Chapter 113: Su

In a deep part of the forest 3 figures could be seen walking, two clothed in warrior outfits while the third clothed in a magus robe, a chilly wind would blow with each step tho took, it was as if their presence lowered the temperature of the forest.

“Yao Chang, the rumors about a purple-eyed warrior is definitely about our leader!”Lin Shui said excitement in her voice as she skipped slightly with each step.

After Fang Tein had told them to run south for safety her made was constantly worried about his safety, as he was surrounded by dozens of fierce-earth wolves when they had left.

Of course they weren’t totally safe themselves as they had become surrounded by packs of wolves before being narrowly saved by a mysterious magus, after this incident the two had decided to head west in search of safety as it was said that the students mostly gathered around there as a safety station was located in the area.

Sadly on their way there they became overwhelmed by wolves once again before being saved my another magus, who the two now traveled with.

” Lim’er you’ll definitely like our leader, he’s extremely strong and always had a plan!” Lin Shui spoke in an excited tone as she walked closer towards the robed magus.

“Mhm.” a simple nod was all the magus did in reply.

Seeing this Yao Chang shook his head silently as his first impression of Su Lim was of an arrogant magus, but that quickly changed as he realized she was just extremely quiet and of few words, the complete opposite of Lin Shui who had talked for hours without end upon meeting Su Lim.

Yao Chang had chosen to keep a distance, not because of how she acted but due to her name, Su! the Su surname was famous as it belonged to the elemental clan Ice family, while there existed other families with the Su name, only the Su family of the great elements clans was renowned for its prowess in ice elemental.

Her name and how she had saved them confirmed her status as she had frozen the entire area of fierce-earth wolves with a powerful spelling, rescuing them from danger.

But her status was exactly why he avoided being too close to her, as any problems caused would reflect badly on his clan.

It has been a day since they’ve been separated from Fang Tien, and as the deadline is in a weeks time they decided going to the nearest station would be best, after all, information about the best hunting spots could be gathered and maybe even finding Fang Tien there would be possible.

It’s been said that information could be both using fierce-earth wolf Fangs, and even though Fang Tien had only killed a few with them they had managed to amass a hefty amount, allowing them some wiggle room for spending.

“SWOOSH” The group came to a halt as a group consisting of magi’s blocked their path, wearing their class one robes, the group of 3 looked towards Lin Shui and Yao Chang.

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