Chapter 11: Same Realm Invincible! (part2)

“boom, boom!” the sound of the fight resonated across the forest, the loud sound had long since scared off most the birds and magical beast that reside in the forest center, all fleeing to the edges of the forest.

The large change in the forest brought the attention of all the DU clan members in this space, thousands of visions could be felt starting at the location of the fight, but due to how deep within the forest it seemed as if this task was impossible for most, only those who have cultivated to the king pupil rank could see an ounce of detail.

“It’s our God Child, he’s sparing the immortal ancient tree clone!” an elder said excitedly

“This is good, our clan can finally see why Fang Tien was chosen as our God Child,” an elder said

“Pupil art, Mirror sight!” an elder bellowed

“Bzzzt, Bang! ” suddenly space within the sky a crack appeared, until it grew to reveal a clear surface, within the clear surface an image could be seen.

This was a technique unique to King pupil ranks above, using their vision as the source and space as a mirror, they could reflect whatever they upon the mirror screen.

Broken trees laid all around, the only tree that seemed intact was one that seemed to tower greater than the rest, this ancient tree surpassed the clouds and seem to reach into the galaxy! One look upon this tree and one would feel as if they’ve traveled into the past! With branches that seem as if they could hold a continent, this tree was an Immortal and the protector of one of the Du clan!

Two figures could be seen in the area, one looked handsome and resolute, wearing a black gown, his long black hair flowing in the wind, he was aloof incomparable, his whole body seemed to send out a gentle radiance, his eyes seemed profound as if they contained the world, various heavenly phenomenon could be seen in his pupil, his mouth carried a slight curve upwards, showing a self-confident smile, he demonstrated a peerless demeanor!

a gasp of shock and excited could be heard all around, this figure possed the Du Clan Diety eyes! it was none other than Fang Tien.

Some elders looked up in excitement, as they could finally see their God Child in action

the children who attended the awaking ceremony looked up in awe as they remembered the scene from that day, the massive pupil that appeared in the sky above and the boundless ancient aura it brought, it was as if the world returned to ancient times.

Standing proudly, a slender figure could be seen her form nothing but an outline as she was covered by a strong haze, her large chest protruding outwards

This female form seemed elusive, as if it was aloof from all worldly desires, even though she stood there covered by Haze one could tell she was a peerless beauty, her every action seemed to command the attention of all, Her long green hair flowed freely behind seeming to follow some mysterious rhythm, flowers could be seen budding in her hair, her hair gave one the misconception that its own mini forest! while her form was covered by a haze her piercing green eyes seemed as if they reflected the world, one could see flowers bloom with life and wither with no vitality in her eyes.

it seemed as if she contained a vast heavenly forest within her eyes!

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