Chapter 101: Dreams

Was master really fine? her internal state seemed to be completely chaotic..

As Fang Tien thoughts wondered on his master his hands slowly uncovered the cultivation manual.

“Purity of the body” could be seen inscribed in a large bold text, as Fang Tien looked at this manual he could hardly hide his excitement as the thought of an undying body intrigued him.

As Fang Tien opened the first pages of the cultivation manual the first instruction could be seen.

“Purity of the body, as the name suggests this cultivation technique is heavily meditative dependant, the effects varying and dependent on how high one’s light elemental affinity is, of course with enough work a common light user can hope to achieve great things.”

“This technique seeks to improve one’s body and cleanse it of all impurity, providing a natural resistance to harmful properties such as poisons and other negative alignments, through this I am to

provide a better practice path for light warriors and my future disciples.”

Reading these words Fang Tien could feel the hope and expectation contained inside them.

“This must be masters writing.”

As he flipped towards the second page a diagram and pictures could be seen of a figure seated cross-legged, this picture depicting how one should begin the fusion stage of their light element and the human flesh and blood.

Looking at the images Fang Tien quickly figured out how to attempt it, as he sat crossed-legged with his eyes closed his mind began focusing on sensing the light elemental essence around him.

In the vast world elemental essence could be found everywhere, but like a loyal dog, elemental essence would only be attracted to those with an affinity to it, due to Fang Tien’s high elemental attribute where it would take common cultivator hours to reach a deep meditative state while summoning their element it was almost instantaneous for him, this showed the large gap between

common cultivators and geniuses.

As Fang Tien focused elemental light particles began surrounding him, these particles floated within the air, if someone were to look at Fang Tien’s current state it was as if he was surrounded by dozens of fireflies, as the particules increased in number a warm feeling of comfort overcame him.

The feeling of being surrounded by ones natural element provided a comfort and sense of security greater than any other, this is why elemental creatures natural habitats complimenttheir elements, a great fire lizard can easily be found in a volcano, but in a forest? tough chance for such a find, it would be the same as finding a peerless beautiful princess or handsome prince in one’s bed after a drunken night.

As these elemental particles of light surrounded him Fang Tien attempted to guide them towards his body as if his body was a bottomless pit the elemental light essences flowed in endlessly and effortlessly, this was only particularly because of his high light attribute but mostly because of his Fang bloodline, as ones affinity with an element didn’t dictate how easily a person could absorb said element, only how easy one could sense and gather it.

It was as if a fisher man found a massive spot with hundreds of fishes easy for the picking, without a proper large net to contain them all it wouldn’t be as effective catching them with a small net.

“This seems easier than I thought, now I just have to guide these essences to fuse with my body and blood, the hard part begins now!” Fang Tien thought aloud as he slowly, the light elemental essence was absorbed by his body, and even his blood, but this was the opposite of what Fang Tien wanted, as he attempted again the light essence flowed mutually within his body, rather than being absorbed the two mutually coexisted.

As the light essence seeped inside his body, already effects of his muscles tightening could be felt, while these effects were drastic Fang Tien could feel slight improvements already, this process of guiding the light essence within his body continued for hours, and as the hours flew by before one would notice they had turned into days.

Fang Tien had thought this technique would be simple to learn but the process of the matter was completely different, as the reality was even with his high elemental attribute this technique proved to be time-consuming, after a week of training it Fang Tien had made little progress past his initial first stage, his body internal organs had been strengthened and his muscles more firm but he felt as if he was still far away from being able to regenerate a limb much less basic recovery.

As Fang Tien’s eyes opened, while his body felt energized and refreshed, his mind was exhausted as the strenuous effort of guiding each light essence within his body had taken a toll on his mind.

“It’s night?” As Fang Tien looked around the sounds of breeze brushing against his small hut could be heard as the midnight moonlight reflected off his floor, shining through the gap in his door, Fang Tien realized that no one had closed the door, as he was too focused on his new cultivation methods!

As Fang Tien sought for the pleasure and warmth of a bed his mind quickly drifted off as it took but a minute for him to doze off.


As Fang Tien eyes opened, awaken by the sound of birds singing a strange world appeared within his sights, as the tall tree’s and various flowers surrounded him, these flowers seemed planted by giants as one flower made him feel as if he was extremely short as they towered over him.

“Hello! why are you sleeping on my friends?” an immature voice resonated.

As Fang Tien turned around a small girl seeming 12year old in appearance appeared within his sights.

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