Chapter 11: Formidable Linked One

“ Where did you come from?”

“ I was present all along.”

While the two youngsters were talking with each other, three individuals of the opposition were already out of darkness.

“ Who are you people?” Xi Fan was talking while faintly turning his body in an attempt to cover the separate positions of all three individuals into the Visual Angle.

The power of Infusion’s soul is closely related to the visual capabilities of an individual.

First Heavenly layer allows to see much far and much clearer as compared with ordinary people.

Second Heavenly layer allows seeing anything even under an extremely faint light.

However, the third Heavenly layer allows making complete use of Visual Angle.

A human’s single eye Visual Angle can be attained up to 156 degrees at most. However within it, what could be clearly seen is actually only within 60 degrees. The realm of Infusion’s soul being at third Heavenly Layer precisely bring about the biggest possible visual angle of 156 degrees. Combining it with the both eyes, it allows to clearly see anything within the visual angle of 188 degrees.

At this moment, Xi Fan was faintly adjusting his posture. At an instant, he was able to clearly see each and every moment of the three individuals on the opposite side. Three people, two male and one female, every single one’s expression cold and detached and carefully observing his movements.

“ Essence’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer, Infusion’s soul third Heavenly layer, Strength’s soul third Heavenly Layer.” Xi Fan’s realm was seen through within a moment of observation. The woman standing in the middle enumerated his three most high level souls one by one. Other souls although not mentioned, even the Sound’s soul in which he hasn’t even broken through, were seen through.

“ What’s with that bamboo blade in your hands?” The guy on the most right said.

“ Because he is a child.” Woman said.

“So it’s a toy?” Individual on the left said.

“ That toy just now blocked your Yin Luo blade, though.” The guy on right laughed. “Hehe.”

The guy on the left grimly laughed. He didn’t mind the teasing words of the individual on the same side. They were chatting without a care in the world. There was only one explanation of this, they completely disregarded Xi Fan.

It indeed was the case.

Xi Fan was carefully paying attention to their movements, words and their facial expressions. Their relaxed look wasn’t just for show. They truly felt that he was beneath their level.

The more important thing is…..Yin Luo blade. It was a sufficient proof to disclose their identities.

“ You are Xing Luo.” Xi Fan’s vision was now beginning to not just being limited to three individuals. Because Xing Luo is a four member assassin group. And at present, only three people could be seen.

“ That’s right, it is Xing Luo. Luo Yin, Luo Xing and Luo Chong.” Mo Lin from behind introduced the three individuals one by one. “ Originally, there were four individuals. But now there are only three. It’s precisely the reason they are willing to chase me even untill here here so as to kill me.”

“ Oh.” Xi Fan said.

“ Oh? Just Oh? Now you know, you are still not getting out of here? What does this have to do with you?” Mo Lin said.

“Although it has only been one day, but you can be considered as a student of Zhai Feng institute. It’s the duty as well as the obligation of Discipline Squadron to well protect every student of the institute.” Xi Fan indifferently said.

“ Just by yourself?” Luo Xing who was directly in front of Xi Fan laughed. However he wasn’t paying attention towards Xi Fan at all, rather he turned towards his two companions:

“Zhai Feng institute. I had recently heard the name of this institute! Is it famous?”

“ Never heard of it before.” Luo Chong said.

“ Don’t waste time.”

Luo Yin was somewhat impatient. He raised his hands a little. Yin Luo blade in his hand was already shining. Cold light flashed once again. It was extremely quick. In a flash it swept past Xi Fan’s body. Luo Yin’s hand was chopping down straight towards the head of Mo Lin behind Xi Fan’s body. This truly was the greatest insult. This kind of a swing, it seemed like, will Xi Fan block or would he able to block, Luo Yin never even thought about these kinds of things.

Because they have already seen through Xi Fan’s realm. Although he has very rarely seen sixth realm of Essence’s soul, but in the end he is only a Perceiver. Compared with a Linked One, it’s not even in the same league. Only a Linked One is able to thoroughly display the might of Soul’s power. It is possible to perceive soul’s power by using six intellects. However if one thinks that soul’s power is just this, then that would be limiting oneself. Only after attaining the realm of Linking, would one be able to appreciate the variations of soul’s power.

Luo Yin is a Linked One of Sound’s soul. The previous ‘Silence’ was originated from his ability produced by the Linking of his Sound’s soul. And this ability mastered by him is not merely ‘Silence’.

Sonic Chop!

The reason he completely disregarded Xi Fan was due to the fact that this time’s chop struck by him was the real deal. A third level ability that can be only grasped by a Linked One of sound’s soul, how can a Perceiver resist against it. Most probably just a glance would be enough to terrify him.

So, the cold light once again was aimed straight towards the head of Mo Lin. Relying on basic qualities of Mo Lin’s body, there won’t be any delusional fantasies of him dodging such a third level attacking skill. However at this moment, Xi Fan moved.

Once again there was the sound of whimpering.

There was no bright light or shrilling sound produced. Bamboo sword rubbed against the air. The sound produced by it seemed like both clumsy and simple. And then it clashed against that cold light.

You want to obstruct the attacking skill evaluated as a third level ability, the ‘Sonic Chop’ like this?

Luo Xing and Luo Chong were both laughing. They had absolutely no intention of going forward to help. The expression of Luo Yin however changed.

Resisting this strike was impossible. The insignificant bamboo sword upon clashing with the sonic chop employed through his Yin Luo blade, twisted and shattered within a moment of coming into contact with soul’s power. Xi Fan’s right hand also turned into a bloody mess due to injuries.

Obstructing it was impossible, absolutely impossible.

The cold light was still coming down.

However, it deviated!

Xi Fan’s slash didn’t had much strength, neither was it too quick, but it was extremely accurate and precisely timed. It was timed such that if Luo Yin wished to again change the trajectory of Sonic chop, then it was already too late. And so the cold light brushed past his body at an unimaginably close distance, causing his sleeves to flutter in the air. Flower petals and green leaves fluttered everywhere in the Flower garden.

After slashing once, he didn’t stopped his movements but continued on to rush ahead and firmly locked onto Luo Yin’s body, then he raised his leg and kicked Mo Lin in the side. ” Go!”.

“Ah!….” Mo Lin heaved a sigh. “ Trust me, I would have run away if had strength.”

Mo Lin didn’t escape. He is not a kind of person who doesn’t bear responsibility. Only unfortunate thing was Xi Fan, he truly has nothing to do with it.

Let him go…….

Mo Lin was thinking to try and negotiate it with Yin Luo’s three guys. However before he could say anything, Xi Fan who was glaring at him, urging to leave, his entire face revealed a painful expression.

“Fuck!” Luo Yin cursed and freed himself from Xi Fan’s arms. Then he waved his elbow to smash it on Xi Fan’s body.

Xi Fan fell down sideways, however Luo Chong who was behind him was faster. He had already jumped three steps back with his hands poised forward. The dagger which was piercing Xi Fan’s back was also casually pulled out by him. Blood was blooming in the flower garden.

“Bah!” Luo Yin spat towards Xi Fan. He absolutely didn’t pay any attention towards the life or death of Xi Fan. He faced towards Mo Lin, the purpose of this visit of their’s. However, he barely took a step forward and immediately felt his body being restricted by something.

He bowed his head to take a look. Xi Fan’s right hand which was turned into a bloody mess earlier was struggling to hold his feet.

“ Truly annoying!” Luo Yin turned his face away in contempt. He lifted his blade up and was just about to chop down.

However, blade remained suspended in the air.

“Behind you!”

Luo Xing and Luo Chong both were shouting.

Luo Yin was aware of it. His wrist was being grabbed by somebody, he couldn’t even budge it the slightest, of course, he would know that there is a person behind him. However, what’s much more frightening is, he was unable to detect anything prior to it. He is a Linked One of Sound’s soul, although he doesn’t possess scrying capability, however being able to come up right behind his body while remaining concealed from his ears, it is already pretty scary.

“ Who is it?” He shouted.

Compared with the previous questioning shout aimed at Xi Fan, this time, his voice was much more anxious.

Xi Fan was lying on the ground. His right hand was seriously hurt, back was gravely pierced and after getting hit by Luo Yin’s elbow, his whole face was covered with flowing blood. His consciousness and his vision both were a little fuzzy. Infusion’s soul at third Heavenly Layer was also unable to let him clearly look behind Luo Yin’s body for the moment.

He had felt a huge current of power aimed towards his right hand.

Previously, he made a firm determination that whatever happens he absolutely won’t release his right hand. But when he felt the force behind that current, his determination instantly wavered. Because the force was so tyrannical, it made him feel like he was going to fly. His right hand absolutely couldn’t be considered as an obstacle in front of a such a force.

Xi Fan sensibly released his grip. Just after that, he saw Luo Yin being suddenly disappeared from his vision with a rustling sound.

Everybody watched as a figure was sent flying in the sky. The figure was floating in an arc, then it heavily crashed on the ground.

Linked One of Sound’s soul, an undefeatable existence in the minds of Perceivers, who can casually throw him around like a garbage?

Who is it? Xi Fan felt that he was about to lose consciousness, however, he tried hard not to. He must take a look, who is this person in the end?

Finally, he was able to clearly look.


Xi Fan was thinking that he has tangled himself a little too much with Lu Ping. Even at a time like dying, he has managed to see this guy in some other individual amidst dizziness.



Looks like, it truly is Lu Ping?

After taking quite a few looks, Xi Fan confirmed he is not hallucinating.

Xi Fan who was originally on the verge of losing consciousness, who thought himself to be on the verge of death, suddenly gained spirit and strength from somewhere and sprang up.

“ Fallback.” Xi Fan blocked Lu Ping from going forward.

“ What?” Lu Ping didn’t understand.

“ Although you are worthless, but you are still a member of Zhai Feng institute. And it’s the responsibility and obligation of Discipline Squadron to ensure the safety of every student.” Then looking in all the directions, he said. “Just a moment ago there was another person, where is he?”

“ Was this man truly about to die? What nonsense is he spouting? Drag him away, drag him away.” Lu Ping said to Mo Sen besides him.

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