Chapter 111: Hero?

Moments after separating from Huan Qin, Fang Tien had run into another group of students. A group of 3 consisting of Magus students, their famous blue and white robes, tattered and torn, some dirtier than the others, filled with blood and dirt.

One could imagine how hectic their fights must have been for such a thing to happen to their robes. Magus are famously known for their always pristine state, as in wars and fights a Magus would always be the last person to be touched, but it was obvious to Fang Tien that these three had struggled.

After all, this mission to him seemed like a massive jump from the small training he had received, but this also showed that even being an academy filled with children of the best clans, one would still have to work hard and struggle personally to grow, after all, everyone was a cultivator at the end of the day, no strong cultivator can be with personal struggle and growth.

As it’s known, the path to the top is paved with countless skeletons and blood, sweat and tears. Watching these magus fight peaked Fang Tien’s interest as he had never truly had the chance to observe a magus before, though these seemed inexperienced their spell usage and style would still be good for observation purpose, as Fang Tien was able to remember everything he had seen to the smallest detail and as such would always reflect on previous fights as a way of learning.


Cai Wen, Huo Bo, and Zeng Bi had all had a smooth time collecting fangs, as they had managed to lure wolves in packs of 5 into small area’s where they would easily be killed by their strong spells, But something had suddenly changed everything as a huge roar that shook the earth caused them to become overrun by packs of fierce-earth wolves.

While they could handle 5 wolves,7?9?12? the sudden change and increase in number had caught them off guard,” Bo’er, defend my left, Wen’er defend my right, I’ll prepare my great thunderbolt skill, I can kill them all in one cast I just need time!” Zeng Bi said, her hands gripping her crystal wand tightly.

While a Magus wasn’t required to use a wand, the benefits of one couldn’t be denied, as they provided great assistance to a magus, giving them an increased casting speed, lowered spell consumption and an added power boost to a wand of the same element.

While a wand was important the orb embedded into it was its core, as the orb containing a specific elemental energy would give an added boost to spells of the same element.

With a serious expression, Cai Wen and Huo Bo both nodded, as they each took their respective positions firing quick and easy spells to fend off the wolves, instant cast spells while weaker provided an important time biding element to a magus arsenal, as they were surrounded by 12 fierce-earth wolves they had managed to kill 3 already, but this had consumed too much time, putting them in too big of a disadvantageous position.

This was the benefits of mixed teams as if they had even one less magus, replaced by a warrior the 12 fierce-earth wolves would have been eradicated in seconds.

“Fire-ball!” “Water-ball!”

“Boom!” as dozen fire and water balls fired off rapidly hitting the wolves but causing minimal damage, while the fireball had great firepower the water ball was more used for its properties than the ability to cause damage, as the water-ball soaking its opponents slowed down the enemy, making them more suspectable to the next attack, combined with another spell made it a great auxiliary spell.

Seeing this Fang Tien could only shake his head in disappointment as they were just firing spells off mindlessly in one direction, while normally such a tactic would work they earth wolves defensive skin was too great as it was most likely one would consume all their energy to kill them in such a way.

And even if they did win in such an unpredictable forest who’s to say they wouldn’t instantly run into more? except now they would be defenseless because of their energy usage.

“GRRRRRR!” A deep growl resonated as one of the wolves had sneaked upon Cai Wen, its movement too swift giving her no time to react its sharp claws swinging towards her body, such a strike from that range would undoubtedly cause serious damage to her, “No!” only a sharp cry escaped from her lips as she was paralyzed with fear, the dark red eyes of the fierce-earth wolf and its menacing aura at such a close range had terrified her.

“BOOM!” Before the Fierce-earth wolf claws could connect a torrent of water had pushed it away, Huo Bo had managed to react with her quick thinking, saving Cai Wen at the final minute.

“Swoosh!” Fang Tien had vanished from his hiding spot the very second she had saved Cai Wen.

“Guys I’m ready, prepare!” opening her eyes a strong electrical bolt released from them as Zeng Bi Surrounded by electrical currents was ready to cast her spell, unknown to them a wolf had sneaked up behind her, while her teammates became distracted defending themselves she was left unguarded and with her eyes closed previously as she concentrated on casting her spell she causing her to remain oblivious to her surroundings.

“GRRRR!” a loud growl rang out behind Zeng Bi as a cool feeling of running water covered her back, a heavy force knocking her back time had seemed to slow down as she looked at her body hitting the hard ground, a pool of blood surrounding her.

“Zeng Bi!” Cai Wen and Huo Bo had shouted at the same time as they looked at their leader in danger, unable to help because of their own problems, the remaining earth wolves had increased their attack frequency leaving them with no breathing room.

“Puff!, Puff!, Puff!” one by one the earth wolves in the area fell down, as golden swords made up of light elemental energy could be seen easily piercing their bodies before disappearing.

A handsome figure stood before them, his purple eyes glowed enchantingly as if they were two gems, his long dark hair flowed freely and his serene expression gave one a feeling of comfort.

It was Fang Tien! he had attempted to save her but was too late to prevent the wolves strike, while she wouldn’t die from her injuries scars would definitely be left behind…

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