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Houshouin Seiran and Oyamada Tsubaki ②

The next day, the state of Seiran and Tsubaki are in complete contrast.

Seiran, who flirts with me looking somewhat glossy, and Tsubaki, who stares at me and Seiran being together with a depressed expression.

Seiran came close to me confidently when seeing Tsubaki so close to me, jealousy evident in her eyes.

Today is Saturday. We usually have breakfast a little late when school is closed.

“Goshujin-sama -aan-, Seiran’s warm omlette, please enjoy it to your heart’s content.”

“Seiran, hasn’t your character somehow completely changed?”

Seiran move in close to feed me an omelette while talking in third person. Yesterday, Tsubaki was also here, but today’s Tsubaki seems to be somewhat depressed and she’s just looking at us.

“Here~, Goshujin-sama~. This is a love-filled omelette from Seiran~. Open up~”

“Absolutely different character…… Well, I’ll eat it.”

When I opened my mouth to Seiran, she said, “Ah, I’m sorry” and dropped the omelette in the spoon right at my crotch.

“Aah! Goshujin-sama, I’m really sorry, I’ll clean up immediately.”

Saying so, Seiran begins to clean the omelette with her tongue, moving her face close to my crotch. I can feel the movements of Seiran’s tongue through my pants.

“What are you doing…… eh! Oi, why are you trying to take off my pants?”

“Goshujin-sama, Seiran has failed…… With Goshujin-sama’s strong dick, please punish Seiran…”

“You just want to ask for punishment, right?”

Seiran is trying to take off my belt.

Since I do not resist and leave her as is, Seiran eventually takes off my pants and my cock is exposed to the morning breakfast table.


“Aah…… Goshujin-sama’s dick…… It is like this even when it enters Seiran’s vagina…”

Tsubaki looks at my cock and gasps, while Seiran’s eyes brightens as she began her service immediately.

In Seiran’s mouth, my meat stick quickly becomes hard and erect. Seiran makes a happy voice -rero- and begins to lick with her tongue.

-chupu- -chuppu-, the nasty sound doesn’t suit a refreshing morning.

I talked to Tsubaki while having my cock sucked by the maid.

“Jeez. There’s no helping it. What is it Tsubaki?”

“Hi~e! Eh…ah…yes… Right…”

Tsubaki’s face turns red as Seiran crawled her tongue all over my cock. She turns back seeing that. However, she is unlikely to have breakfast that way.

“Tsubaki, Seiran seemed to be in the way and it is hard for me to eat my meal. Can you help me?”

“Ye…yes… Please excuse me…”

Aanー, As I open my mouth to beg, Tsubaki fed me with her face bright red.

While letting a pretty girl in a maid outfit give a blowjob, I let another pretty girl in a maid outfit feed me.

Tsubaki tries to keep her eyes off my crotch. However, her face turns red as she still saw a bit of it.

While having Tsubaki like that, I spat out semen into Seiran’s mouth. It really is convenient to have a maid.

“Fuu…… That was pretty good Seiran. Oh, don’t swallow it yet. Roll it with your tongue and taste it properly.”

“Yes, thank you very much… N… Goshujin-sama’s semen… it’s so thick…”

Seiran tastes my semen enthusiastically while holding it in her mouth tightly.

Tsubaki forgot how to speak out and look at her with a red face.

As soon as I said that my trousers are dirty, Seiran tries to make a phone call saying, “I will prepare the finest!”

So I asked her to buy it because she is a maid, to which she said, “Got it!” and left the apartment.

So, I sat on the six tatami mats floor. Since I took off my pants my cock exposed. Tsubaki is present with a red face.

“Ugh to not have pants on…”

“Umm, that… Goshujin-sama”

“Huh? What is it Tsubaki. You have a very red face.”

I can’t go outside without my pants, so when I’m playing with my cock out of boredom, Tsubaki calls me with a tiny voice.

“Goshujin-sama and Houshouin-san… um… are you… dating?”

“Huh? Why?”

“That’s because… umm… Houshouin-san did that thing……”

I could not understand what was said for a moment, but I remember that Tsubaki herself is neither influenced by hypnosis nor the remote controller.

Tsubaki probably thinks ‘having sex’ = ‘they’re lovers’. Hahaha. Tsubaki is so cute. That’s not a lover. Just a female slave.

That said, it wasn’t fun to just talk about it, so I decided to tell Tsubaki something else.

“Tsubaki… listen carefully. There is nothing to hide. Seiran is a pervert.”

“Pervert…!? Eh…? Eh?”

“Seiran is a horny, perverted masochist. Do you understand Tsubaki? I’m sorry to reveal this to you.”

“Ah… Yes… Seiran-san seemed submissive to Goshujin-sama…”

“Seiran seems to like that…… The horny, perverted masochistic nature sleeping in Seiran seems to have awakened”

I will continue with a proper story.

“Some time ago, the Houshouin Group was in a business crisis and I paid for it. Seiran felt so grateful that she came to me as a maid.”

“Is that so…”

“That’s right. But as you see, Seiran is a horny, perverted masochist girl, and had been asking me to punish her and keep asking for my cock.”

She wants it, so I just gave her. No~ It’s not troublesome. Because I also want it.

What I said is surprisingly appropriate. There isn’t another guy like like me who is so good at convincing others.

“That… Houshouin-san is like that…”

And, she’s there.

Tsubaki hold her mouth with her hand while having a surprised expression. She seemed surprised at my story for a while, but soon came close to me.

“Uh, umm… Goshujin-sama, doesn’t really care about… Houshouin-san?”

“Yes~. But my body is horny. I’m a man too, and I’m horny.”

As I said that, Tsubaki looked shocked, then stare at her chest. Her chest is rather modest compared to Seiran’s.

Eventually, Tsubaki raises her face, determined.

“Um… my body isn’t attractive, is… that it? When you get horny, you didn’t… do me?”

Tsubaki stares at me with her eyes fully opened. I hold Tsubaki’s shoulder, and speak to calm her down.

“There is no such thing Tsubaki. When I see Tsubaki, I get horny. See, my cock is also getting up again.”

While I’m showing off my semi-erected cock, Tsubaki’s face turns red and tries to look away…… but she still saw it at the corner of her sight.

“But I don’t want to be violent. Certainly, Tsubaki’s debt was taken over by me, so it’s like I’m buying Tsubaki with money. Tsubaki’s boobs and pussy are mine. You can’t complain if we have sex instead for greetings, right?”

“Is it… like that?”

“It is like that. But hear this Tsubaki. I’m not going to take Tsubaki’s chastity by force. I want to cherish it…”


Impressed by my words, Tsubaki turns her teary eyes on me. Eventually, she gave a thought about something, then raise her face as if she have decided.


“W-what is it Tsubaki”

Tsubaki stands up and grabs the hem of her skirt as her face turns red, then slowly raises it.

A black garter belt shines mysteriously on a pure white thigh.

Tsubaki exposes her pretty underwear to me. But perhaps because of shame, there are tears in her eyes, then Tsubaki begged with a trembling voice.

“Goshujin-sama… To me… Goshujin-sama can do anything if you want… Even if you’re violent… Yeah, violently, please… I… Goshujin-sama…”



I guess it took all her courage. Tsubaki’s legs are slightly shaking.

Beyond the underwear, lies a nervously breathing girl’s place, that no one has soiled yet.

Tsubaki presents herself, thinking of me and wanting to give everything to me.

I look at such a Tsubaki…

“Uwaー, Tsubaki’s panty! -sniff- -sniff-! -pero- -pero-!”

“A, ki~ya~a! Goshujin-sama… such a place…A, don’t…”

I raise my hands and assault Tsubaki’s panty.

I put my face in her soft underwear and rub my nose to inhale the scent. Soft thighs, soft buttocks. Tsk, the underwear is in the way!

When I stripped off the panty, Tsubaki’s lovely pussy is exposed in front of me. The virgin pussy of a horny maid who invites her Goshujin-sama.

“Goshujin-sama… that’s… embarrassing!”

“What are you saying, when you invited me yourself! Unー, Tsubaki-chan’s pussy is delicious… Ah, don’t put you skirt down.”

I spread the secret place with my fingers and crawl my tongue on the pale cherry coloured flesh.

Tsubaki’s body trembles, but she still flips her skirt up as I insisted.

While gazing at Tsubaki’s ass, I put my tongue in her vagina and it produces a sloppy sound. She began to leak sweet moans from her mouth as I squeeze her clitoris.

“Oh, you’re getting wet Tsubaki… What a bad girl, inviting Goshujin-sama to make him lick her pussy. What a lewd no-good maid-san…”

“N… oh… Haa… Goshujin… sama”

The sound of a water sloshing noisily resounds. Tsubaki moans as if she couldn’t bear it when I slurped the dripping love juice on purpose.

“I have to punish the no-good maid-san… Tsubaki, stick your ass over here.”

“Eh… oh, yes…”

Tsubaki sticks out her ass as I said, while being puzzled by my sudden change. Her hands touches the wall and a glossy white ass is visible from the curled up skirt.

I moved to Tsubaki’s side, gently stroking her ass. Her body trembles every time I stroke her ass.

“Goshujin-sama… what… ?”

“This would be punishment. Hey Tsubaki, I’m doing it”

“Eh… oh… Kyaa~!”

-Pachiin!- I hit Tsubaki’s ass. Then she raise a cute scream. It is the cry of a prey that excites it’s predator.

“Ah… it hurts… Goshujin-sama”

“Does it hurt? But by hitting Tsubaki’s ass, my heart hurts more. Please understand, Tsubaki, I’m making my heart a demon for this…”

-Pachin!- And a handprint appears on Tsubaki’s ass. Every time, Tsubaki screams like a puppy moaning “Kyun!”

This is it. Spanking punishment for a maid-san who wants it. I’ve always wanted to do this. My cock is already erected hard.

“Auu… I, I understand… Goshujin-sama, more painfully… I’ll endure. For Goshujin-sama…”

“I’m glad Tsubaki… Anyway, Tsubaki’s ass is a good ass. It can take spanking well.”

While spanking and snapping, I summon the remote controller.

I raise the lust value of Tsubaki. At around the point where the number exceeded 70, Tsubaki’s reaction changes.

Every time I hit the meat, Tsubaki’s lips leaks a sweet sigh, and her ass sways as if expecting something.

“Aa… Goshujin-sama… N~tsu…”

“Oi oi Tsubaki, maybe you feel from your ass being… spanked?”

“Ah… that is… Hyan!”

“Don’t lie, you’re so wet”

I rested my hand hitting her buttocks and crawl my fingers at the secret place where filthy juice is spilling out.

In particular, when I move my finger along the crack, Tsubaki’s mouth leaks a sweet voice.

“Tsubaki is a no-good maid after all… She’s glad to have her butt spanked. This is not a punishment for her at all.”

“I’m really sorry, Goshujin-sama… An~tsu!”

“My cock has stood up because Tsubaki makes an erotic voice. How do you take responsibility for this?”

N? I presented my erect cock in front of Tsubaki’s face. Tsubaki is frightened, but she reached out with a clearly lustful look on her face.

“Oh, that… I will, take responsibility… I’ll calm it down. Goshujin-sama, I’ll take responsibility of calming it down…”

Tsubaki releases her hands from the wall and attaches them to my cock. Her smooth and soft hands feels good.

“I may not be very skillful, but… Goshujin-sama, please feel good with my mouth. N…-chu-…”

She seemed to be mimicking what Seiran was doing? Kissing the glans, crawling her tongue and beginning to serve the cock while moving awkwardly.

She nodded at my words telling her to not use her teeth, and held my cock. I guess she just can’t grasp the trick. She’s trying to make me feel good by moving her face back and forth while showing a painful appearance.

Tsubaki’s long bangs splits and stroke my lower abdomen.

-Nmm- -Nmm-… the sound of Tsubaki’s oral service echoes in the room.

“Goshujin-sama… Do you feel… good? N…amu…”

“Unー, the movement is still awkward, but it feels good when I think that Tsubaki is doing it.”

“T-thank you so much… I will, do my best… N…”

Tsubaki replied happily to my words. Certainly, her movement is awkward, but my cock is getting more and more vigorous at the situation where an immature looking maid-san is kneeling and sucking me like this.

Anyway, let’s ejaculate in Tsubaki’s mouth.

“…Okay, Tsubaki. I’ll put it out… accept it…”

“E… a, fu~ai… Lots… Put it out… Nn~tsu! N…”

-Biyuru!- -Biyuru!- I ejaculate in Tsubaki’s mouth. Semen is pushed out as it presses against Tsubaki’s soft tongue, gushing in her mouth and polluting the clean girl.

“~tsu… fuu… You can’t swallow it yet. Roll it in your mouth and taste it.”

“Yes… N… This is… Goshujin-sama’s… horny taste…”

I pull out my cock from Tsubaki’s mouth as she taste my semen.

As told, Tsubaki is turning red as she had semen in her mouth while rolling her tongue.

“Okay. Open your mouth and show me. Yes, erotic…”

Aahー, I let Tsubaki open her mouth. Tsubaki’s mouth is full of muddy liquid with a large part of it being semen. Her tongue is red in contrast to the white semen, and is glossy.

I give Tsubaki permission, and “N~tsu…” she swallows the semen with her eyes closed. -Bikun!- Her body is shaking. She seems to have reached a light peak while swallowing my semen.

After a while, Tsubaki, who swallowed everything, breathed out, “Nn~tsu”, and then sat down on the tatami mat. It must have been too much stimulation for her.

However, Tsubaki’s maid figure, drinking a man’s semen, and breathing with a red face. Her appearance is sensational in an erotic way. My cock erects -Bikun- even though it has just ejaculated.


“Goshujin-sama, that… how was it? Did you… feel good?”

“Yes, it was really good, so I have to give you a reward…”

I move one step closer to Tsubaki and gave a command while showing the erect cock.

“Crawl on all fours and spread with your fingers. I’ll love you.”

Tsubaki take breathes for a moment and begins to crawl on all fours as she was told.

She lifts her skirt by herself and presents her ass. The ass had turned red from the previous spanking. She reached out and spread her flesh with her fingers.

“Goshujin-sama… Here you go…”

A maid who presents her ass and asks for Goshujin-sama’s cock. Perfect.…But I want to add a little more spice.

“…Hmm. In such a situation Tsubaki, say, ‘Please use the no-good maid’s horny female hole, Goshujin-sama.’ Try again.”

“Ee… eh!? Uh… that’s embarrassing…”

“It is a part of a maid’s basic etiquette! It’s common sense!”

“That’s right…? Um, I’m ashamed…”

Tsubaki’s tears fall at my request. However, when I urged “Quickly!” She starts begging with a shivering voice.

“Oh, that… Goshujin-sama… Please use this no-good maid’s… horny female hole… please…”

A maid who speaks nasty words while spreading her flesh with her fingers.

From the widened vagina hole, love juice is spilling. This can’t be helped…

I grab Tsubaki’s soft buttocks and put the erected cock to the vagina. -Bikun- my cock shook with excitement as it felt touch of wet and hot flesh at the glans.

“Oh… Goshujin-sama… N… going in…”

“I’ll get Tsubaki’s virgin pussy. N… Exciting, isn’t it?”

-Zubu- -zubu- Tsubaki’s vagina swallows my cock. It tightens my meat stick, and it eventually hit something like a snag.


“Is this Tsubaki’s hymen? Look, it is kissing my cock…”

“N… Aah… Goshujin-sama…”

Tsubaki doesn’t seemed to be able to think about anything anymore because of the insertion. She shakes her head with a sweet voice when I lightly draw breaths before I pierce her hymen.

“Ah~tsu… ah~tsu! Goshujin-sama… no… it going wrong…”

“Still at the entrance?… I’ll give you a present. Here”

“Hnn…! Pain… ! Going in …! It’s in…”

-Zubu- -zubu- …! I insert it all at once. For a moment, pain pierces Tsubaki’s body, but she immediately feel pleasure as soon as I raises her lust with the remote controller.

“Ah… ah…! Goshujin-sama… I’m feeling funny…! My head is white… N… feeling… good…!”

“Tsubaki’s virgin pussy tightened up, and I feel good too. Here, it feels even better if we move.”

“Ah… Stop… If you move it now… ah! Ah aaaaah! ~tsu!”

I grab Tsubaki’s thin waist and do a piston to hit her buttocks. She shakes her head while moaning.

I roll up her skirt and violate the maid-san from behind in an apartment with six tatami mats. She keeps raising moans of pleasure that echoes aloud. The vagina hole tightenes up as it swallows my cock whole. I am fascinated.

“Tsubaki’s tightening is too strong and I’m going to put out… I’m going to put out a lot of semen in Tsubaki’s vagina…”

“N… fua~! Yes, lots, please put out a lot… in my female hole, Goshujin-sama white stuff, full…!”

“…Gu~u~tsu! I’m cuming! Receive it Tsubaki!”

“Ah! Ah~aaaah~!! It’s out… lots…”

-Byuri- -Byuri-! My cock is deep in Tsubaki’s vagina. I squirted semen and hits the deepest part of her uterus to reach her womb.

It seems that Tsubaki cums from the ejaculation. Her pussy contracts and tightens in rhythmic motion as if trying to squeeze out every drop of my semen. Indeed, how erotic this is.

However, my cock has not calmed down yet. I summon the remote controller and press the boost button. My cock regains its stiffness in Tsubaki’s vagina.

“Ah… no way… Goshujin-sama’s… in my vagina again… big…”

“I’m still not calmed down, Tsubaki. I’ve been patient until now, so I’ll completely fill you up today.”

Tsubaki releases a voice of pleasure when I lightly moved my cock while stroking her buttocks.

Well, today I’ll do her thoroughly. I resume my piston movement. The inside of Tsubaki’s vagina is even more sloppy than before and stimulates my cock indecently, which has become slippery with semen. It seems like I will be able to release many number of shots.

“Look Tsubaki, we have no time to rest. Let’s keep your maid clothes on.”

“An~… Goshujin-sama… Right now, I’m sensitive… Hya~n…”

I hug Tsubaki and lift her up.

From doggy to sitting-rear position. When I lick Tsubaki’s neck, “Hya…” she screamed.

I remove the buttons in the front and reach for Tsubaki’s modest chest. I shifted her bra and finger her nipples, and a sweet scream came up. So cute. By the way, I feel like I’m forgetting something.

At that time, the door of the apartment opened vigorously.

“Goshujin-sama! I bought new pants!”

It was Seiran.

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