Multiple Universes of Novels

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Multiple Universes of Novels

  • Chapter 88: We need to check

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    Xia Bo Jian needed to think fast. When he thought about the Investigation team in the first place, he was not aware that Lu Ping and others could interfere them. With the hands of the Investigation Commission, he wanted to target Chu Min, and then beat Yun Chong. He did not think at all that […]

  • Chapter 87: The investigation reason

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    “Hands off! “-said Su Tang. She was too concentrated with her level four Power of Soul. She couldn’t see that she was holding two fists-Lu Ping`s and one of Investigator`s. The inspector roared and tried to break free. In his opinion, it would be a piece of cake to catch Su Tang and others. However, […]

  • Chapter 2: Shui Qianyu

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    Chapter 2: Shui Qianyu “The Hell?!” Shen Huan said that angrily while punching the door. His fist got bruised! Damn it! It was too much! After a series of tests, Shen Huan finally understood when he transferred into this body, nothing good happened. His physical state in this body was awful! It was like he […]

  • Chapter 1: Welcome to the new world

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    Chapter 1: Welcome to the new world It had been almost an hour standing in front of the mirror. Shen Huan looked at this face that was obviously 10 years younger and still couldn’t believe it. To be precise, Shen Huan, who woke up after a sleep, passed the space-time barrier somehow and passed into […]

  • Chapter 86: An investigation

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    Chapter 86: An investigation “An investigation team!?” In the Dean’s Office, Yun Chong bounced off the seat after receiving the news. As the dean, he was more aware of the significance of this Investigation than the gatekeeper! These people wouldn’t visit a school without a cause! It was never a good thing to have an […]

  • Chapter 85: God speed

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    Chapter 85: God speed “It’s stupid…” sighed Chu Min. The way Lu Ping used was typical. If you couldn’t find the right way of cultivation, you should try one hundred, one thousand, and ten thousand repetitions to succeed. This was a simple way. It wouldn’t break through in an instant. To make progress, it was […]

  • Chapter 84: Gap Instance

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    Chapter 84: Gap instance “Concentrate your spirit, your imagination! Become a concept of the Sound of Soul Power yourself. An imagination is pure, does not contaminate any other concepts. Reject all other thoughts. Then……” POP! There was no then. The Qi sphere in Lu Ping’s hand had exploded again. He bitterly looked at Chu Min. […]

  • Chapter 83: Dangerous road

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    “Okay, the case is closed!” Yun Chong was tired and had a headache. Chu Min and Chen He were not easy to talk to, they were always acting arbitrarily. This is why he wanted to leave. “Such a bad time to be a Dean of Tian Zhao. Goddamn it!”-said Yun Chong while walking away from […]

  • Chapter 82: Wen Yan`s mentor

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    As Yun Zhong stopped everyone from arguing, Xia Bo Jian slapped the table and walked away from the library. He was walking out with a grim face and an anger in his mind. Luo Ting, the hardworking student, was accused in rape crime-SHAME!   Shame on him, and shame on Xia Bo Jian himself. It […]

  • Chapter 81: Killing for good

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    Xia Bo Jian could not hold his anger, neither his sadness any longer. His best student had been killed along with the other people supporting him. “Yes! That kid is talented!” “He has a good heart!” “Yeah. You are right” People were waiting for Chu Min`s reaction, but suddenly, Lu Ping started to talk: “Xi […]

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