute…”

Seiran and Tsubaki starts fighting, but I didn’t bring them here for something like this.


“…! Ah, Yes… what would it be, Goshujin-sama?”

Although Seiran flies into a pit of rage from her hatred towards Tsubaki, when I speak in a sullen voice, her body shook in fear. I have not lifted her hypnosis after all.

“Apologize to Tsubaki and get along with each other well.”


“Seiran …do you not know what position you are in?”

“I-I’m deeply sorry!! …Oyamada Tsubaki, I… I spoke too harshly, I’m sorry.”

When I repeated my words once more, Seiran’s trembling body turns to apologise to Tsubaki with teary eyes.

Tsubaki looks at Seiran being in such a state as if she saw something out of this world. She would never have expected Seiran to apologise to her. Tsubaki clings to me even tighter.

“No matter what had happened between you two before you came here, Tsubaki and Seiran are both my maids now. You should get along.”

“I-if Goshujin-sama says so…”

Tsubaki is still hiding behind my back, but nods to my words.

Thus, my life with the two maids began.

“Goshujin-sama, here, an~. Are they good? Delicious? Are Seiran’s handmade pies delicious?”

Seiran in maid outfit sat next to me and pushes her breasts on my chest. With the face of a female in heat, she put her hand on my chest as she fed me a slice of pie.

It seems Seiran has commenced her offensive against Tsubaki. She on fire while doing it, and looks at me with lavish eyes.

“Umm… It’s delicious, Seiran.”

“I’m glad… Goshujin-sama, not only the pie, if Goshujin-sama so desires, Seiran will… ufufu”

Seiran hides the blushed on her face with her hands.

And Tsubaki, on the other side also goes “Ann~” to me as if to counter Seiran.

“Goshujin-sama, m-mine too… I prepared bean cakes….”

Tsubaki pushes her modest breasts against me, what a pity, it’s lacking in presence compared to Seiran. Well, I think they’re good too.

Tsubaki brings the bean cake to me, while on the other side, Seiran laughs while looking at that sight. I will not say anything anymore since I already forbid them from quarreling.

“Here, bean cake… Goshujin-sama…”

“Ah, I’ll eat Tsubaki’s bean cake too… unn, it’s delicious!”

The sweetness is moderate, despite the presence of plenty of bean. Tsubaki gleams as she watches me enjoying it with a blush on her face. But when Seiran saw that, she turns her face away, with an unamused -hmph-.

I summon the remote controller and check their statuses.


Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3


Houshouin Seiran【CONCEIVE・MODE】OFF

Affection…■■■■■■■■■■ 100

Romance…■■■■■■■■■■ 100

Lust…          ■■■■■■□□□□ 55

Loyalty…     ■■■■■■■□□□ 71


Affection…■■■■■■■■■■ 100

Romance…■■■■■■■■■■ 100

Lust…          ■■■■■□□□□□ 46

Loyalty…     ■■■■■■■■□□ 79


Both Affection and Romance values are at MAX! Even though I haven’t used the remote controller at all. Seiran’s fear towards me has been turned to love. And later, she was addicted to my cock.

Tsubaki’s status on lust isn’t too high and rarely changes before. However, the appearance of a rival, Seiran, has led to Tsubaki actively seeking skinship unlike her usual passive attitude.

While enjoying the feeling of the two bodies clinging onto me, I have an afternoon snack, go to public bath, have dinner, then, it is time to go to bed.

Seiran is in high spirits because this is her first time she goes to a public bath apparently.

Soon, it gets late and it was time to sleep.

I decided to go outside when they changed clothes, so I am waiting outside the room for the two to change into their sleepwear.


Eventually Seiran’s sweet voice is heard from the room.

“Did you change your clothes already? Then, let’s… sleep… Seiran, what’s that?”

“Fufu… This is the nightwear I’m always wearing. I can’t sleep without this.”

“Don’t lie, You’re so shy about it, aren’t you?”

Two beautiful girls greeted me as I entered the room.

Tsubaki is wearing cute pajamas with cats prints on it as usual, but the problem was Seiran.

Pure white babydoll lingerie.

Cute and sexy design with frills everywhere. The destructive power is amazing when a girl with well-endowed assets like Seiran wears it.

Long legs that looks smooth and delicious. Plump ass that seems to be inviting a man. Her waist and her gentle belly with beautiful curves.

And her boobs…

“Seiran, I can see your nipples.”

“I–I-I-I-I-I-I’m showing it on my own! I always dressed like this when I go to bed! Yep!”

Seiran puffs up her chest while her face glows red. My eyes are fixed on the hard cherry-pink nipples that are pushing up on her baby-doll.


Tsubaki seems to be anxious when she saw my gaze so fixated at Seiran like this.

I felt that gaze so I stop looking at Seira and began to take off my jersey that I used as nightwear.

I take off my top and put my hands on the bottom, then Tsubaki, “Hyaa…” hastily covers her face as it changed to a crimson-red instantly.

“G-Goshujin-sama, why are you taking it off…?”

“Hmm? Because it’s hot. I’ll sleep naked tonight.”

“You had never done such a thing before… Hyaaaー!!”

I took off the jersey together with my pants.

My cock reveals itself to two beautiful girls. It is already hard and stiff.

Tsubaki gives a short scream while looking at my cock, hiding her face. But I can see Tsubaki steal a glance at my cock from the gap between her fingers.

I felt glad to see Tsubaki’s gaze, and I put strength to my lower abdomen to shake my cock.

“I-it’s moving…”

The stunned voice of Tsubaki, and next to her, Seiran who is enraptured by my cock and keeps staring at it.

“Well, let’s go to sleep like we always do.”

When I said so, Seiran began to prepare the futon cheerfully.

Half-naked Seiran and fully-naked me. Looking at us being in such form, Tsubaki trembles agitatedly, but quickly thought of something, then starts to take off her upper pajamas.

Tsubaki’s modest and cute breasts.

After Tsubaki took off her upper pajamas she hesitates for a moment then starts to take off their lower counterpart too.

I caught a glimpse of Tsubaki’s slit. There is no hair there and it looks very smooth and soft.

However, she quickly hides her breasts and secret place with her hands.


“I-I’m feeling hot too…!! I-I’ll go to bed like this…!!”

Tsubaki declares very shyly, with a red face. I can say nothing but, “I-I see…” to such a Tsubaki.

“W-well, shall we go to sleep?”


“Goshujin-sama~, hurry up~”

The lights are turned off, and the room is illumimated only by the moonlight. When I lie down on the futon, two beautiful girls hurriedly crawled to me from both sides.

Both Seiran and Tsubaki use my arms as pillow and snuggled up.

On the right, I feel Tsubaki’s modest breasts.

On the left, I feel Seiran’s smooth babydoll lingerie and the pushed up breasts beneath it.

 Both had erect nipples.

Right now, I am being sandwiched by naked girls from both sides, but I don’t try to do something about it because I am interested in what kind of action Seiran and Tsubaki would take.

Before long, the room turns quiet.

My cock keeps staying rock-hard all the time, but drowsiness gradually comes upon me. I wonder if nothing is going to happen… Maybe I should just go to sleep… When I start to have such thoughs, I feel a hand touching my cock. I open my eyes to see who did it.

Seiran is crawling her fingers on my cock.

When I look over, I saw Seiran staring at me with an aroused face.

“Goshujin-sama’s manly thing… it so big like this already. Do you wish to have a night-service, Goshujin-sama?”

Seiran’s white fingers stroke the glans neck and teases the glans gently.

I’m worried about Tsubaki on the other side and look at her closely. She have her eyes closed tightly and seems to be enduring a great shame… apparently pretending to be asleep.

“Seiran, Tsubaki here too.”

“She must’ve been asleep anyway… So~, Goshujin-sama, I’m like this already…”

Seiran squeezes her crotch against my thigh while leaking out an aroused sigh. She took off her panty before I knew it, and rub her raw pussy against my body, it is already soaking wet.

My my, looks like I need to give permission to Seiran.

“It can’t be helped… There is no bath here so I only allow you to use your mouth.”

“Yes! Ah, haa~a… Goshujin-sama’s cock… Mmm… aah… so big… Nn… chuu~…”

Seiran smiles and immediately crawls to my cock cheerfully.

With an intoxicated face, she stretch out her tongue and starts serving my meat stick. The feeling of Seiran’s soft lips and the tongue that is licking the glans feels incredible.

With my cock in his mouth, Seiran continues to serve my cock passionately.

“Mm~… amu… nn… Goshujin-sama~… Nn…”

Seiran licks and sucks my cock with a feverish looking face. The lewd sound resounding in entire room.

Tsubaki keep on pretending to be asleep with her eyes squeezed shut, with her face seemingly glowing red in the darkness.

However, on Tsubaki’s naked body, the nipples at the top of her modest breasts stood erect and presses strongly against my body. She might have been excited to hear the service of Seiran nearby.

-chupa- -chupa-

Seiran got excited just licking my cock. She stretch out her free hand to her crotch and comforts herself while she keeps calling out my name with a nasal voice.

And Tsubaki also began fidgeting while continuing to pretend to be asleep.

She pushes her body against me with hard nipples, soft belly, and a wet crotch. However, she still pretends to be asleep.

I hug a nude pretty girl as an arm-pillow while a half-naked pretty girl licks and sucks my cock.

Tsubaki began to masturbate with my body, while still pretending to sleep. I gently reach out and grab her soft ass.

-bikun!- Tsubaki trembles. She however does not make any voice even as I continue to grope and pinch her hips despite her body movements increasing.

She should’ve already know that I have noticed her acting.

However, Tsubaki still pretends to be asleep.

After having enjoying Tsubaki’s butt, I stretch my fingers and play around with her crack down there. A hot breath leaked out from between her parted lips, but her eyes still remain closed.

 …I wonder how long she can keep up with this act.

Next, I try putting my finger into Tsubaki’s ass hole.

Middle Finger・In・The・Tsubaki’s Anal.

(TN: Written in katakana)

I put my finger on Tsubaki’s love juice as lubricant to loosen the buds. -biku- -biku-, Tsubaki’s body stiffens, and her meat tightens around my hand, seemingly rejecting my insertion.

But I won’t stop. It is an established fact that you can do anything to sleeping girls. For me at least.

“Fu… ah…”

Failing to keep up with this, Tsubaki let out a charming voice, but she still closed her eyes and keep on pretending to be asleep.

I hug the naked Tsubaki and play with her ass hole while Seiran keeps sucking my cock. It’s about time I let out my first-shot.

“…Seiran, It coming!”

“Nnm… n! Nnn…!!”

Holding Seiran’s head with my free hand, I cum deep inside her throat.

Seiran let out a pained voice but she still swallow my semen in earnest.

Eventually the ejaculation is over, and when I let go of the hand, Seiran raised his face while taking a deep breath, “buhaー”

While licking her lips, she stares at me with an enchanted look.

“Nn… Goshujin-sama’s semen… Thank you very much… Fufu, You let out a lot. Did Seiran’s mouth excite you that much, Goshujin-sama?”

“No, not at all.”

What are you saying?

When I give a blunt reply, Seiran’s expression turns to a disbelieving one immediately.

“I was more excited about Tsubaki-chan than Seiran’s mouth. She’s so cute. Even now, Tsubaki-chan is still pressing her breasts against me.”

Tsubaki’s fidgeting stopped. Did she really think that I haven’t notice it until now?

However, to such a Tsubaki, Seiran flusters and hold my cock that have not lost its hardness yet and straddles it.

“Oi, Seiran…”

“…What’s so good about her flat-chest. M-My mine will be more pleasurable than hers, Goshujin-sama!”

Suddenly, she sits down and leads the cock into her female hole. Really now, although I just told her to only use her mouth, what a lewd woman.

“Nn… ah… ha~a…! Goshujin-sama’s… coming in… aah…”

-zubuzubu- My cock is getting swallowed in her female hole. At just the insertion, Seiran’s face seemed to melt already from the pleasure. Eventually, my cock is swallowed deep inside her meat hole.

You won’t believe she is the Ojou-sama of Houshouin Family with the sloppy face she had on right now.

“How… it is? Goshujin-sama… Seiran is… already…”

“…Really now, what a bad maid you are, not listening to your Goshujin-sama’s order. Didn’t I say to use just your mouth because there isn’t a bath here? You cannot endure it and just take my cock in yourself…”

“I-I’m sorry… but… ah… haa…”

“It’s time for your punishment.”

Seiran have put it in deep, but cannot move or act any further from too much pleasure. When I move my hips even a little from below, Seiran immediately began to pant and moan out the voice of a sex-crazed female.

“An! Ah… ah!! Goshujin-sama, if you move this intensely… aah!!!”

-pachi- -pachi- the sound of her meat getting slapped resounds.

Seiran shakes her baby doll, shakes her boobs, and leans her body on my face as if she is a girl in love.

“Ah!! Goshujin-sama!! Goshujin-sama’s, so big… and… so sturdy… Seiran is so happy…! More! please dote on me more… love me… moreー nn!!”

As if to show off to somebody, she seize my lips and starts sucking and licking loudly to make a lewd sound. Is she on guard against Tsubaki?

“Nn… ha~a… ah! Rather than this child with such poor assets… ah~… Seiran’s boobs feels better than hers, right? Nn… more… more…”

While having a lewd kiss with Seiran, I violate her meat hole to my heart’s content.

One hand is still plugged in Tsubaki’s ass hole but it seems to be getting tighter whenever Seiran says something? Yet, she still pretends to be asleep.

Eventually, I reach my limit and ejaculate deep inside Seiran’s pussy. Even as Seiran is totally exhausted and keeps muttering, “Ah~… Goshujin-sama’s semen, I recieve a lot of Goshujin-sama’s love…”, Tsubaki still pretends to be asleep.

She clings to me and her body keeps twitching from time to time.

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