Chapter 110: Destruction Spear

“Boom!” A large hole had appeared where Fang Tien once stood as the great-earth wolf swang its claws down, its paws engraving in the ground, as Fang Tien dogged its attacks his long sword repeatedly bounced off the surface of the great-wolves skin, “Tch if only I had a better sword.”

It was only now that he had fully realized the importance of having a proper weapon, for the defensive position he was on would be avoidable with a proper sword.

“Puff! Puff!” multiple large wounds appeared on the great-earth wolf as blood dripped from its sides as Huan Qin’s flaming spear stabbed aggressively forward, managing to land multiple attacks in a split second. These attacks great in number and damage dealt managed to penetrate the great-earth wolves hard outer skin, its strong flames burning the flesh of the wolf and killing its cell, stopping any hope of regeneration or healing.

While great-earth wolves aren’t known for their regenerative prowess, all magical beast have some form of slight regeneration.

“ARGH-ARGH” as the great-earth wolf cried out in pain its bloodshot eyes looked even more menacing with a great roar the stones both big and small slowly raised from the ground, it was as if all the stones in the surrounding area gathered around it, thousands of stones surrounded the great-earth wolf as they gathered above its head.

As Fang Tien saw this the flow of earth elemental energy in the area changed, with his Du clan eyes he was able to see the flow of elemental energy, as all the energy had gathered towards the great-earth wolf. It was obvious from the signs it was preparing to launch a strong elemental attack.

Seeing This Fang Tien remained calm and composed as his third divine ability would allow him to come out victorious, within his mind the likely scenario of how the fight would play out was already mapped within his mind, as the great-earth wolf attacked he would reverse time, at this moment the great-earth wolf would be open for an attack in its defenseless state, they would have to kill it at this one moment otherwise a prolonged battle would involve too many variables.

While this seemed like a lot to think of for a normal warrior in the middle of combat Fang Tien had managed to think of this plan intravenously, as it had only taken him a second of observing to come up with it, “Qin’er, attack the open area to the far left once I’ve given the command, using the full extent of your spear intent, hold nothing back!”

Did he call me Qin’er? Huan Qin was surprised by his sudden change of tone but quickly dispelled her thoughts as she began to focus. Her fire elemental energy all gathering towards her spear. ” Ye’s! I’m prepared” Huan Qin replied her spear of flame burning even more intensely.

“Boom!” As Fang Tien said this his eyes bloomed with a strong radiant golden light, an oppressive feeling of time-weighted down the area, it was as if the earth and the heavens submitted under his vision, within his vision runic marks of time appeared around the sky and area, multiple appearing on Huan Qin’s spear intent vortex, with a thought he would be able to reverse its time canceling her spear intent.

“ARGH-WOOOOOOOO!” With a mighty roar that shook the earth, the stones gathered above the great-earth wolf turned into multiple large spikes, these spikes each as tall as a medium tree revolved above the great-earth wolves head.

Seeing this was its attacks Fang Tien rotated his great-shield technique as his body became coated in a strong protective layer of light element.

“SWOOSH!” With a swift speed despite their size, the spears rushed downwards as if the bringers of death a hit from one of them would be able to kill even a rank 4 warrior.

Seeing that the runic marks of time had appeared on each spike Fang Tien was confident in the success of his plans, “Divine Ability Spatial-Chrono Reversal!” A golden ancient world blossomed before Fang Tien as the time in their very space began reversing, luckily this was concentrated on only the earth spears as they slowly decomposed turning back into multiple rocks, even the very rocks began decomposing before turning into nothingness, leaving behind only the earth elemental energy that was used to produce such a technique.

“Qin’er now!”

As Fang Tien said this the spot where she would attack was completely empty, but Huan Qin chose to follow anyways, as his current performance had managed to win her trust, more importantly was that her battle senses told her it would be the correct choice, as her Huan clan was famous for their combat prowess but the real secret belonged to their innate battle senses, allowing them to avoid disadvantageous moves and even subconsciously chose the correct ones mid-fight.

“HIYA!” With a great shout, the spear of fire in Huan Qin’s hand burned fiercely as she attacked open spot, her seemingly simple stab containing hundreds hidden ones, if one’s eyes were untrained only a single attack could be seen, but Fang Tien was able to see each of her hundreds stabs produced in that short time.

“BANG!BANG!” Huan Qin’s spear had directly connected with the claw of the great-earth wolf as it had jumped forward, sneak attacking at the exact moment she began her strike, this attack managed to catch it off guard as Huan Qin’s spear attacks titled its body, exposing its defenseless tummy.

While the Great-earth wolf had a protective layer of earth on its body and hardened skin, its belly was soft and smooth free of any protection and also its weak area.

“Splat!” large fountains of blood and intestines flowed as a large wound appeared on its stomach, the great-earth wolf slumped over as its eyes slowly closed.

“It’s dead…?” Huan Qin stood in disbelief, she had battled it for so long but Fang Tien had managed to help her kill it no time.

Closing his eyes and reopening them Fang Tien’s purple translucent eyes had reappeared once again, losing their golden glow.

“It’s dead indeed, but I have to quickly find my teammates, do you have enough energy to be safe?”

“Who do you think I am? A Huan never runs out of energy in combat.” Huan Qin replied proudly.

“Good, I’ll take my leave.” Fang Tien said.

“Wait! the great-wolf Fang you should take it for your help.” Huan Qin said.

“It’s not needed, after all, you were the one who fought it first, I only assisted you to kill it faster.”

Seeing his assured expression, Huan Qin knew being argumentative wouldn’t help, “I’ll take one and you take the other!”

After saying this a knife appeared in her hands, as she quickly walked over to the great earth wolf and dislocated both of its large fangs, giving one to Fang Tien.

Receiving the Fang, a quick thanks was heard.

“Be careful…!” Though Huan Qin said this Fang Tien’s figure had already vanished.


Dashing through the forest Fang Tien’s eyes briefly flashed a silver color before returning to normal. The stabbing that assaulted his eyes periodically was gone as his second divine ability, “Time-Mark” became available once again. Signaling that the Great-earth wolf that was under its effects had been killed.

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