Chapter 106: Great roar

“Puff!” The Swords made up of light element had stealthy pierced the defenseless fierce earth wolf leader, crushing its heart and brain as thin holes appeared on its chest and skull.

As the divine ability “Time-Mark” had been activated, affecting the fierce earth wolf leader and leaving him defenseless Fang Tien’s attacked easily killed it, using this time Fang Tien killing his way through the packs of earth wolves attempted to reach an open space, as he prepared for the incoming hoard.


“ARH-ARH-ARGH” sounds of wolves desperate cries resonated as Fang Tien paved a path through them littered with earth wolf corpses, his swords of light filled with an seemingly infinite supply as dozens rotated behind him, replenishing as soon as one was used, while the only consumption would be his spiritual energy supply, the special amulet he wore allowed him to use his spirit energy more freely as it had the special characteristic of lowering the consumption of techniques.

As Fang Tien upwards his direction the location of the giant wolf cry.

“Rumble!” As Fang Tien ran upwards the ground beneath shook as if an earthquake was occurring followed by a massive roar.


As this roar resonated the surrounding fierce earth wolves stood still as if paralyzed by fear, using this opportunity Fang Tien was brutal, killing as many as he could, the downside to his sword of light technique being its short range as if the distance traveled is too great the effect and sharpness of the sword decreases rapidly.


In the southern edges of the forest, while Fang Tien had killed most of the wolves, a few had managed to slip through as they tracked Yao Chang and Lin Shui down, their bloodthirsty aura and vicious fangs bore for all to see.

“Lin Shui we won’t outrun them, I’ll attack, defend my sides.” As Yao Chang said this two large gloves appeared on his hands.

“Hiyah!.” With rapid successive punches, Yao Chang attacked forward, his hands engulfed in water element as a strong blue glow covered them.

“Puff! Thud!” While his punches proved to be effective even more earth wolves appeared as if ants rushing towards crumbs they seemed to appear from in an infinite supply.

“Watch out!”

“CLANG!” Lin Shui shouted as her sword slashed towards Yao Chang’s side, a strong gust of wind followed her movements, in the next second an earth wolf had jumped right into it, knocking it down.

Did she predict its path? Yao Chang had seen this through the corners of his eyes, surprised at Lin Shui’s abilities, ” Thanks.”

“Thud, Thud!” As One attacked Yao Chang would attack them with a barrage of swift punches but all failing to penetrate the earth wolves hard outer skin.

“Boom! Boom!” Before Yao Chang and Lin Shui could react the earth wolves surrounding them all had been sliced in half, a strong blade of wind turning them into minced fleshy meat.

“This is…the wind spell Havocing-Wind blade?” Seeing this Yao Chang stood still in relief as he wasn’t sure they could handle the large packs of wolves, a teacher must have saved them!

“Pardon my intrusion.” A commanding voice reverberated in the ears of Yao Chang and Lin Shui, followed by a strong gust of wind they had only managed to catch a glimpse of a white hair as the figure had moved too quickly.

“A student..?” Lin shui thought allowed in confusion, as which first year was strong enough to kill so many earth wolves that quickly? Only Fang Tien had come to their mind but this person was a wind magus.

“BANG! BANG! BANG!” Loud sounds of explosions rang out as a great beam of fire elemental force pierced the skies, an afterimage of a giant spear appearing above, this sound and image attracted the attention of numerous first-year students as this was obviously caused by another student.

“Huan Qin? for her to activate her ability is she in danger?” As Fang Tien stopped briefly, the direction of the flame spear was the opposite of where he headed.

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