Chapter 105: Light Warrior

“BANG! BANG!” as loud sounds of an explosion rang out Fang Tien could be seen standing calmly, surrounded by a pack of fierce earth wolves, his eyes serene as they shone with a golden light.

Behind him, Thin golden swords could be seen rotating slowly, these swords were made up of pure concentrated light energy as using his new found knowledge of commanding the light essence combined with copying Xun Guanting’s technique of producing any weapon from his field of ice.

Fang Tien had managed to develop a technique of attack using his light element, with his Du clan’s eye and ability to focus on every movement in a 360 range it was a hard fight for any fierce earth wolf to catch him off guard.

As a Golden light encompassed Fang Tien’s body, “Impenetrable great shield” technique revolving as the light element protected his body, adding a thin defensive layer to it.


“Swoosh!” with quick movements a fierce earth wolf lunged towards Fang Tien, it’s large canine teeth showing its vicious nature as its huge claws swatted forwards.

“Puff!” As fast as this wolf was, the sword of light proved to be even faster as a single sword of light separating itself from the dozens floating behind Fang Tien, attacked swiftly penetrating the skull of the fierce wolf before vanishing right after, such a sword of light energy only being good for one attack.

While the defensive powers of earth wolves were great, Fang Tien’s swords of light are produced from pure concentrated elemental energy, strong enough to easily break the fierce earth wolf hard outer skin.

“Bang!” As the lifeless corpse of the earth wolf fell down as if enraged the other wolves chose to attack a once, within his vision Fang Tien noticed an earth wolf slightly larger than the others, as this one acted as an observer staying in the back.

“The wolf leader?… I wonder how many points its Fang’s are worth.” Fang Tien thought as the packs of earth wolves attacked him, 20 earth wolves attacking from each possible angle lunged viciously at him, but Fang Tien seemed calm as if it was someone else being attacked, as the swords of light rotated behind Fang Tien whenever an earth wolf went came into range a sword of light pierced its body killing it instantly as most hits attacked a lethal spot.

“That wolf leader, he’s just outside the range of my swords and just running towards him will alert its sense of danger.” As Fang Tien contemplated how to kill the leader quickly Lin Shui and Yao Chang had finally managed to catch up.

“Leader!” Lin Shui’s worry quickly changed into a feeling of Awe as the sight of Fang Tien, nonchalantly killing the earth wolves appeared.

“Let’s help, Chang.” Lin Shui said but before she could move forward a hand held her back.

“Help where? we’d just distract him, we can help by securing the fangs for points, remember each earth wolf Fang is worth 1 point.” Yao Chang said as his hold on Lin Shui loosened.

“Now is my opening!” As Fang Tien said this his eyes shone a bright purple color as his body dashed forward, effortlessly avoiding the attack of each wolf, his eyes honing in onto the wolf leader.

“AWOOOOOOOO!” Before Fang Tien had moved the earth wolf leader raised its head up as its mouth opened, a great roar coming from it, this roar caused all the surrounding wolves to go into frenzies state as their attacks became more vicious and deadly, as if disregarding their lives their attempted attacks more suicidal.

“AWOO!AWOO!” As the Earth wolf leader roars reverberated the ground vibrated, as the tree’s in the surroundings rustled greatly, with his keen eyesight Fang Tien was able to see the incoming danger far before his teammates, as hundreds of earth wolves as if summoned by the Fierce earth wolf leaders call rushed towards Fang Tien’s location.

“Lin Shui! Yao Chang, run towards the sound, don’t appear until the sounds of fighting have died down.” Fang Tien shouted towards his teammates.

“Leader why?” Lin Shui asked in concern.

As Fang Tien was in the middle of running he had finally gotten close to the earth wolf leader, strangely enough, it appeared as if a smirk was on its face.

Grabbing Lin Shui, Yao Chang moved towards the south,” Let’s go, if Leader says to go south we’re going south.” Yao Chang wasn’t sure when he had begun trusting Fang Tien wholeheartedly, but after each performance and seeing how talented Fang Tien was, a strange sense of trust developed within his heart.

“Bang!” Fang Tien tumbled as his body rolled across the ground, an earth wolf had appeared from an unexpected angle knocking him over, thinking back Fang Tien realized it had appeared from inside the ground!

“The ground?” As Fang Tien stood up, the ground began shaking, as if an earthquake was currently happening, surrounded by earth wolves and the incoming pack of hundreds of wolves.

I can’t allow myself to become surrounded, otherwise, it’ll be troublesome to kill them and escape. As Fang Tien thought this he gave up on trying to kill the earth wolf leader, as he was currently surrounded by even more wolves forming a great protective shield of bodies.

“Damn if only I had an actual weapon, my longsword isn’t enough to pierce their strong skin.”

“AWOO!” A great roar shaking the earth and even seemingly the sky itself resonated into the forest, as this roar spreading far and wide causing most to hear its might.

“What is that?” With his eyes looking towards the source of the Howl Fang Tien noticed it was the same direction where Han Shi’s group had headed, but such a roar far overpowered the roar of an earth wolf leader.

“I can’t waste any more time, I guess I’m forced to use my time Dao.”

“Bang!” As Fang Tien looked towards the Fierce Earth wolf leader, silver light radiated from his eyes

the earth wolf leader stopping in its tracks as it looked away, its eyes vacant.

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