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Tachibana Izumi ②

(Beach and Girls Ⅳ)

Cute Izumi-chan! Super cute! I hug her while calling her that.

Then, the little girl clings to me shyly, but still very happily, with a strange voice saying, “Hauu~…”

“Hey, Izumi-chan. I got so erected because of Izumi-chan. Why don’t you touch it a bit?”

While hugging Izumi-chan, I pointed at my cock that is erected, and she reaches out like a bug attracted by a lamp.

Her hand touches my cock timidly.

“Kya…! I-it moves…”

“Izumi-chan is too cute. I’m so excited. Go on, grab it tightly.”

“Ah… yes… it’s hot… and pulsing…”

Izumi-chan is getting bright red while she grips my cock curiously, fiddling it with her fingertips.

In return, I reach out to Izumi-chan’s boobs.

“Hyaa…! Senpai… there is…”

“It’s the ‘law’. We have to touch each other.”

“That’s right… I have to obey the ‘law’… n… there is… my ass…”

I play with Izumi-chan’s modest breasts and rub her soft ass.

When I ask her to move my cock like rubbing it, she started giving my cock a hand job with a -kosu- -kosu-, despite the awkward movement.

“Haa… it’s good, Izumi-chan. Cute Izumi-chan. I’m glad my cock is rubbed by such a pretty girl.”

“Senpai… it’s really hot… A-amazing… it’s trembling…”

Izumi-chan seems to feel from her breasts and ass getting rubbed. She unconsciously rubs her shaved pussy on my thighs. Her sigh is getting rough and she starts to pant noticeably.

“U… ku… It’s coming out, Izumi-chan!”

“Eh? Eh? Ah… kyaaー! S-something came out!”

I finally ejaculated because of Izumi-chan’s hand.

-buru- -buru-! white semen is fired and flies up to Izumi-chan’s boobs, and her belly and hands are stained too.

Have she never seen an ejaculation? Izumi-chan is surprised enough to have her eyes go blank.

“Fuu… it came out. Izumi-chan, this is semen. That is a baby’s essence.”


Izumi-chan suddenly turns red while touching the slimy semen with interest.

“Ah, uhhh… maybe, this would make a baby… S-senpai and my baby…”

“…Izumi-chan had never undergone health or physical education? You can’t have a baby without sex. Specifically, we can’t do so without putting this cock in Izumi-chan’s pussy and ejaculating it there.”

“Oh, is that so… ah, no. I know about fertilization but… I don’t know the specific method…”

So, she seems to know a considerable amount of sexual knowledge, or she’s rather dull instead? Well, the penis and vagina that appear in textbooks are anatomical drawings and are mostly unattractive.

Even if you show a cross section of the uterus or testis, it may be difficult to associate with actual sex. I also know how to make children from AV and erotic books, not school textbooks.

“B-but, it’s such a big thing… isn’t it impossible to put in?”

Izumi-chan says so while poking my still erect cock.

Looking at her pure, innocent, and naive look, a ferocious lust is born in my lower body despite having just ejaculated.

“It’s okay. At that time, Izumi-chan’s pussy will get really wet, and my cock will be able to enter.”

“…Hiaa! Ah, Senpai… there…”

I extend my hand touching her ass further and put my finger into Izumi-chan’s slit. I crawl my finger on the slippery pussy and blame the hard clitoris, and Izumi-chan moaned in my arms.

“Izumi-chan’s pussy is already getting wet, right? Maybe it’s enough… Shall we try it?”

“Eh? Eh? Senpai, wait a minute…”

“Here, do you see my cock? It’s going into Izumi-chan’s hole.”

“Eh… ah, no way… S-Senpai please wait… It’s too early… n…”

I grab Izumi-chan’s waist and put my glans to the entrance of the vagina hole.

The hole is wet enough to swallow the tip of the glans.

“Can you see? Izumi-chan’s pussy is happily kissing my cock.”

“No, no, Senpai… Ah, Senpai is… Wa, I’m embarrassed… but. Aah…”

The glans slip off soon after it met the wet vagina hole.

I just rub my cock against Izumi-chan’s pussy in intercrural sex. Then I move towards the sofa

With having a shallow connection, I and Izumi-chan entangle on the sofa and fall down while rubbed against each other.

We are in missionary position, as if to show off the scene of the cock and pussy kissing.

-kuchu- -kuchu- The glans and clitoris are getting rubbed while making a slopping squeaking sound.

My gaze captures all of Izumi-chan’s pussy, breasts, and shy face. Feeling that, Izumi-chan is also getting horny.

The androgynous handsome boy look is no longer there.

She have the face of a female who seeks a man on the sofa.

“Okay, okay. Here I go~o.”

“Ah, ah… S-Senpai…”

Izumi-chan looks like she’s scared yet expecting it as she takes the sight into her eyes.

The meat stick soon began to be swallowed, -zubu- -zubu-

At that time, the door to the room where the other girls were changing clothes opened.

“Koutaro-kun~n! I have kept you waiting!”

“Onii-chan, how is it? My swimsuit?”

“Koutaro-kun… how… is it?”

“Fuee~… embarrassing…”

Four girls came out, wearing colorful swimsuties.

What on the sofa, is my figure pushing a raging cock into Izumi-chan’s pussy right now.

“E-everyone! I-it’s different? This is…”

“Ohー have you finally changed your clothes? You took quite a while.”

The flustered voice of Izumi, and mine that is as relaxed as can be.

The girls are approaching in a carefree manner without pointing out the silliness we are in on the sofa.

After all, they were hypnotized too while I was enacting the Law so that what I and Izumi are doing couldn’t be recognized as something we shouldn’t.

Only I and Izumi-chan can recognize this as a bizarre thing.

They see me trying to insert into Izumi-chan, and they know what we are doing, but they can’t recognize that it’s a lewd act.

“Ahー I’m jealous Izumi! Flirting with Koutaro-kun. Aaーh, I wanted to do ‘law’ too.”

Loli gal Marika mutters enviously. “So it’s like that. I’ll play with Marika-chan later.” When I answered, she fidgets with a red face and look at me saying, “Promise…?”

The hypnosis on Marika where she ‘feels good when hearing my voice’ is still effective. Marika feels naughty just with my voice.

…What? Marika-chan puts on a pareo when she realise that she would get wet while wearing just a swimsuit. Mmmm.

“…Nn! S-Senpai… No good… putting in…”

I keep inserting while talking with Marika-chan. Izumi-chan’s virginity is being taken in front of everyone.

While giving a short compliment to everyone’s swimsuit, I rub Izumi-chan’s boobs and push trough the vagina hole that have never accepted a man.

Eventually, the glans is buried a little deeper, and Izumi-chan releases a painful voice.

Looking at the junction, blood is flowing out. It’s the blood from deflowering.

I summon the remote controller and raise Izumi’s parameters for lust. Lust value moves from around 60 to 90. Izumi-chan’s painful voice immediately turns into a moans, and the vagina hole seeks and tightens against me strongly.

“Hey hey, be quickー!”

“Onii-chan, the beach is beautiful! You should join us quickly!”

Argh! Really! Can’t help it then. Even though I’m in the middle of inserting it here.

I replied to the girls positively and pick up Izumi-chan who was in missionary position.

Ekiben position.

“I’m moving there. Can you open the door because my hands are occupied right now?”

“Nn~! Ah! S-Senpai… as we are… Fua…! Yaa~… Don’t move… no…”

Izumi-chan’s body is light and I have no problems moving.

When walking in the Ekiben-position, her insides gets sitrred and messed up. The stimulus causes Izumi to release a sweet voice over and over again.

The door opens to a summer paradise with dazzling contrast between the blue sea and the white sand of the beach appears.

Waー! I suck the summer air as I look at the back of the girls wearing swimsuits, and inserted my cock deeper into Izumi-chan.

Alright, let’s have fun!

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