Chapter 109: Side story 1- Tales of the Du clans Leech.

In the Du clan there stood a renowned figure, whose name was known throughout the entire clan His fame undoubtedly as even the small children knew of his name.

Du Tien the Du clans waste and leecher! His name famous both for his lack of talent and his lascivious nature, after all, he was the brother of the Du clans current top genius who was also engaged to the Fang’s family most beautiful princess, her beauty was kingdom-toppling but what’s more, her talents were rumored to be the greatest of her generation.

With such a perfect brother sadly the heavens didn’t take any pity on DU Tien, only awakening the lowest of bloodline eye in his awakening ceremony a stark contrast to his brothers. But what truly angered people was his lack of practicing as he spent most of his time as a teen chasing young maidens.

Due to the Du’s clan recent engagement with the Fang royal family, their members spent more time interacting, and as such Du Tien with his lascivious ways quickly found his way into the beds of many young elven maidens.

Of course, a large portion of Du Tien’s criticizers consisted of mostly males of the Du clan and elven clans. The number one question renowned between the scholars of both clans was, “How did this complete waste capture the hearts of so many young maidens.”

It’s been rumored that he secretly discovered an old master’s cultivation manual that allows him to sway the hearts of anyone he meets, some believe the rumors to be exaggerated while others believe he’s secretly playing the role of the pig, to eat the tiger!

Of course, it would be easier to just ask the person in question himself.


In a secluded corner of a forest within the area of the elves, a young man laid in a patch of grass, surrounded by flowers and sounds of bird chirps.

A beautiful maid could be seen serving at his side, “Young Master, you’ve played enough right? we need to get back to the clan, the elders will be worried.”

“Worried? about me? they’re just worried I’ll ruin my brother’s reputation.” Du Tien said his eyes staring into the clouds,” Besides, I promised Princess Xayah we’d meet today, what’s the use of a man if he can’t keep his word?”

With a sight, the young maid could only remain silent, as even she thought her young master was hopeless as the only thought in his head was to chase young maidens.


A couple of minutes had passed by as Du Tien idled watching the clouds move, sometimes the young maid wondered if her master was really a waste as in moments like these his eyes shone with a profound brilliance that felt as if they would absorb her soul.

“Rustle” The sounds of leaves being stepped on rang out as a veiled figure walked in, their gender obvious from their feminine curves as they walked towards Du Tien.

“You’re late.” Du Tien said softly.

“Yeah? you try to escape from the guards of my family.” As she said this while removing her veil. Revealing two pearly bright green eyes underneath, her soft skin shone with a healthy glow and her cherry red lips caused her to leave a favorable impression on most that saw her, she was after all one of the beautiful princesses of the Xiao elf royal family.

Together with the Fang Family and the Min family, the three ruled the vast elven lands with an iron grip.

“Come Lay beside me, the clouds are quite beautiful today.” As Du Tien said this while patting the ground beside him.

“Would you make a princess lay on the dirty floor? hmph!” Though Xayah said this she still followed along.

“It wasn’t a problem the second time we had met.” Du Tien said teasingly.

Xayah’s face turned crimson red as she blushed in shame,” You, how can you mention that in front of another?”

“Yan’er is alright, she’s been my maid for as long as I could remember.” As Du Tien said this his eyes focused even more attentively at the clouds.

“Why do you like the skies so much?” Xayah said, her breathing could even be felt on Du Tien’s neck as the two laid closely together.

“Don’t you think the vast skies above is amazing? even more so imagine being a bird and able to travel the vast world with the sky as your domain, to be above all creatures…someday I’d like to be like a bird in the sky and dominate above all.” Du Tien said a heroic imposing manner could be felt released from him.

Hearing his words Xayah smiled brightly, it was strange as she’s only known Du Tien for a short while but in the rare occasions where he becomes serious, he radiates with an invincible feeling, normally she was untrustworthy of people but she found herself easily trusting him.

“I wish we could be like eternally.” Xayah sighed.

“Why can’t we? while my mortal body might perish, I believe my love for you burns eternally.” As Du Tien said this while grabbing the hand of Xayah, their fingers interlocking as they held hands.

“Your honeyed words won’t affect me anymore, I’ve grown immune to them!”

“How can my words compare to the sweetness of your lips?” Du Tien said with a smile.

Hearing his words caused Xayah to subconsciously licked her lips, her face reddening in embarrassment as she realized her actions.”You always joke around so much, I came to help you practice, so you can achieve your dreams! after all, power is the most important thing in this world.”

“I’m serious! but if it wasn’t for your severe headaches when practicing how could anyone consider you a waste.” Xayah sighed as she looked Du Tien.

“What’s the use of my high perception and ability to comprehend anything if I can’t practice? I’m like a tiger without fangs and claws.”

“Besides, Power?..I’ve long given up on that, that’s why I’m talking to you! who needs power when I have you to fight off all the bullies for me, haha.” Du Tien laughed heartily, finding great joy in teasing her.

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