Chapter 102: Mysterious Garden

Within Fang Tien’s ears, a pleasant sound resonated, “who!?” as Fang Tien turned quickly around

a child appeared within his sights, this child seemed different in nature as her slightly pointy ears reminded him of the Fang Clan, most noticeable was her back, which carried a small miniature white wing, as if matching her pure innocence this white wing fluttered elegantly.

A strong light force followed her every movement as Fang Tien could see the essence of light vibrating with each slight movement of her wings, Fang Tien had once read about this phenomena, as something that false law magus and closely attuned individuals are capable of, at such a level a slight movement or thought was all that was needed to command one’s elemental force.

Seeing it was a small child Fang Tien smiled as he relaxed,” am I sleeping on your friends?”

With teary eyes and a reddened cheek and a bit of anger she replied, ” Yes my friends, you’re on

Timmy, Jimmy, Linny, and poor Winny!”

As she said this she pointed downwards to Fang Tien’s buttocks, looking down he could see that he was indeed on something but they were just small plants!

Seeing this Fang Tien was reminded of his own childhood and his friends, mostly being plants and trees!

With an apologetic look Fang Tien quickly stood up, “I’m S-“

“I can BREATHE!” A loud gasp was heard behind him, stopping him midsentence as one of the plants began talking as they wiggled.

“Rude child! you almost killed us and our poor sister!” a dandelion flower shouted angrily.

“You can talk?” Fang Tien asked in surprise, while he had seen these type of flowers before it was rare if not impossible for them to gain sentience.

“Not for long if you had your way, If I wasn’t such a benevolent flower I would have pricked you!” the dandelion said.

“Prick me..?” Looking at this flower Fang Tien expression grew strange as it had nothing to attack him with.

“Yes prick you, right in the ass!”

“Jimmy stop!” A shout could be heard from the little girl as she ran over, her hands held out as the group of flowers gathered around her, a light radiance surrounding them as the light essence within the nearby area gathered towards her hands, like moths flying towards a ball of light the elemental essences of light flocked around her, seemingly eager to be used.

“Healing magic, are you a magus?” Fang Tien asked.

Hearing his words her small head tilted as she looked towards him with a questioning look, “Magic, Magus…what’s that a food?” she replied in a confused tone.

“Food? don’t you know what a magic is? what do you call what you’re doing?”

“I’m a nurse!” she replied, her pearly white teeth shining as she answered with a big grin.

“Yes, a fine nurse, the best nurse in our family.” Jimmy the dandelion said.

A nurse? whats a nurse, and where is this the more they talk the stranger this environment seems, what a strange dream I must have overstated from practicing too vigorously…

“Big brother, where did you come from? this is the first time I’ve seen a plant that’s the same type as I am.”

“Plant? We’re not plants..what type of things has this dandelion taught you, are you the only one here..where is here?” Fang Tien asked.

“I am a plant! I’ve been one since I was first formed in this great garden..Jimmy says our home is called the Garden of Eden.”

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