Chapter 10: Everyone’s Determination

“Hey, you are still not going?” As Lu Ping looked at Mo Lin, he truly felt somewhat helpless.

At the time of eating in the dining hall, this guy was beside him.

At the time of leaving the dining hall, he followed.

Now, Lu Ping was already preparing to go back to his quarter and this guy seemed to have come with the intention of ‘never leaving never betraying’, thus was eventually questioned by Lu Ping.

“Say something.” Mo Lin said.

“ There is nothing to say.” Lu Ping said

Mo Lin conveniently tossed out four questions in between casual conversation after he wormed his way into being friends together with Lu Ping and Su Tang.

“ How are you so formidable?”

“What is your realm?”

“ Where did you learn from?”

“Do you have some special blood vessels?”

Four questions, but he still didn’t get a single word worth of an answer. However, Mo Lin was not particularly angry. He continued to follow even after Su Tang left. And then, eventually, the fifth question also followed.

“ That night, what kind of person did you take me as?”

Mo Lin asked. When he carefully recalled the events that occurred on the night of his fight with Lu Ping; words said by Lu Ping while being stuck in the swamp region pretty much felt like a kind of probing. And Lu Ping was able to get some kind of message from his words. After that, he didn’t bother with him anymore. He just calmly left without doing anything even after Mo Lin sincerely attempted to take his life.

That hidden something was clearly extremely important. It could be even said that it saved Mo Lin’s little life.

However, he still didn’t manage to get the answer of this question.

“ Don’t feel like telling you.” As Lu Ping was saying this, he had already slammed the door and cut off Mo Lin outside.

“ Hey! Hey!” Mo Lin was knocking the door, but Lu Ping turned a deaf ear to the sound coming from outside and went to lie down on the bed the right away.

“ Hey! Hey!” This time, the sound was coming from outside the window. But, the window’s height was a bit too much. Mo Lin was only able to raise half of his head to the level of the window even after placing various supports under his legs.

“ My yesterday’s bricks?” Mo Lin muttered. Yesterday he brought two bricks with him to act as supports for his feet. At the time of running away, naturally he didn’t consider carrying them back. At present, who knows where did those ended up. He looked all around him but wasn’t able to find them.

“ Get up! So many questions, at least answer me one of them!” Mo Lin was speaking from outside the window but his sound was not loud. His thinking was, I’d better watch out the gravity of the situation. Lu Ping, a person as formidable as him is seen as a garbage at such an ordinary courtyard. It must be for a reason, or, it might even be trouble. He can’t just casually leak out the things which Lu Ping wants to hide. He is an assassin, it’s his nature to defend secrets.

“ Hey! Hey!” Mo Lin was still shouting, but Lu Ping who was inside refused to pay any attention to it. Mo Lin intended to climb and enter inside. But there was no one to help or no bricks to serve as support. It was impossible!

Mo Lin was anxious. Not far away, there was someone who was even more anxious than him.

Xi Fan, he had come all alone to monitor Mo Lin. He didn’t dare to get too close. Because from the information he obtained, this Lin Mo has not only attained sixth Heavenly Layer in Pivot’s soul, but his Sound’s soul is also at third Heavenly Layer. With such an exceptionally keen hearing sense of the other individual, Xi Fan was unable to get too close.

However, this was making things difficult for him. Sound’s soul, this is what Xi Fan lacks in most. He hasn’t even attained the first Heavenly Layer. Thus, his hearing sense was not much better than the ordinary people. At this moment, although he was able to watch distant Mo Lin saying something to Lu Ping, but was unable to hear a single word. It was making him indescribably anxious. He had no choice other than to carefully observe Mo Lin’s movements and expressions. Being at third Heavenly Layer in Infusion’s soul, he was able to see Mo Lin’s every moment and expression as clearly as if all of it was happening right in front of his eyes.

He was very pressing and his expression was full of curiosity. He seemed to have extreme expectations….

The third layer of Infusion’s soul coupled with the sixth layer of Essence’s soul allowed him to determine Mo Lin’s frame of mind through his movements and expressions to an extremely precise extent.

Xi Fan, who always looks dead serious, who seems like might snap at someone at any movement, not many people would expect that he is actually a proficient Perceiver of Essence’s soul. Essence’s soul is the sixth soul and is also the most complex soul. It includes an individual’s mentality, attitude, state of mind and whatnot things. The individuals who are proficient in Essence’s soul are generally the individuals with an exquisitely dextrous frame of mind. And Xi Fan’s first impression definitely won’t allow people to think that way.

But the facts speak louder than the words.

Xi Fan’s Essence’s soul truly is in the realm of sixth Heavenly Layer. Moreover, he has even combined the sixth Heavenly Layer of Vitality’s soul with the third Heavenly Layer of Infusion’s soul to a fairly good extent. Such a fine skill to use one’s perception, everybody in Zhai Feng institute is quite optimistic towards him. The only regret is that Xi Fan in using sound’s soul is too mediocre. If this wasn’t the case, if he was able to make good use of Sound’s soul, then by his skill in making use of perception, he might have been able to train into “Mind Reading” ability at the time of Linking up of his Essence’s soul. It is evaluated as fifth level ability. However, many people believe that practical use of this ability is even above sixth level abilities.

It’s truly a pity….

Teacher’s in Zhai Feng institute would often lament due to this fact. However, Xi Fan’s future is still something that people would look forward to.

However, Xi Fan doesn’t feel like this, because everything he has learned has never been useful in front of Lu Ping. His so called talent is completely useless on the body of an individual who is referred as rubbish by everybody. It is so bad that at present, the has to stoop as low as to watch over other people in order to dig out some information about him.

After analyzing the frame of mind of Mo Lin, Xi Fan was completely sure that there definitely is something between Lu Ping and him that could be unearthed.

Continue to observe!

Xi Fan quietly concealed himself and continued to observe.

And Mo Lin, after he was unable to get any sort of response even after putting in a great effort, he had to eventually get down. However he didn’t leave at this point, rather he decided to wait for his opportunity outside Lu Ping’s quarter.

Thus as a result, Mo Lin under the ledge of the building enduring scorching sun and Xi Fan inside the lush constantly watching out for mosquito bites, decided to wait. Both individuals didn’t have any thoughts to give up easily.

One hour, Two hours, Three hours….

Sun gradually turned towards west. After enduring scorching sun for the entire afternoon, Mo Lin was drenched with sweat. Inside the grove, there were a lot of swelled up places on the body of Xi Fan. There wasn’t a single movement from inside the quarter, Lu Ping unexpectedly didn’t come out for the entire afternoon. Actually, he was just like a corpse lying on the bed. Many times Mo Lin even suspected, if he is actually dead due to being stabbed by the poison needle from yesterday. However after checking from outside the window, everything would turn out to be normal. .

However, in the end, he realized that Lu Ping is trying to wear down his patience by remaining silent. Making him give up.

“ Hey, Hey. I will definitely not give up. I am an assassin.” There was no response to his words from inside. Not far away, Xi Fan was also observing Mo Lin. Although he couldn’t make out Mo Lin’s words, but from Mo Lin’s expression, he was able to see his determination to not give up.

Again two hours passed in a flash.

Blazing sun has already turned into the evening sun.

“ Hey, you are not gonna eat?” Mo Lin leaned forward at the window’s edge and shouted.

“Should I go and buy you a cake?”

“ Oh! Su Tang brought you food.”

Still no response. The only thing that Mo Lin was sure about was, Lu Ping is not dead, he is still living.

Mo Lin didn’t know what to say anymore. He continued to sit under window’s ledge.

Eventually, the sun completely set behind the mountains and moon came into being above the trees. But it was quickly covered up by black clouds. Today’s night was a little blacker than even yesterday’s night. However, there were still a few rays of light shining below from behind the clouds. From the perspective of Mo Lin who is at the second layer of Infusion’s soul and Xi Fan who is at the third layer of Infusion’s soul, this little bit of light was sufficient nonetheless.

Xi Fan had already begun preparations for a night shift. However, Mo Lin decided to give up after keeping watch for another three hours.

He wasn’t lacking willpower, but he didn’t possess the body to go with it. At this moment, Mo family’s blood vessels were dragging him down.

“ Hey Hey!” He shouted one more time from window’s edge. “ I am going back to sleep. Can’t continue anymore. I was up whole night yesterday.” He truly was up yesterday night. The first half of night, he was up so as to kill Lu Ping and the latter half he couldn’t lie down since he was unable to do so.

“ I will come again tomorrow.” Mo Lin conveyed his determination through words this time.


Xi Fan inside the grove was surprised. Although Mo Lin seems very tired, he doesn’t look like having any intentions to give up. It was hard to imagine that this time he truly stood up to leave.

Could it be Lu Ping said something to him?

Since his hearing is lacking, Xi Fan was afraid that he missed out on something important. Up to now, his gains were truly lacking. He was only able to conclude that Mo Lin is truly determined. This made him much more desirous to know the cause. After all, what he finally wants to grasp is information related to Lu Ping.

Follow again. Should observe a little more…..

Not daring to follow too close, Xi Fan only watched Mo Lin’s position clearly. Only after he walked away quite far, did Xi Fan slowly came out from the grove and followed him.

Once again a night without single gain.

Mo Lin was sighing and shaking his head. But he was still very carefully and cautiously avoiding the plants and flowers which were grown by his uncle Mo Sen with his utmost care.

A soft sound echoed in Mo Lin’s ears. He was tired, but his exhausted state didn’t cause his Sound’s soul to lose its sharpness.

It was the sound of footsteps, deliberately concealed footsteps, however still managed to step on a small patch of dried leaves.

The third layer of Sound’s soul can decipher the details present in the sound up to a fairly good extent.

“ Who is it?”

Mo Lin was already on alert. He doesn’t believe it to be Lu Ping. Because, Lu Ping wouldn’t need to sneak around like this.

“ Hehe, third Heavenly Layer of Sound’s soul is not be underestimated. Just one individual was not careful and we got detected by you.” A gloomy voice sounded and changed the complexion of Mo Lin. He was already aware who did this voice belong to.

“ Heh! Never expected you to run to an institute like this. Only, you even more didn’t expect us to chase after you up to here, huh?” As the gloomy voice was speaking, silhouettes were already gradually emerging out of darkness.


When Mo Lin heard this word, his complexion turned even more unsightly.

Because he was clear who was the owner of the gloomy voice, even more clear that if it was ‘Us’ then his chance of survival has turned much more grim.

But he won’t just give up like this.

Mo Lin was carefully perceiving the whereabouts of other individuals and at the same time he was also moving his fingers.

“ Don’t move!” This tiny bit of movement was already detected by the opposition. Another voice sounded to warn him.

“ Although your body is nothing, we are completely aware that your methods are very troublesome. You’d better not move.” The previous voice continued.


What better? Life is hanging by a thread. What better result will not moving produce? Live for another minute?


Of course, I am going to move. Not just move, I will even yell!

He moved his left hand towards leather bag inside his clothes and thrust it inside at a lightning fast speed. As he did, blood splattered. This move as expected didn’t turn out to be good. The dark dart thrown by the other person struck him right in the middle of his left arm. In an instant, splattered blood soaked the poison powder he was about to grab and turned it into a paste.

Mo Lin screamed, and within the scream he was able to add two words: “Help me!”

His ‘help me’ was very quick. It didn’t felt like he was shouting in order to alleviate his pain, rather it felt like it was a precaution. As if this yell in itself was a sneak attack carried out in order to avert the attention of attackers.

However, he still failed in the end. His yell was just about to spread out, then as if knocked against something, it got distorted then it’s magnitude was brought down and finally it completely disappeared.

His voice got shattered.

This was not a kind of new experience, though. Mo Lin knew that there is a person among his attackers, a Linked One of Sound’s soul. Although his ability is only considered to be of the second level, in some specific situations, it is extremely useful.

For example now, Mo Lin’s final attempt, his cry for help was eliminated by him.

He was pretty hopeless. In fact, this glossed over cry for help was one of his major moves.

However at present, he completely failed.

“ Go Die!” Other person didn’t intend to chat much with him, this was clear from the positions of both the parties involved. Mo Lin is an assassin, so are they. Both of their parties always linger about kill and get killed.

It’s just that, today they get to live and the one dying is Mo Lin. They firmly believed this point. A cold ray flashed and went straight for Mo Lin’s head.

Mo Lin wished to dodge but he was just not good at making movements. Moreover, he was dead tired. Right now he wished to sleep, who could have imagined that this time he would be sleeping so thoroughly.

Mo Lin sighed, he didn’t give in. He is an assassin, he needed to comprehend the feeling of getting killed. However at this moment, a shadow rushed in at a very fast speed.. By the wave of a hand, the cold light that was aiming for the head of Mo Lin was knocked aside.

The shadow was defending the front of Mo Lin, allowing him to feel a burst of excitement.

“ Who is it?” The other person softly shouted.

“ Discipline Squadron, Xi Fan.” The shadow said.

“I am leaving!” Mo Lin was extremely disappointed.

“ What’s with your attitude?” Shadow didn’t turn its head, but it was clearly dissatisfied with Mo Lin.

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