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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 12

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

In front of me were the two remaining assassins.

One of them, confused by what happened, took a step backward.

The other one just stood completely still. Beneath his robe a scabbard was visible.

He held his sword near his waist.

(This guy…)

The one holding the sword gestured to his back. Soon the other followed the instructions and disappeared.

Instead of a 1v2, it was going to be a 1v1 it seemed.

The one with the blade took a step forward.

After a brief silence, he opened his mouth.

“You’re not going after him, right?”

“If you let me, I will.”

“Hmmm.. that’s not going to happen though.”

“As expected.”

“Uh… Teach?”

Iris seemed quite worried about what happened and opened her mouth.

I signaled to her to make sure that she stayed calm. I already defeated one of them – well, three actually.

Whatever the case, the one that stood before me seemed to have a different atmosphere from the rest.

“I was actually quite thrilled to fight with the “Swordsman Princess”, you know?

But now that I’ve finally met her, she just seems like a normal girl. Just finishing her off while she’s under the effect of the poison seemed rather dull…

But then you came along. That made me rather happy, lad. Finally someone worth fighting.”

“Is that a flattery that I have just heard?”


As he raised his voice, the assassin dropped his robes. He was wearing a gray-colored kimono.

His posture didn’t seem to be good though. As he was stroking his unshaved face he took the sword from his back.

“The name is Azuma Kurai. I am one of the “Swordsman Gang”

“The Swordsman.. gang?!”

As she heard this name, Iris seemed rather worried.

I too knew of this name. It was that of a mercenary gang that enjoyed killing people.

As long as they got money, they would kill any target. They were somewhat of a legend though.

And by that, calling him a “Swordmaster” is not something out of the ordinary.

“Oooh… You know that name, girl?”

“Of course. You guys have quite a reputation. I am -“

“Whatever. I don’t have the time to talk with you. My first arrangement is with the little master over there.”

“First arrangement you say. I don’t believe you’ve made  an appointment yet though.”

“Isn’t this great? We’re just waiting to see when we can cut the other down. While we talk, or after? 

When you breathe in, or out? Or maybe when you blink. Rejoice in the fear of death.”

“The fear of death you say. I don’t really feel that at all right now though.

“Good, very good. This could go on endlessly, right? But I really seem to be unable to keep myself from-“

That very moment, Azuma made his move. I wasn’t really planning to move from my spot though.

He pulled the sword that hung from his waist. It shined in silver.

Iai-Jitsu. It is one of the sword techniques warriors use. There was no more distance between us, it seemed.

The sword reached me. It was a sword made by infused magic. Seems like Azuma here uses the same technique as I do.

The atmosphere quivered. The trees rustled. As our swords clashed, an immense burst came to be.

It made Azuma step back.

“That was “Invisible”, right?”

“You knew just by looking at it?”

Our swords only clashed once, and Azuma already knew what my sword technique was.

“Not just by looking though. Also by listening, this sword technique-  It’s the same as the Swordmaster, isn’t it?”

“If you already know that much, then there is no need to be stingy about it, huh?”

It was my turn to make a move. 

I lowered my back and swung my arm. That was – The invisible blade. By infusing wind magic I created a blade with just wind pressure.

Normally speaking, this isn’t something that can be considered a sword though.

Mostly due to the fact that you don’t really see it since it’s wind and you don’t really hold anything either.

Whatever the case, I use a wind sword. It requires a lot of magic energy to conjure up and can be used for only a fraction of a moment.

It doesn’t affect anyone who’s too great a distance away.

That is what “Invisible” is – The sword technique that was one of Raul Izal’s specialties.

The few meters between me and Azuma are still, the sound of our swords clashing could be heard.

It wasn’t the sound of two metal swords clashing. It was the sound of a compressed bag exploding. 

With bangs, the two invisible blades would clash. The battle was settled not much longer after though.


With his wind blade, Azuma seemed to have scratched my cheek.

What cut Azuma’s body to pieces though, was my wind blade. Wind vs wind, blade vs blade. 

Clashing one to the other. The one that was triumphant was I.

Azuma fell to the ground not much longer after that.

He quickly got back onto his feet and sheathed his sword back in the scabbard. He was left with a ghastly look on his face.

But somehow he also seemed rather glad.

He found some form of happiness during the battle we had. Which was to be expected from one of the Swordsman Gang.

I didn’t really feel much for all of this though.

We just simply crossed swords with one another.

I cut away his sword and left him with a fatal wound. 

Though he had this wound, he still turned back and smiled.

“What do they call you?”

“Alta Schweiss. I’m a teacher at this academy since yesterday though.”

“Alta, huh? Thank you. To die by a wound like this. Hahaha- hahaha-“

Azuma left out an immense laugh before he fell to the ground. 

He seemed to be unable to move.


I let out a sigh of relief. I was a little worried right there.

It’s been a while since I had to focus on the fight at hand.

The Swordsman Gang. If there’s going to be more of them, I might break a bone or two during this bodyguard job.

But if there are others, then they might be after Iris as well too.

What’s more, it was just one of them this time around. If people like Azuma grouped up, then that will become quite the fight.

(I should really ask the captain for a salary raise…)

With quite the expression, Iris was looking over at me.

One of them got away, but this time it really couldn’t be helped. If I go after that one guy right now Iris might be in danger again.

It seems like the paralyzing poison is still in effect. Iris was standing there with her face cast down, she had little strength left.

I went over to her.

“My real power is something like that. I don’t really know what makes you want to fight me so badly, but you should now know what the extent of my power would be.


“Shall we turn back for now?”

I stretched my hand out to Iris to give her support.

She gripped it, but she still seemed to have quite the strength, especially for someone under the effect of a paralyzing poison.

“Thank you very much. Without you, they would’ve caught me.”


I opened my eyes in surprise.

After looking at my battle, she uttered those words.

(Is this girl for real?)

Completely surprised, I wasn’t able to actually reply to what she just told me.

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