Chapter 2

My Wish, Mom’s Suggestion Amy told her mother all about how, based on the memories of her past life, this was the world of an otome game, and her suspicion that she might be the villainess of said game. Her mother used to read web novels together with her, so she quickly accepted this information….

Chapter 1

Assessing the Situation What the hell…  “So I… transmigrated. What’s more in an ‘Otome Game’!?” Amy had just woken up in the canopy bed in her room. She covered her face with her hands as the memories from her previous life rushed through her mind. She’d finally gotten her first smart phone when she’d entered…

Chapter 0

Recollection There are some days that are good, and conversely, there are some days that aren’t that good.  This day was one of those not-so-good days for Amy Northland, daughter of Count Northland. First, her head had felt blurry ever since she woke up. She felt like it was because of the dream that woke…