Chapter 104: First Mission

Fang Tien was slightly surprised to see Lin Shui and Yao Chang as he descended the mountain, were they waiting for him?

As Fang Tien appeared a bright smile could be seen on Lin Shui’s face as she ran towards him, “We’ve been waiting for days, someone said you’ve been cultivating ever since class!”

Walking forward Yao Chang stressed lightly, as they’ve had to sit in a meditative stance for days as they waited, “We’re late for our first-year class mission, the Magus class and most of the teams from our warrior class have already advanced days ahead of us.”

“Mission, what mission?” Fang Tien asked.

“We’ve been given the duty of clearing out the wolf population inside the outer regions of the forest, as the fierce earth wolves have grown overpopulated and began attacking even the 2nd year class, of course, they aren’t a problem for them but their sheer population poses a threat as they’re known for calling for help and attacking in packs.” Yao Chang said.

“It shouldn’t be a problem to catch up, let’s go.” Saying this Fang Tien walked ahead as the group headed for the training grounds, as an entrance to the forest could be reached from inside.


After a few minutes of walking the group arrived within the training ground, and through it inside the entrance of the forest.

As the group entered within corpse of wolf beast could be seen littering the ground their blood soaking the very earth beneath, it was evident that fighting had recently happened.

After traveling for 20 more minutes without a live wolf in sight the group heard sounds of fighting, as they got closer, a tall form could be seen battling a pack of wolves, his sword glowing red with each swing, creating sparks as it clashed with the tough skin of the fierce earth wolves, their skin like metal coating was hard to break through.

His two teammates helped as they attacked the other wolves, but while they could only handle one wolf the tall figure battled five alone.

“It’s Han Shi’s team, we should help!” Lin Shui said.

“Wait..they seem to be fine why should we needlessly extend our energy for them?” Yao Chang said.

Hearing this Lin Shui grew quiet as she looked towards Fang Tien.

“Team Leader, what should we do?”

As Fang Tien looked forward, the low spiritual energy of Han Shi’s teammates became clear because of his eyes, while Han Shi burned brightly and was packed full of energy still his teammates wouldn’t last.

“You can see if he wants the help, of course, I won’t be taking action.” Fang Tien said.

Hearing this Lin Shui ran towards them, but as she got close and asked Han Shi could be seen replying, walking back with a disappointed expression Lin Shui revealed that her offer to help was rejected by Han Shi.

“They’ll be fine, besides it was pointless to offer someone like him help, after all, we each have our own pride.” Fang Tien said.

It was only a short time before Han Shi sword dismembered the 5 fierce earth wolves, his teammates killing their respective wolves, but unlike Han Shi unobstructed look, bruises and long claw cuts could be seen on their hands.

Looking at Han SHi’s teammates Fang Tien could see that they had almost exhausted their spiritual energy and probably wouldn’t last another fight.

“You should probably rest before continuing.” Fang Tien’s voice resounded in the ears of Han Shi and his teammates.

“Fang Tien? why so you can catch up? tough chance.” As Han Shi and his group took the fangs off the wolves, a needed item as proof of ones killing and also what would decide a teams ranking, they quickly left, pushing north as they hunted for more earth wolves.

“Let’s go to a different direction, I sense a big pack towards our west.” Fang Tien said.

“Shouldn’t we avoid the big pack? we definitely can’t handle a lot.” Lin Shui said in worry.

“I agree, we should start off small until we’ve gained experience.” Yao Chang added.

“What’s there to fear? I’ll be taking all the focus it will be absolutely safe for you two.” As Fang Tien

Said this he quickly walked forward heading west, his movement swift and before they had realized he was already gone from their sights.

Seeing this Lin Shui followed quickly behind as she shouted: “Leader wait up!”

As the two got closer sounds of fighting and wolf cries rang out, a feeling of great worry overtook Lin Shui’s mind as she feared for the worse, rushing ahead what she saw was the complete opposite of what she had imagined.

Fang Tien could be seen standing calmly surrounded by dozens of fierce earth wolves, if one were to count they would realize that beneath his feet layed 20 earth wolves, such a large pack could easily destroy and overrun a small mortal village, but in the time it took for them to catch up Fang Tien had already killed them all.

As he stood there defenseless and lacking any weapons Yao Chang wondered just how they had died without a weapon being used? Looking closer at the corpse tiny holes could be seen, these holes showed that something long and sharp had pierced their hard exterior.

“What took you guys so long? it’s a shame this group was so small as they weren’t even a good warmup.” Fang Tien sighed.

“S-Ss-Small?!, if this is small then…I might as well commit suicide as a group this big would kill me ten times and over…” Yao Chang muttered.

“GGRRRRR!” a deep growl could be heard as a wolf playing dead had chosen this moment to attack Fang Tien, its speed too fast and distance too near for Yao Chang and lin Shui to react.

It’s large fangs and claws aimed for Fang Tien legs as it attacked forward, without even a slight movement and attention paid to it Fang Tien smiled towards his teammates.

“Gather up all the fangs, I’ll be moving on ahead.” Fang Tien voice reverberated, his figure already gone.

“Puff!.” The fierce earth wolf had fallen down, blood and brain fluids leaked as a hole could be seen inside its head, a slender sword made of light had stabbed it before vanishing, this all happened so quickly Yao Chang and Lin Shui weren’t sure how to react.

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