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Kaoru’s Friends

(Beach and Girls Ⅰ)

The calendar has reached August, and public school students have their summer vacation. Of course me and Kaoru too.

One night, during the relaxing time after dinner.

A live TV news broadcast says that research materials had been stolen from a national university.

It seems to be a fairly big deal, taking the time to feature it.

When I had finished watching it, the same was repeated. My sister-in-law Kaoru came next to me while fidgeting a bit, maybe she’s lonely, I thought that and pushed her down. Well, this is the usual sight.

I strip off my sister’s panty on the couch with pratcied hands, then spread Kaoru’s legs as I turn her around.

While I am staring at my sister’s pussy for the first time in a long while, Kaoru talked about an outing to the beach.

It is summer vacation, and she had agreed to go to the beach with friends, but it seems she wants me to follow her.

“The beach?”

“Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about going to the beach with my friends… ah, Onii-chan, you’re licking so much I can’t talk.”

…Beach. Beach, hah?

“But Kaoru and her friends will be there, is it fine?”

“Ah… Onii-chan, there, it feels good… so, that is exactly why I hope Onii-chan can come with me… hey! Hiyan! Yaa~ Onii-chan…”

As if I’m talking to Kaoru’s pussy, -kupaa- I split her flesh hole and blew in. My sister gasp as soon as I fiddle with her clitoris.

Apparently Kaoru wants me to go with her.

But why me? If she needed a guardian, why not ask Sayaka-san?

When I was wondering about that, Sayaka-san brought a dish with fruits to the living room. Summer mandarin.

Sayaka-san saw my sister rolled down on the couch as her brother is playing with her pussy, and sits next to me with a smile, saying that we are on good terms.

“Ara ara, Kaoru-chan is a spoiled one. Do you want to go to the beach with your beloved Onii-chan?”

“Is that so?”

“Uu, yes… I want to go to the beach with Onii-chan… After all, I’m always talking about Onii-chan at school, and my friends want to meet Onii-chan… hiyan! Onii-chan’s fingers… feels so good…”

I insert the middle finger into Kaoru’s vagina. The hole is tight as ever, but is already wet, proving the pleasure she felt.

“Well, I couldn’t help but accept my cute Imouto’s request then. What are Kaoru’s friends like?”

“Hmm… well… Izumi-chan, Marika-chan and, Utako-chan…”

Kaoru gives her friends’ names while panting as she is violated by my finger.

When asked if she have a photo, she showed me one on her mobile phone.

Three girls in uniforms, probably taken by Kaoru, are posing side by side to the camera. Not just because she is a family member, Kaoru is a beautiful girl in her brother’s eyes, but the girls in the photo are as beautiful as her.

They are still young, akin to unripe fruits. Three girls, all with different types of beauty.

I feel like blood is gathering between my crotch.

“They’re really cute, Kaoru’s friend.”

“…Mou, Onii-chan is trying to cheatー”

Kaoru says so while swelling her cheeks, but her mood changes instantly as she’s kissed, she gladly entangled her tongue.

“Ara ara, Kaoru-chan is worried that Onii-chan would be taken away by a friend.”

Sayaka-san calls out to tease Kaoru.

“Don’t worry Kaoru, Kaoru is my only imouto. Kaoru and Kaoru’s friends, I will love you all together.”

“Ah! Onii-chan… if you say so… N…cum …!!”

After tasting Kaoru’s lips, I put my mouth on her modest breast and blame her secret place with my fingers. After getting a little passionate, Kaoru’s body immediately shook and reached climax.

Looking at her daughter’s appearance, “Ara ara”, Sayaka-san gently reaches out to my crotch. While Kaoru is resting, I’m going to bless her with my cock.

Looking at her, with a cut of the summer mandarin on her lips, “Ahhー” she gave an innocent gesture, or one from a nasty prostitute depending on how you look at it.

I rub her heavy boobs as I receive it from her lips. As I think of the upcoming beach outing, Sayaka-san happily take off my pants.

Well it’s summer after all…

Morning, we recieve the sunnny sunshine from early on.

When I went to the station with Kaoru, the girls are already there. Kaoru finds them and rush there excitedly. Her friends seemed to find her too and wave their hands a bit stiffly. They must have been feeling too excited about going to the sea, which raise their tension.

“Are you Kaoru’s friend? I’m her brother Koutaro. Thank you for always taking care of my sister.”

As soon as I enter the circle, “Ooh…” the girls saw me and stare at me hard, as if scrutinising me. I feel kinda ticklish.

One of the three girls have a short-cut with a cap on, tank top and hot pants. At a glance, one who looks like a boy rather than a girl. She greeted me cheerfully.

Her tanned thighs stretched out smoothly and dazzlingly.

“So you’re Kaoru-chan’s Onii-san? Nice to meet you! I am Tachibana Izumi, I.zu.mi. Please treat me well!”

(TN: Her name written in Kanji then hiragana)

A beautiful girl who looks more like a boy and not a beautiful girl is bowing down. She used ‘boku’ too… a type I’ve never had before.

Thanks for having me too, I replied her greeting. Quite a courteous girl, isn’t she?

The girl next to her steps forward, as if to replace Izumi-chan.

Her twin-tails immediately catches my eyes.

Short skirt with purple and black striped knee-high, with many accessories.

A gal.

She definitely looks like a gal.

She’s a loli gal.

The loli gal examined me from head to toe, carefully observing, then muttered in a tiny voice.

“…so cool”

“What? What did you say?”

“N-n-n-nothing! Hoshimiya Marika, Ho.shi.mi.ya Ma.ri.ka. You can call me Marika!”

Marika-chan, Nice to meet you, I replied. The loli gal goes, “Fufun”, for some reason seemingly proud of something.

And finally, a girl with braids gives her greeting.

“Umm… nice to meet you, Tsuzurigi Utako, U.ta.ko. I’ve heard a lot from Kaoru-chan… about her Onii-san, I’m glad you are a kind person…”

Utako-chan swiftly bows down with a really tiny voice.

Thank you for having me, I replied, and she jerks for some reason, then dropped her head down. She looks timid. I don’t remember having known someone like her…

Boku-girl Tachibana Izumi.

Loli gal Hoshimiya Marika.

Timid girl Tsuzurigi Utako.

These three people, me and Kaoru, six people.

…6 people!?

I called out to the last person.

“…Why is Shiori here?”

“…Hey! What a terrible thing to say…”

At that point, I turn my eyes towards the girl who stood beside Utako-chan who just get up after her greeting, with straight hair and glasses on.

Tsuzurigi Shiori.

(TN: The girl from chapter 22-24)

“Um… I heard from Utako-chan about going to the beach, and when I listened to it, I heard that her friend’s brother, Koutaro-kun, will be going too… and… then… I wanted to go with with you… too…”

As if trying to hide behind Utako, well, Shiori is bigger and not hidden at all, explains to me.

Or rather Shiori is Utako’s sister.

Indeed, they are very similar.

As I was scrutinising at the Tsuzugiri sisters, “Eh…” they both said, holding hands. They seemed to be startled.

“W-what should I do, Utako-chan. I wonder if Kotaro-kun is angry since I came without telking first…”

“I-it’s okay, Onee-chan… Koutaro-san, looks kind. He’ll surely understand…”

There’s nothing to ‘understand’, if they want to go, there’s no reason not to. But seeing the sisters looking at me holding hands like that, it feels like I’m threatening them.

Shiori is an indoor-type that doesn’t do anything much outdoors.

When I keep staring at them silently, the sisters began to tremble with tears in their eyes.

Suddenly, Loli gal Marika raise her hand and interrupt me, “Question, question!”

“Yes? Marika-chan?”

“Koutaro-kun, and Utako’s Onee-san are dating? At the beach even! Love love event!?”

Loli gal Marika asks me while looking desperate and uneasy for some reason. And she’s already calling me by name. As expected of a gal.

“No, Shiori is just a friend from the same class.”


When I say, “Just a friend” Shiori looks down with a shocked face, while on the contrary, Marika’s eyes seemed to shine and asks more questions.

“Then! Then! No one is dating Kotaro-kun!? You’re ‘free’?”

“Yes, that’s right.”


When I replied that there weren’t any, Kaoru looked down with a shocked face. Meanwhile, Marika is holding a fist and doing a guts pose saying “Yay! Chance!”

I secretly summon the remote controller and check Marika-chan’s parameters.


Etozawa Koutaro boost 3/3


Hoshimiya Marika【CONCEIVE・MODE】ON

Affection…■■■■□□□□□□ 35

Romance…■■■■■■■□□□ 71

Lust…       ■□□□□□□□□□ 8

Loyalty…   ■□□□□□□□□□ 5


…Romance value is high! Is this that? Love at first sight? With me?

I also checked Izumi-chan and Utako-chan’s parameters.


Etozawa Koutaro boost 3/3


Tachibana Izumi【CONCEIVE・MODE】ON

Affection…■■■■■■□□□□ 60

Romance…□□□□□□□□□□ 2

Lust…       □□□□□□□□□□ 0

Loyalty…   ■■■□□□□□□□ 32


Tsuzurigi Utako【CONCEIVE・MODE】ON

Affection…■■■■□□□□□□ 42

Romance…■■■□□□□□□□ 29

Lust…       □□□□□□□□□□ 2

Loyalty…   ■■□□□□□□□□ 23


Izumi-chan’s affection value is most likely due to me being her dear friend’s brother.

Utako-chan… I don’t know. Affection value is the lowest, but Romance value is moderate. She may only look nervous, while actually seeing me in good light?

Let’s stop there for the time being, let’s get on the train.

I approached everyone and pulled Kaoru and Shiori, who were somewhat gloomy, and headed for the ticket gate.

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