Chapter 100: Gifts!

Inside the Hut, a spatial tear had appeared as the golden blood fell through it, before quickly zipping through the air before being absorbed back into Fang Yimu’s forehead.

As the blood vanished inside Fang Yimu her eyes opened quickly as she gasped for breath, as if she had held her breath in underwater and could finally breathe fresh air.

As she quickly gathered her thoughts her breathing returned to normal as her composure was restored, her angelic haloes and beautiful facial features had vanished as her soul returned to her body.

Shortly after she regained consciousness Fang Tien was awoken, his mind steady as he felt that he was only out for a split second.

“I’ve both succeeded and failed in my search.” Fang Yimu’s voice reverberated inside Fang Tien’s ears.

Seeing her lack of energy Fang Tien wasn’t sure if he should be excited or not.

“While I’m unable to fully explain now, at a later time all will be cleared, this drop of blood contains my memories of what I saw, it will automatically de-archive itself once your rank is high enough.”

A drop of crystal clear red blood jumped from Fang Yimu’s forehead as it glided through the air and into Fang Tien’s palms.

“Accept it within your body as it will bring no harm, it can also be considered your first official gift from me as your master, this blood will also serve as a form of protection when in need.” Fang Yimu said softly.

Fang Tien scanning the blood with his eyes saw nothing amiss, as he allowed it to be absorbed inside his body like a stone being dropped into a vast sea it quickly vanished.

As she watched Tien, Fang Yimu’s mind couldn’t help but wonder as she thought of the young version of Fang Tien she had seen, confirming the world the ancient immortal tree spoke to her.

After she had visited the Du Clan she had quietly visited her old friend the ancient immortal tree, of course, she was one of the few persons in the mortal realm that knew of her true body as they’ve known each other for thousands of years.

Thinking back to the conversation caused Fang Yimu sighed lightly.

“You’ve accepted Fang Tien as your student?”

“Yes, because of his Fang bloodline, his talent but mostly because I sensed your aura on him.” Fang Yimu said.

“Oh, I heard you’ve been asking about his mother? it would be normal if you knew nothing of her as she would be considered young by your races standards.”

“This should be said to you as he will be under your care for the foreseeable future, I can’t hold back my ascension for much longer and fear that I’ll be unable to see him grow.”The Immortal Ancient tree sighed.

“I’ve heard no news of his mother and even her name is unknown to the elves I’ve asked, how is that possible for a royal princess?” Fang Yimu muttered.

“It’s simple, the elven royal family has a strict imperial order handed down listing all topics on her as taboo, after all, they feel that she’s brought them a great shame as she was supposed to marry the current Du Clan’s patriarch, to signify a stronger union between our two clans, and from their bloodline mix a Godchild nurtured by both clans would be born, sadly she broke her vow and fell in love with the younger brother, widely considered to be a waste and a womanizer.”

“I see nothing has changed with my clan’s way of doing things.” Fang Yimu said.

“that’s not all, as if fate was playing tricks upon them she carried triplets, each with bloodlines pure enough to be inheritors, comparable to yours, whats more was her pregnancy lasted a hundred years before she was ready to give birth, of course, due to how pure their bloodlines were the elven royal family became enlightened as one of them was purely elven, sadly their celebration was short lived.”

“Short-lived? how?” Fang Yimu asked.

“Shortly before birth the other two twins were absorbed by one, leaving behind a single child of mostly the Du Clan’s bloodline, this infuriated the Fang family which lead them to attempt to kill

Fang Tien at birth out of anger and shame, of course, they failed or else he wouldn’t be alive today.”

the immortal ancient tree said.

“Master, I’ve done it, what now?” Fang Tien said, his voice awakening her from her deep thoughts.

Looking at Fang Tien a smile appeared on her face,” I have two more gifts for you, light elemental cultivation manuals!”

As Fang Yimu said this two cultivation manuals appeared in front of Fang Tien as they hovered in the air.

“Purity of the body and Impenetrable great shield?” As Fang Tien read these names he was still confused as to what these manuals were about.

“Right, purity of the body is my homemade cultivation method, as most light elementals chose to be magus I had to develop my own warrior way. Light elemental has natural healing properties and as such light magus are mostly healers, but as a warrior by fusing the light element with your flesh and bones it increases your bodies regeneration, at my level it could be said to give one an undying body as most physical wounds that I sustain are automatically healed quickly.”

As she said this a knife appeared as it swung onto her hands, cutting a finger off, in a split second of it being cut new bones and fleshed forming a new finger was made, as the previous finger dissolved into balls of light and absorbed by her hands.

“Amazing, you can regenerate even limbs?” Fang Tien looked in amazement.

“Yes, while light warriors and magus aren’t known for our attacks our strong supportive skills and defense allow us to survive in almost every situation.”

“The second ability is known as Impenetrable great shield and allows you to protect yourself with a

barrier made of light, this barrier only covers your body but its defensive properties can block one attack from someone one rank higher than you!” While Fang Yimu said this her body glowed with a golden shade as light elemental force covered her whole, appearing in the form of a golden armor that covered her entire body and face she making her look as if she was a knight.

With these you should easily win your exams, Fang Yimu said as she smiled softly, her complexion pale.

“Master are you ok?” Fang Tien asked as he could see Fang Yimu’s internal flow of Qi seemed to be in a chaotic state.

“I’m fine, just a bit tired, I’ll leave you alone to cultivate.” As Fang Yimu said this she vanished quickly from the hut appearing inside her mansion, as she weakly walked to her bed a mouthful of blood was coughed up as she went to lay down, her body surrounded by a strong light elemental shield as she rested.

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