Chapter 103: Garden of Eden

With his eyes looking at her complete body Fang Tien noticed something was off.

Despite his hyper-focused vision and ability to see the finest details of a person, his eyes even allowing him to view their internal body structure.

While on the outside and to a normal eye she seemed like any normal young child, with his Du Clan eyes activated Fang Tien could see that her internal-body lacked any organs or even a heart, it was as if she was made up completely of a special essence, as if she was a soul.

Seeing this Fang Tien’s brows furrowed as he became lost in thought.

“Big brother, what’s wrong?” A soft voice resounded near Fang Tien’s ear, this voice sounding as if it was directly next to him.

“Mhmm?!” Startled Fang Tien looked down to see her right next to him, her small frame and big pearly blue eyes reminding him of a cute pet cat that was popular with noble daughters.

But what really startled him wasn’t her cuteness, but rather the fact that she had managed to successfully sneak up onto him, even in a distracted state he would have normally detected someone getting this close.

“…Big brother?, Do you have a name? you can call me Fang Tien.” Fang Tien said with a smile, as he felt an inexplicable and strange closeness to her becoming friends seemed natural to him.

“A name? I don’t have one.” her face starting downwards as she said sadly.

Looking at her small frame and small white skin, Fang Tien thought the name little-white was perfect!

“I’ll call you Little Bai.” Fang Tien said.

“My name…is Little Bai!” as she repeated this her small legs took off as she ran towards the dandelions, “Look, Timmy, Jimmy, Linny, and Winny! I too have a name now hehe!”

Seeing her happy expression a heartfelt smile appeared on Fang Tien’s face, as the sight of her joyful expression and laugh gave him a strange sense of comfort, as he watched this it was as if the world froze at this moment as the image of her bright smile etched itself into his mind.

“Do you want to learn a cool trick?” Fang Tien said.

Hearing this Little Bai turned around the group of dandelions still struggling to escape her tight hugs. “Wah, a cool trick? what is it!”

“Come closer, I’ll show you how to create a ball of light, it’s very useful for when you’re playing in the dark, it might take a couple tries but I’m sure you’ll get it.” Fang Tien said with a smile.

“Follow my instructions, holding your palms wide open, imagine a small ball forming within, packed with-” Before Fang Tien could finish his sentence a look of shock appeared on his face, stopping him mid-sentence.

“Wah! I did it, is this the ball of light?” Little Bai held her palms out as she twirled around, her palms held out as a ball of light floated within them.

“Amazing, you’re faster than even I am at learning.” as Fang Tien exclaims in surprise

a change began within him as if he was a smudge being wiped away his body began to fade.

“Big Brother you’re leaving?!” As Little Bai looked towards Fang Tien in sadness as she was about to lose her first friend that looked like her.

“Don’t worry I’ll be back.” Fang Tien said as his hands stretched out aiming to pat her head, but just before contact, his hands faded away as he vanished from the strange garden.


*Gasp* Waking up Fang Tien looked around, he was once again back inside his familiar hut and still inside his bed,” A dream…Yet it felt so real.” a sigh left his mouth as his mind thought about the events he had just dreamt of.

As Fang Tien thoughts were stuck on the dream he had just had, his eyes glanced the edges of one of the cultivation manuals.

“The barrier manual?” as Fang Tien got out of bed his hands reaching for the manual he slowly opened it, scanning its content.

“it seems to work in conjunction with my ‘purity of the body’ skill.”

Following the instructions Fang Tien sat cross-legged as he began to focus on his light elements essence, following the instructions he revolved ‘Purity of the Body’ as he guided the elemental essence surrounding him into a light protective armor, but this essence quickly dispersed as if lacking a cohesive binding force to hold it together.

“This won’t would take as long as “body of purity took me.” with his brows furrowed as he contemplated Fang Tien thought back to Little Bai and how quickly she had learned his spell, it was also more natural and she never contemplated or thought deeply about how to do it but just did it

the light elemental essence as if having a life of their own followed her actions and seemed joyful, such an occurrence and sight was the first for Fang Tien.

Sometimes a simpler way of doing things is sometimes the best Fang Tien thought.

With this thought as his base Fang Tien silently commanded the light essence and to his surprise the essence quickly followed his command, surrounding his body and unlikely before, managing to hold it together Fang Tiem quickly revolved ‘Purity of the Body’ as the light essence surrounding him glowed and hardened forming a light protective armor.

Fang Tien began excited at this success because this meant he finally had a defensive measure, and with the ‘Purity of the body’ skill constantly revolving his flesh and blood improved with each passing hour, this was the exact reason he had decided to become a warrior as to make up for his frail body.

While his light armor was but a glow surrounding his body, a stark contrast from Fang Yimu’s it was as the difference between a small spark and the sun, but Fang Tien still found joy in this excitement.


A few hours had passed since Fang Tien Learned his new cultivation techniques, after getting cleaned and dressed he had decided to descend the mountain as the Academies library and vast array of books intrigued him.

As Fang Tien descended the mountain two familiar figures greeted him, a male and a female.

It was Lin Shui and Yao Chang.

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