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Tachibana Izumi ①

(Beach and Girls Ⅲ)

The luxurious cottage is immediately visible from the place where we got off the harbor. Built less than a minute’s walk from the beach, it is a stunning Western-style building, coupled with a private pool, and it seemed like it would look nice on a picture postcard.

“Wow… amazing. Nice to finally arrive, Onii-chan.”

“Oh, this is amazing…”

Kaoru exclaimed while I gasp at the stunning location.

There is a cumulonimbus at the blue sky.

The white sandy beach have no footprints, the shallow sea is calm with a deep color, and the sound of the waves adds to the beauty of the site.

I look at the girls, everyone seemed to be amazed at this landscape.

We enter the cottage, change clothes, then go out to enjoy the beach.

…but before that, I summon the remote controller.

Previously, I played with the Loli Gal Marika-chan. Now, let’s play with the Boku-Girl Izumi-chan.

I press the hypnosis button on the remote controller toward all five people. The girls enters a hypnotic state in no time.

Then, first…

“Izumi-chan, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you…”

Izumi-chan answers me with dim eyes. I am satisfied with that, then I talked to the other four to make sure that they are in hypnosis mode, and speak to everyone about the “setting”.

“Okay now, I am going to announce the law on this island. It says, ‘Izumi-chan must touch me all the time.’ This is the law.”

I keep looking around at everyone’s faces.

“‘touch’ can be done anywhere, with her hands or feet. It is a physical contact. She can stay away for up to 10 seconds, but no more. You won’t wonder why, it is just like that.”

That’s it. Izumi-chan must be with me.

“This law last for 2 hours after I say ‘start’. She can leave after that, but before that, she have to maintain ‘touch’ state all the time. Do you understand?”

The girls nodded, saying yes to my ‘law’.

Ah, that’s right. Let me add this too.

“While the ‘law’ is in force, no matter how erotic I and Izumi-chan are, no one else can recognize that it as an erotic thing. Neither my erection, not the naughty voices she makes. However”

Then, I look at Izumi-chan’s face.

“Izumi-chan can recognize that it is an ecchi thing. Okay? Only Izumi-chan can recognize that it is ecchi.”

All the girls nodded obediently.

By the way, it is 10 am now. I wonder how I will play with Izumi-chan for 2 hours, until noon.

The interior of the cottage is decorated with fine furnishings and looks like a tropical resort hotel.

Both shower and jacuzzi are equipped. The refrigerator is packed with high-quality ingredients, and the senior members of the group, me and Shiori talked about the lunch menu at once, deciding on barbecue for lunch.

Izumi-chan is holding my hand all the time.

Her figure as she holds my hand tightly reminds me of my younger sister. Speaking of which, Kaoru look at me and Izumi-chan holding hands, and have a somewhat complicated look. Hahaha, do you feel that Onii-chan is taken away, Kaoru?

After reviewing the cottage, we drop off our luggage and go straight to the beach.

The girls move into the room to change their clothes… and I and Izumi-chan were left.

Yes, Izumi-chan can’t get away from me, so she have to change clothes with me.

“Umm… Onii-san”

Soon, Izumi-chan calls out. Her face is a little red when I look at her.

“Well, ‘Onii-chan’ makes me feel like a stranger. Call me by my name.”

“Eh, eh? But my Onii-san is older, so I can’t call you by name.”

“Then, how about ‘Senpai’? I’m also an OB at Izumi-chan’s school.”

(TN: OB- Old Boy/s – male former pupil/s of schools)

“Then, so… ah, Senpai. By the way, how do I, change clothes…”

Izumi-chan says this while holding my hand. She can’t stay away from me for the next two hours.

I laugh to re-assure Izumi-chan as we look at eack other.

“That’s right, let’s change our clothes.”

“Eh… eeh!? W-we are changing our clothes!? Here and now!?”

“What are you surprised at? I can’t leave Izumi-chan, so we have to change clothes together.”

Despite my words, Izumi-chan seems to be shy, “but…” she keeps saying that. I pat Izumi-chan’s head to re-assure her once again.

“Okay, I won’t think of anything weird even if I look at the nakedness of my Imouto’s friends. So, here. Hurry up, hurry up, take them off.”

“Kyaー! Ah, no! I, I can take them off myself!”

When I try to strip her naked, Izumi-chan resist in a hurry. Eventually, she reached out to her tank top determinedly.

“Ah, your eyes, can you close them…?”

“What is Izumi-chan saying from a while ago! I wouldn’t have any weird feelings to my Imouto’s friend!”

What are you taking a gentleman like me for!?

When I got angry, Izumi-chan groaned hard, and eventually, her eyes began to get a little teary saying, “But… it’s embarrassing…”

We are absolutely not making progress. I’ll add an extra setting to make it easier for Izumi-chan.


“Listen Izumi-chan. You like me to see you getting embarrassed. You get excited when you show me your nakedness and embarrassment. When you feel my gaze, you feel good. Get it?”

After saying so, I release hypnosis.

Well, how is it?

Izumi-chan, who is released from hypnosis, snaps back to reality and have a strange face, but when she felt my gaze, she blushed and eventually reach for her tank top.

“Ah, umm Senpai. I’m going to change clothes now… I’ll release my hand, so please touch my body during that time…”

“Yes, there is no helping it.”

I go in front of Izumi-chan and grab her tight waist under the tank top. What a smooth and nice skin.

Izumi-chan is taking off her tank top in front of me.

She have an androgynous appearance, but the bulge on her chest seems to be beginning to grow, she have on a pretty bra.

Then she put her hand on her back and takes the bra off.

She originally have fair skin tone. Her skin is tanned in the form of a school swimsuit, with a distinctly glossy brown/white border.

The size seemed to be the same as Kaoru’s? A discreet but well-shaped breast, and the top with pale cherry blossom colour, erected immediately, probably because of shame.

She feels when she is being seen.

“Haー I showed him… I showed my breasts to Senpai…”

Izumi-chan mutters while breathing a little roughly.

“How is it? I’m not feminine… it is not as much fun to see…”

“That’s not the case. Izumi-chan’s boobs are cute. They’re so beautiful.”

“Really…? I’m glad.”

Izumi-chan smiles happily.

Izumi-chan is implanted with a propensity to like being seen by me, and apparently wondered what I would think of her nakedness. Izumi-chan’s body trembles with pleasure as they receive my gaze.

She put her hands on the hot pants. She was hesitant for a bit, but eventually took them off.

“Wa, it’s embarrassing… but… eiiー!”

Izumi-chan’s cute striped panty. Her pussy is breathing behind that thin piece of cloth.

“Izumi-chan, let’s hurry up and go to the sea. Everyone should have changed their clothes already?”

“Ah, yes… N… okay… Ah, no… it’s leaking…”

At a distance of about 20 cm in front of me, Izumi-chan takes off her striped panty. A cute mound with a vertical slit is revealed.

The hypnosis of “You are excited to be seen by me” is working well, and an embarrassing thread stretches between Izumi-chan’s striped panty and the slit.

Not only could I see the pussy, she is so excited that I am able to see its wetness.

That makes her feel good. While trembling in shame, she releases rough sighs.

“Well then… swimsuit…”

“No, your swimwear is already good. Let’s go with this.”

I said so while staring at Izumi-chan’s pussy from the front. It is a beautiful pussy. It looks soft, obscene and tempting to touch.

“Eh, but…”

“Let’s go with this, okay?”

“…Sure, if Senpai says so…”

Izumi-chan replied with a trembling voice, while being aware of the intense gaze coming from me. She seems to be trying to suppress it, but her joy cannot be hidden and is plainly detectable.

“It’s okay, I’m not going to let Izumi-chan be alone. I’m also going naked. Would you please take them off?”

“Eh…? Ah, yes… -kusu-… Senpai is kind.”

To make it easier to remove, Izumi-chan hugs me while I have a ‘banzai’ pose. The feel of a naked girl.

Ah, that’s it. Izumi-chan hugged me because she can’t leave.

Izumi-chan takes off my T-shirt.

All the while, she have to ‘touch’ me, so she pushes her modest breasts as if hugging me while naked.

Izumi-chan who took off my T-shirt then works on my pants.

She undo my belt and take off my pants… Izumi-chan hardens at this stage. She closes her eyes with her hand on my pants, but she don’t move anymore.

It feels pleasurable to be seen herself, so she take them off, but looking at my nakedness, her shame seemed to be too great.

“Please, Izumi-chan. Hurry and take them off soon.”

“Uu… I understand… eiー!”

With her eyes closed, she pull my pants down at once. The momentum drags my trunks down as well.

-boron-, my cock is exposed in front of Izumi-chan. My cock is already erected from seeing the nudity and raw pussy of a boyish girl.

My cock is just in front of Izumi-chan’s face.

Izumi-chan, whose eyes are tightly closed, doesn’t seemed to notice it, so I push to let her cheek touch a bit.

The smooth soft touch feels good.

“…? Senpai, something is hitting my face… Hya~waaaaa!!!!”

“Ah, hey! You can’t stay away.”

Opening her eyes, Izumi-chan noticed that it is my cock that had been rubbing against her cheek, and she backs away with a surprised voice. But I and Izumi-chan have to be in contact with each other.

I grab Izumi-chan and hug her tightly.

Izumi-chan’s modest breasts, and the sensation of the smooth belly felt by the cock.

“Ah, I-I’m sorry! Fuwa~a~a~! O-on my belly… what is… touching… trembling… I feel it…”

Izumi-chan murmurs with a voice that seems to cry. I gently hug Izumi-chan to reassure her while stroking her head.

“Izumi-chan, is the first time you’ve seen a man?”

“I-it’s my first time…”

“I’m sorry, a man is like this when he sees a cute girl. I am so excited because Izumi-chan is so cute…”

There, there, I gentky stroke her head.

Then I rub my cock around her navel.

Izumi-chan is shaking and rattling, but my words worked, and her trembling soon subsided and she mumbles.

“This… excitement…? Senpai, because you looked at my nakedness, this happened…?”

“Aah… Izumi-chan is cute after all. It’s unavoidable for a guy to be excited when seeing a cute girl.”

“Cute… I am… cute…”

She softly mumbles.

Eventually, she raise her face and stare at me with glittering eyes.

“Ah, um! I’m embarrassed… but if Senpai is excited to see me naked, I’m glad… I think…”

“Why not?”

“I-it’s the first time I’m told that I’m cute. Tomboy, I’m often teased that…”

Her androgynous appearance is apparently a target for teasing. Many kids will be worried and jealous of it after all.

Izumi-chan is cute, very cute! The cutest! When I called her that as a test, “Hawawa…” she clings to me while getting all flustered.

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