Chapter 107: Great Wolf

Fang Tien had decided to continue on his path, as he was already close to the source of the wolf roar.

As Fang Tien came upon an opening between the tree’s Han shi’s team could be seen, all covered in bruises and blood, Han Shi looked particularly distraught as his once neatly cared for academy outfit looked the same as beggars rags, covered in dirt and cuts.

Han Shi was currently fighting with an earthen wolf but this wolf was different than all the others Fang Tien had seen and even larger than the earth wolf leader he had just killed, this wolf dwarfed all in size and it stood as tall as Fang Tien’s hut, towering over Han Shi, its aggressive imposing manner blotting out the sky.

As Fang Tien stepped into the area the large Earth wolf stopped its attacks, as it stared cautiously at him as if sensing danger, it was as if it could sense the large number of earth wolves Fang Tien had killed.

Seeing who had arrived an expression of hope appeared on Han Shi’s face “Fang Tien?, quick help us I can’t keep off this Great-Earth Wolf alone much longer!”

While the Great wolf stared at Fang Tien it was only for a second, as it focused its assaults nack onto Han Shi, its massive paws swatting downward pushing Han Shi backward with every strike, a deep imprint of Han shi’s feet appearing on the ground.

“A great-earth wolf? How many points is this worth?” Looking towards the great wolf, Fang Tien figured it must be worse as much as at least 20 earth wolves.

“Points…? it’s worth 100 points, now help me.” Han Shi said desperately as the pressure from the great-earth wolves strikes weighed down on him.

Hearing this Fang Tien smiled lightly, “How many points have you collected already?”

“What? Han Shi asked in confusion.

“How many points have you collected already?” Fang Tien asked again.

“I..I don’t know I haven’t counted.”

“I’ll help you for a small donation of 70% of your collected fangs.” While Fang Tien had no intention of watching Han shi’s group in danger and doing nothing he didn’t plan on doing it for free either.

“What?! that’s ridiculous, do you know who my Han Family is?!”

“If I were to suffer great injuries as you watched don’t think your days in this academy will be enjoyable!” Han shi shouted, his eyes reddened by anger.

“80%” Fang Tien said with a smile as he stood leaning on a tree as if watching an interesting game as Han Shi fended the great-earth wolfs attacks.


“Cough!” with a powerful swat of its giant paws, Han Shi tumbled backward, coughing up a mouthful of blood, “Fine 80%!”

“90% for wasting my time and taking too long.” Fang Tien said.

“Y-You! just help me already, even if its 100%”

“100%? deal.” As Fang Tien said this his eyes darted across the great-earth wolf, analyzing each of its movements and its muscle structure, by looking t these small details he was able to figure out both its strong points and weakest area.

It’s already wounded? these wounds seem different than what Han Shi is capable of, was it fighting someone before? Fang Tien had noticed multiple thin cuts on the great-earth wolfs back, while these cuts appeared thin and small on such a large body Fnag Tien could see just how deep they truly were, obviously done by the hand of someone strong.

“Hand over the bag first, I’ll deal with it alone after.” Fang Tien said his eyes held outwards.

Hearing this Han Shi gritted his teeth as a spatial bag was taken from his waist, these bags held a small pocket of space that could be used to store the fangs, this was an item provided by the school for each team, Han Shi hesitantly threw the Bag.

“only 50 points?” Fang Tien sighed, amazed at how slow Han Shi was at collecting them.

“Master, Sha Sha senses that this wolf contains slight traces of the white-haired great wolf, you should be careful as these wolves are incredibly protective of their kin.”

Hearing this familiar voice Fang Tien was pleasantly surprised, it had been weeks since Sha Sha had gone into a state of deep sleep, ” Don’t worry if all fails I can always trap it.”

“Good, take your team and step back as I won’t be able to protect you all and fight it.”

“BOOM!” As Fang Tien said this a great pressure emitted from his body, even as they fled Han Shi’s team couldn’t help but stare in awe as Fang Tien was bathed inside a golden light, his light warrior technique “Impenetrable great shield” revolving as Golden swords made up of light elemental energy formed behind him, rotating orderly as the 12 swords formed a circle.

“ARGH-WOOO” As the great wolf cried out, its roar shook the entire area, the ground vibrating as its cries echoed throughout.

“Bang!” as the swords made of light element shot towards the great-earth wolf they were quickly rendered useless, as they simply bounced off its strong defensive skin, vanishing on contact.

Seeing that his attack wouldn’t work Fang Tien immediately activated his divine ability.

“Time-Mark!” with his eyes overflowing in silver brilliance, runic marks of time appeared around Fang Tien as the great-earth wolf stopping in its tracks as its eyes stared vacantly ahead, its body was now defenseless as it became trapped within Fang Tien’s divine ability.

Han Shi and his group looked backward in surprise as they stopped abruptly, Fang Tien was attacking the great-wolf mercilessly but what’s even more strange was that it just stood there not moving as if it had fallen asleep.

“Interesting ability, but you’re bullying my small pet though.” the person said jokingly, their commanding voice resonating in the ears of all present as a figure could be seen jumping down from atop a tree branch, his white hair and handsome facial features appeared striking, clothed in the magus robe.

This person was undoubtedly Long Bin, seeing who had arrived Fang Tien expression remained unchanged as if he was already expecting his arrival.

“Your pet wolf?” Fang Tien asked, his attacks stopped as he had been unable to break the defenses of this great wolf even in a defenseless state!.

“I was simply joking, but this is indeed my prey, it ran all the way towards here from our magus area, I’ve been chasing it for hours.” Long Bin said with a sigh.

“Well, it’s all yours.” As Fang Tien said this he nonchalantly walked away leaving behind a stunned Long Bin and Han shi.

Huan Qin’s Spear intent is still activated, she must have run into a Great-earth wolf. Fang Tien thought as he walked away.

Before long Fang Tien’s steps had transformed into dashes as he headed towards an area covered by a great domain of fire, a large spear of fire projected in the sky.

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