Chapter 108: Spear Intent once again

Seeing that Fang Tien was long gone Long Bin was shocked by his decisive action in leaving. Truthfully Long Bin had long since arrived, and as he saw the fight in its entirety since the start he had grown more curious about Fang Tien, as he had easily caused the Great-earth wolf to become immobilized, at first long Bin thought of it as a powerful forbidden spell, but Fang Tien’s eyes carried a special aura, as he looked into them a feeling as if he glanced upon the history of time overcame him.

While this might be strange to most it was a familiar feeling to him, as his father the Long Family king had given him the same feeling as a kid, it was the feeling of someone on the path of their grand Dao!

Seeing that he was left with the Great-earth wolf Long Bin looked unflustered as a small smile appeared on his face.


Dashing through the woods Fang Tien Thoughts wondered on his teammates, while he had cleared the area and sent them to the safest direction with the least amount of wolves it was still irresponsible of him to leave them to their own devices, such an action had shown that while they were teammates in name, Fang Tien didn’t truly view them as equal shown by his preference to work alone.

As Fang Tien moved through the forest the dry leaves beneath his feet crackling with each step, the closer he came to Huan Qin’s Spear intent the more dried leaves that floated in the wind and that populated the ground, the heat felt even stronger and more noticeable since they had last fought, even the earth wolves in the area could only stand and watch as a vortex of flame covered a small area, this vortex reached the very skies and burned fiercely.

“Boom!” as loud sounds of explosions rang out from inside the vortex of fire an intense fluctuation of energy spreading throughout the area, this fluctuation like shock waves pulsated throughout shattering small rocks in the area.

Stepping closer Fang Tien tried to contact Huan Qin using his divine senses but was blocked by a strong interference, as if the spear intent had shielded all blocking his divine senses also.

“Hello, are you having a hard time? I can’t watch the fun when I’m locked out.” A magnetic voice resonated in the ears of Huan Qin, this voice seemed young yet ageless at the same time, as if regardless of the flow of time it would remain unpolished by the years.

Seeing that his opponent was distracted the great-earth wolf using this opportunity attacked swiftly with its great paws, swiping towards Huan Qin as earth elemental energy in the shape of claws rained down upon her, this attack lethal in nature was something beyond ordinary earth wolves, as while they were magical beast their control of their own elemental force was close to zero and reduced to instinctive usage beyond their control.

But a great-earth wolf was like the king among earth wolves, while a leader earth wolf was just a duke, seeing that Huan Qin was distracted it had immediately attacked showing that its intelligence was greater than any ordinary beast.

“Bang!” As Huan Qin quickly reacted, sending out multiple stabs of her own, each stab of her spear creating miniature fire spears that clashed with the claw-shaped earth energy attacks of the great-earth wolf.

“ARGH-WOOO!” Seeing that its attack was unsuccessful the Great-earth wolf cried out in annoyance, it had been fighting this puny human for what seemed like forever, why was this prey so bothersome it wondered.

“Swoosh” As the attacks had sent Huan Qin sliding backward her thoughts on the voice she had just heard, “Fang Tien?” as she asked in wonder a small opening appearing in her spear intent, the opening creating a pathway in which Fang Tien appeared from, his familiar translucent purple eyes and his slight smiling face appearing before her again.

A slight discomfort had appeared on Fang Tien’s face before quickly disappearing, as a strong stabbing pain flowed through his eyes, his second divine ability, “Time-Mark” was still activated and constantly draining his energy.

Seeing that his suspicion was right Fang Tien quickly thought of a way to kill the great-earth wolf, using his previous encounter as a reference and with his Du Clan eyes he was able to remember every detail of the beforehand fight, as his second divine ability was disabled and his third divine ability being useless for attacking, his swords made of light not being of much help versus this opponent Fang Tien decided that Huan Qin would be the main attacker.

With his eyes allowing him to follow and react quickly to all the great-earth wolves attacks, their best chance would be for him to absorb all its attention while Huan QIn attacked with her long range from a safe spot.

Even though this seemed like a lot Fang Tien had manage to think of it in a split second as he entered in the spear intent, “I’ll distract it as you attack and try to kill it, I’ll be able to distract it without being hurt, just focus on killing it.”

Before his words had finished Fang Tien dashed towards the great-earth wolf its large stature seemed colossal inside the spear intents zone.

“Ok, you can leave it to me!”Huan Qin had replied decisively as their last fight remained fresh in her mind, Fang Tien’s ability to see through attacks and avoid them was all to known to her, other than her elder brother he was the only peer that had gained her respect as a warrior, as she found herself unknowingly following along with his plan without a seconds thought, something that was unlikely for her especially as someone of the Huan clan.

“Clang!” sword cries rang out as Fang Tien summoned his Long Sword, while it wasn’t sharp enough to pierce the great earth wolves skin, its body made of a special iron was sturdy enough to tank a few blows.

“BANG! BANG! BANG!” As three quick successive swords made of light jabbed into the great wolf, the damage minimal but enough to grab its attention, standing still Fang Tien jabbing his Long sword into the ground, smirked while facing the great-earth wolf directly,” Hey how would you like to be my pet?” Fang Tien said, purposely trying to enrage it.

“ARGH-WOOOO!” Hearing his words the Great-earth wolf roared in anger, its sound shaking the earth below, it became enraged as being a humans pet was the greatest offense to a magical beast, after all humans loved enslaving their children’s, its eyes turning bloodshot the Great earth wolf became frenzied, its already large body growing in size!

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