Chapter 10: Same Realm Invincible!


a gust of wind could be heard blowing, flower petals scattered across the sky the beautiful scenery would be perfect were it not for the large crater in the ground and the trees that looked as if they’ve been assaulted by a large storm.

Covered by a strong haze, a female form could be seen, this form seemed to be the most perfect outline as if she was carved by an immortal sculpture, most noticeably was her piercing green eyes, her gentle vision seemed as if it was taking pity upon all the worlds creatures.

Standing surrounded by a pool of blood a sigh could be heard from her, it was the immortal ancient tree!

” Child, you’ve managed to wound me this time impressively, but it still isn’t enough win” The immortal ancient tree chuckled

“I wouldn’t rejoice so quickly,” Fang Tien said with a smile, his pupils rapidly deducing the surroundings golden light spewed forth from his eyes, his vision covering each inch of their surroundings, faintly he could see threads of green qi extending from the forest and nourishing the ancient immortal tree body, it seemed as if the forest was an extension of her QI.

“I’ve seen through your ability, you’re using the vitality from the forest to heal you, it’s not true infinite regeneration, which means you can be killed,” Fang Tien said with a smile

“boom!” an explosion rang out as thousands of flower petals that covered the sky rained down upon Fang Tien

“Bang!” huge cracks spread across the ground, whenever a petal missed Fang Tien the ground would suffer an immense assault of petals.

As each petal rained down in the thousands, Fang Tien calmly walked through them without suffering any wounds, it was as if he would choose the most perfect spots to walk where the petals would miss him by a hairs length.

His Calm posture made one think that the past Deity eyes elegant demeanor Reappeared in the world, his long flowing black hair and self-confident smile, gave him the appearance of being aloof as if regardless of what happens he would never lose.

With radiant golden light flowing from his pupils while surrounded by thousands of flower petals, it was almost as if a living Deity reappeared in the world, his aloof makings, and star-shaped purple pupil made him seem otherworldly as if he didn’t belong to this mortal realm.

“what if you couldn’t move?” The immortal Ancient tree chuckled, her voice sounding as if it was the sound of nature.

“rumble, rumble” suddenly vined grew from the forest as they rapidly approached Fang Tien, heading straight for his legs!

“Oh?” Fang Tien said calmly with a self-confident smile

he seemed to just ignore the incoming vines as he continued walking calmly forward, flower petals creating small craters around him, his long black hair flowing freely behind each step.

“Tzzzz!” a burning smell could be smelt as the vines tried to approach Fang Tien’s feet, the golden radiant light was acting as a protective shield! the aura seemed to burn the approaching vines as they got within a hairs length.

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