Chapter 112: Healing Herb

A magus? no! he isn’t wearing a robe but the warriors outfit…impossible a warrior can be this strong? Cai Wen looked towards Fang Tien in disbelief as she had never seen a low-rank warrior that was as strong as Fang Tien, his unique elemental attack style looked more like spells than warrior techniques.

“Bi’er are you ok? here I’ll try to ease your pain.” Huo Bo had walked over to Zeng Bi, who was still laid on the floor, as she rolled in agony and pain her fingers gripping tightly into her flesh as she tried to avoid crying. Even though the pain was great, as a magus and a group leader the act of crying in pain would disgrace her team and her magus status.

Luckily her painful experience was short as Huo Bo had quickly applied some medical herbs to her wound, this herb quickly stopped the healing, while burning off all the bacteria caused by the wolves claws. Her back was wound was now closed and slowly healing, but large scars would inevitably be left behind, it was evident that this team was now leaderless as she would need to be healed properly by a light magus. While herbs carry amazing and quick healing properties they are mostly only used as a temporary solution for serious wounds, as the healing and purification provided by light magus are more potent.

A cool refreshing feeling quickly engulfed her, as the herb healed her wound, allowing her to feel much better, freeing her thoughts Zeng Bi had finally inspected her surroundings. As she noticed Fang Tien’s presence she glanced at Huo Bo with a questioning look.

Seeing her look Huo Bo quickly conveyed what had happened in using her divine senses.

With a slight bow, Zeng Bi’s voice flowed towards Fang Tien’s ears, “Thank you for saving us! if it wasn’t for you there is no telling how bad it would have gone.”

despite her wounds her voice was still energetic, this caused Fang Tien to turn around to face her a brown-haired Magus came into his view, while she couldn’t be considered extremely beautiful her large bright eyes and resolute expression gave her a special charm, with a smile Fang Tien nonchalantly replied, “It’s fine, I was simply passing by.”

Of course, he didn’t mention that he had observed them for experience, as he truly was just passing by.

Seeing that he wore a warriors outfit Zeng Bi was surprised for a split second before regaining her composure.

“No, it’s more than most would be capable of doing, I’ve never heard of a first-year warrior that was this strong, are you, Han Shi?” Zeng Bi asked in curiosity her eyes darting around his face.

“My name, its Fang Tien.” Fang Tien replied as his eyes scanned the surrounding area seeing that it was safe, it was now time to leave.

“I’ve looked around the area, you should be safe to move for the next 20minutes without having to worry about earth-wolves, I would suggest quickly reporting to a teacher.” Fang Tien’s voice resonated as he began walking away, his mind still focused on finding his teammates.

Seeing that he was leaving Huo Bo quickly shouted “Wait! can we come along?”

Without turning around Fang Tien had replied his voice resonating,” I have my own teammates I have to find.”

As Fang Tien traveled in search he had somehow run into many such situations, finding students in need as he observed their combats before helping when in need, soon rumors of a mysterious purple eyed warrior had spread.

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