Chapter 1: Talented and Useless

“Lu Ping, get off the bed and go to the class.”

“Sleep, five more minutes.”

“Let me help you up!”

Along with a crashing sound, sunshine illuminated the entire body of Lu Ping.

“Eh!” Next moment, a frightened shriek resounded throughout the skies and thoroughly smashed Lu Ping’s sleepiness to pieces. Su Tang, after having smashed the door already, snarled:

“What requires you to play naked while sleeping?”

“Why would sleeping naked have to require something?” Lu Ping finally stood up as he mumbled to himself. As soon as he stood up, the room, which was already narrow, immediately appeared to be even more congested. Lu Ping eyed the door smashed by Su Tang’s fury while picking up his clothes from the bedside.

Creak, creak….. the smashed door was tremblingly swaying. Lu Ping unbearably closed his eyes.

Eventually, the door dropped down and pathetically leaned against the wall

“Truly a monstrous woman.” Although Lu Ping lamented in his heart, he absolutely didn’t go towards the door. He loosely draped the jacket over his shoulders, pushed open the window, and jumped out just like that, being half naked.

Sky was blue and sunshine was glittering. Outside the cottage, there was a Flower Garden. It was emitting a peculiar kind of fragrance. Lu Ping walked inside the flower garden and looked in all directions. Eventually, his eyes shined.


Lu Ping happily walked forward, bent down, picked up the Flower Garden’s irrigation pipe, and shamelessly aimed it towards himself. Water drawn from the ice cold spring existing at mountain’s peak allowed him to be fresh and cool for the moment, and it also drove away the last bits of his sleepiness. After washing his face and rinsing his teeth, he threw the pipe away before he suddenly heard a shriek once again.

“Lu Ping !!!!!” In charge of Zhai Feng Institute’s twenty-two flower gardens, Gardener Mo Sen was furiously standing at the garden’s edge.

“Oh! It’s Mo Laoshi, you are quite early!” Lu Ping seemed completely unaware of the former’s anger.

“My Dormant Fire Lotus!” Mo Sen roared. He was a strong individual who had a total of seventeen Heavenly Layers added up through different layers of six souls. Moreover, he had also Linked Up Infusion’s soul. As he roared, his killing intent was even felt by the insects inside the Flower Garden. Countless frightened birds flew away from within the deep lush on either sides of the boulevard.

However, Lu Ping was assuming an appearance as if he was completely unaware of it. With astonishment written on all over his face, he asked: “ Where?”

“Under your foot….”

“Eh?” Lu Ping bowed his head and shifted his leg. Sure enough, there was a budding of Dormant Fire Lotus stepped on by him. The root of the Dormant Fire Lotus is a rare variety, and transplanting it from inside the water to the dry land is very difficult. However, at this moment, it was completely turned into a steamed bun by Lu Ping.

“Get lost.” As Mo Sen looked at that steamed bun kind of Dormant Fire Lotus, his heart ached deeply. He couldn’t even get angry. He hurriedly charged into the Flower Garden and knelt in front of the Lotus. Then, with great caution, he began to examine its stem.

“It’s not important. Right?” Lu Ping crouched his body and brought his head close. He seemed very focused.

“Disappear or die!” Mo Sen’s desire to kill was already at the limit.

“I will disappear.” Lu Ping immediately retreated. His vision fell upon the fumingly walking Su Tang who was walking straight in his direction. Lu Ping raised his hand to make a greeting.

“You….” Su Tang stared at him blankly. She couldn’t figure out, why would Lu Ping come in front of her against all the exceptions. But as her vision flew towards Quarter’s side and she looked at the wretched appearance of Mo Sen leaning on the ground with buttocks out, she instantly made the connection.

After firmly glaring Lu Ping for a moment, she quickly walked beside Mo Sen.

“Mo Sen Laoshi, he didn’t do it on purpose. Can I help with something?”

Mo Sen raised up his body. He was even unconscious of the mud on his body before he breathed a sigh of relief. The stem of Dormant Fire Lotus was unhindered. His anger also disappeared at last. After all, this kind of thing wasn’t happening for the first time. He truly was somewhat insensitive. If not for having his precious Dormant Fire Lotus being stepped upon, he might not have even bothered to get angry. On the entire road that Lu Ping used, this Dormant Fire Lotus wasn’t the only flower or plant that he’d messed up by stepping on it, but Mo Sen didn’t spare a single glance to the rest of them.

As far as Su Tang’s explanation is concerned, Mo Sen felt even more helpless. ‘That loathsome brat, of course, it wasn’t on purpose, he doesn’t have a single care in the world, why would he think of doing it on purpose? He is only a problem for Su Tang, this good child, she would still keep on fixing the blunders created by that worthless guy.’

It’s not worth!

Mo Sen feels that it was not worth for her. It was not only him, though. In the entire Institute, the only ones who would want her to be burdened by Lu Ping were the people who were jealous of her or her talent. ‘If there was no Lu Ping, if she could wholeheartedly cultivate, then going by her talent, her current realm….’

Eh? Realm?

As soon as Mo Sen thought till here, he was able to vaguely perceive something. As soon as he realized this, the power of Infusion’s soul Linked Up with the Excellence’s soul had already begun to circulate. A trace of bright light suddenly flashed in his eyes.

“Sixth Heavenly Layer? Strength’s soul, sixth Heavenly Layer! Your Strength’s soul has already broken through to the sixth Heavenly Layer?” Mo Sen’s words seemed like as if he had lost his reasoning.

Sixth Heavenly Layer, this was the peak of a single soul’s cultivation. Su Tang at present had just turned fifteen years and it had been three years since she started to cultivate at Zhai Feng Institute. However, she had already cultivated Strength’s soul up to the sixth Heavenly Layer. This, in the history of Zhai Feng Institute, was unprecedented. As for Mo Sen himself, he had attained the sixth Heavenly Layer realm in the Infusion’s soul. For the whole thing, it took him almost a time period of seven years. Even this would be considered outstanding compared to a lot of people. It allowed him to be proud of himself. However, now compared with Su Tang, he fell behind a lot more than just twice. Moreover, he could also remember that during that time he was cultivating single-heartedly. He didn’t have to pay attention to a bothersome guy like Lu Ping.

“Unbelievable! Strength’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer. You have unexpectedly attained it so fast.” After he watched Su Tang nod to confirm it, Mo Sen recovered his spirit from shock. At this very instant, he decided in his heart; this kind of outstanding natural aptitude and talent, he wouldn’t let it squander in front of his eyes.

“Su Tang, answer a question of mine.” Mo Sen’s expression suddenly turned very serious.

“Yes.” Su Tang was a little baffled looking at Mo Sen’s serious expression, but she didn’t let it show on her face and only showed her approval.

“If there was a day, your father and mother fell into water at the same time. You can only choose one, who would you chose?’ Mo Sen said.

Su Tang was surprised.

“I know you are an orphan. It’s only a conjecture.” Mo Sen said

“Can this question……”

“This question is very shameful, is it not?” Mo Sen stated. His vision turned and intentionally lingered on Lu Ping. “However did you ever think that in our lives, sometimes, we are subjected to such cruel alternatives. You don’t have a way out. You have to give up something. Hesitating or being ambiguous will only result in a much more unfortunate outcome.”

Give up, it’s cruel, but still must give up.

Su Tang knows what Mo Sen was suggesting. Ever since she’d entered the Institute, there have been far too many people including teachers and students advising her to maintain her distance from Lu Ping. Because he was a good-for-nothing and she was extraordinarily sharp. Lu Ping would be her burden, a burden which would grow more and more heavy.

‘But the truth is, you all are mistaken! Moreover, even if it was like your imagination I would absolutely never throw him out for my future.’

About this point, Su Tang didn’t have a shred of hesitation.

“From the moment you entered this Institute, your lives were destined to be different.” Mo Sen continued on. He deliberately didn’t lower his voice, rather he wished his voice to be heard by Lu Ping who was not too far away. He knew about the affection between Su Tang and Lu Ping; these two children were orphans who had supported each other from a very small age. Three years ago, Institute Dean brought them here when he returned from outside.

On the entire continent, there are about four hundred Institutes. Every single one of them is a cultivation learning palace capable of changing a person’s entire life. Institutes in itself have a very strict selection process. A person lucky enough to get in the whatsoever institute will strive hard. No matter what will be the final accomplishment, he is bound to push his life to new heights. But, Lu Ping was an exception. During the three years of him being in this institute, he failed to clear the Major Annual assessment two times and repeated the same grade for consecutive two years. At this date, he was still a first-grade student. According to the rules of Zhai Feng institute, students who fail to pass the Major Annual Assessment for the third time would be expelled out of the institute.

These rules of the institute were already very lenient. If it was any other strict institute, a guy like Lu Ping would have been expelled within a month. Now, the third Major Assessment was approaching, and Mo Sen, after Linking Up his two eyes with infusion’s soul, can make out that there wasn’t the slightest bit of possibility of Lu Ping’s body passing the assessment.

Lu Ping would be expelled out of the institute. And Su Tang?

His intuition already had an answer for him. If Su Tang was required to make a cruel abandonment, what she would abandon will not be Lu Ping. Mo Sen could already make this out from her eyes very clearly.

This makes him admire Su Tang even more. Although, he truly desires for Su Tang to be separated from Lu Ping, but if it was done by Su Tang herself, then he would be a bit disappointed.

Now, what he sees in Su Tang was not just talent and hard work, but also an excellent moral character.

He wished Lu Ping could also see this. He wished Lu Ping would carefully think about how much Su Tang was sacrificing for him. He wanted Lu Ping to think what could he do for the good of Su Tang.

Mo Sen turned his body and looked straight towards Lu Ping who was standing at the side of the pathway. Su Tang also realized that the words said by Mo Sen were completely meant to be heard by Lu Ping. Su Tang smiled and hid behind Mo Sen’s body. Then, she pulled off a sly face towards Lu Ping.

“En!” Lu Ping heavily nodded towards Mo Sen.

“Su Tang, Laoshi’s instructions, have you heard them or not? You must continue on with twice the effort, only then, when faced with such a shameful alternative, you would be able to make the perfect selection: To not give up, no matter what!”

Mo Sen’s expression turned ice-cold within an instant. Lu Ping’s that ‘serious about the matter’ face, for him, seemed no different than a devil. He was wrong, he was delusional about the character of Lu Ping. ‘He has already burdened Su Tang for three years without any sense of shame. This guy who only knows ‘to take but never to give’, has he already made a decision to die while being coiled around Su Tang? He wishes to survive on the basis of Su Tang’s destruction? He is a completely despicable shameless blood-sucking devil, a parasite.’

Killing intent!

This time, Mo Sen’s heart was truly twitching with desire to kill. This despicable fellow, did he truly think no one could do anything to him? No, That was only because everyone still had a bit of hope from him. Now, to Mo Sen, it seemed like lenient rules of the institute were completely a kind of waste on his body. ‘This kind of a scum, he has no need to survive.’

A little bit of killing intent that had leaked out was immediately suppressed. This time, it didn’t alarm the birds. .

Because this time, Mo Sen was truly determined. He was not just showing momentary anger. The killing intent was very quickly concealed by him. He didn’t intend to immediately set things in motion. For Su Tang, he was determined to cause Lu Ping to die in rather a credible way.

“All right, you can leave.” Mo Sen waved his hands, indicating two of them to leave.

“Mo Sen laoshi, from the window up to here, Lu…” Su Tang once again raised this issue.

“It can be discussed again after he is able to pass this year’s Major Assessment.” Mo Sen stated.

“OK. Thank you, Mo Sen Laoshi.”

Su Tang happily jumped out of the Flower Garden. Mo Sen watched her walking away up to a certain distance together with Lu Ping. Then, he turned around and looked at the Lotus which was now turned into a Steamed Bun by being stepped upon. He pointed towards it with his finger. The flower bud boiled from above the stalk. It only left behind an incision which was oozing out a fire like red-colored stalk juice. It felt like blood, soaking through the mud.

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