Chapter 114: Su Lim!

Seeing this team of Magis blocking their way a strange premonition crept within Lin Shui’s heart. A tall figure walked from the group, their face obstructed by a cloak, but their deep voice indicated their gender, ” Hand over all the Fang’s you’ve collected so far and we’ll allow you to pass.”

“Huh? Why should we hand over our Fangs? they belong to our leader!” Lin Shui shouted in protest.

“Your leader? Who’s the leader…” paying closer attention the Magus noticed a robed figure within the group,” A magus? what are you doing with these filthy warriors?”

“Filthy warriors? how dare you!” “Clank!” Lin Shui had immediately drawn her sword in anger, her large canine tooth became more obvious as her fuzzy hair becoming sharper, she looked as if she was a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

“Warrior, You dare to draw your weapon at us?” The tall magus looked towards them in contempt, as if a child was being rebellious.

Watching this Yao Chang had chosen to keep quiet while observing the situation, unlike Lin Shui, he preferred to be much more conservative in his actions, only acting when he’s sure of the outcome, plus this entire situation seemed extremely sudden and suspicious to him. But even if he preferred to be more caution in his action he was more than ready to fight back, even if his opponents were magi’s.

As Yao Chang watched water elemental force began to surround his hand, coating it in a strong blue glow. Seeing this Su Lim cold and indifferent expression remained unchanged, only a simple question could be heard being asked, as her voice resonated around the magi’s.

“Why is Long Bin’s clique, blocking the path of a Su?”

Hearing this both Yao Chang and Lin Shui were surprised, not for her question but because since they’ve met hern this is the most words she has spoken.

Long Bin? Lin Shui’s brows furrowed as she thought the name seemed similar, ” Long Bin!” Realization dawned onto her, as memories of a white-haired magus resurfaced.

Seeing that their identity had been revealed, the magi’s lowering their cloaks revealed their faces showing a group of one female two males.

“I’m happy you remember us Su Lim, sorry but our young master has a need for these two, of course, we wouldn’t dare to take your Fangs.” The tall magus said.

“Why would Long Bin order you to do this? We haven’t even offended him.” Lin Shui asked in anger.

With a look of annoyance on his face, the tall magus replied,” You should be happy, we’re showing enough courtesy by even asking.”

“Clank!” sound cries rang out as Lin Shui drew her sword, readying for combat.

“Let’s see how well you can take them when you’re bruised up!” Lin Shui said her sword glowing with a bright green glow as wind elemental force surrounded it.

She had practiced hard after seeing the fight between Fang Tien and Huan qin, in fact, most who witnessed that fight saw a considerable leap in their skills as they practiced, after all, they were each talented in their own aspects and were considerably ahead of the normal cultivators of their same age.

*** It has been a day since the fight with the Great-earth wolf for Fang Tien, after going as far as the entrance of the forest and not finding his teammates he had given up, assuming they had chosen to retire. While this mission concluded within the forest stepping outside the bounds before the mission was over would consist as a failure.

If a leader steps out the whole team fails, and as such Fang Tien could only turn back. After this ordeal, Fang Tien had once again begun exploring the forest, while hunting earth wolves and practicing his warrior skills. While he was unable to collect the fangs as they would quickly fill up in his storage ring and would only be accepted by teachers in the special spatial-pouch handed out, his dilemma of lacking fangs was the least of his worries.

I’ve gotten more comfortable with my “swords of light” technique, my body of purity has also seen a large boost, combat enlightenment is really the best way for a warrior to improve his skills!

I’m now a step 5, rank 4 warrior but my Eye cultivation has stagnated, at this rate, it’ll fall even further behind…

While Fang Tien’s warrior cultivation has had a large jump, his main eye cultivation has been bottlenecked ever since unlocking his 3rd divine ability, finding it hard to advance past True sight Pupil rank worried him, as his earlier progress was swift and fierce, sadly he can’t even ask his current master for help as she’s not a Du Clan member and as such would be even more oblivious.

As Fang Tien traveled through the forest he had grown bored of hunting normal fierce-earth wolves and as such would just scare them off with his sword intent pressure, after a while Fang Tien entered a deeper part of the forest, a slight change in the atmosphere was noticed by him, as the air became thicker and the spiritual energy within the area was even more focused.

But even above all these changes, a feeling of being watched could be felt. Slowing his steps Fang Tien scanned the surroundings with divine sense but found nothing amiss, but he was sure his feeling was right. As he walked slowly through the forest a slight pressure changed within the air.

While a normal warrior or even magus might not notice it, it was obvious to Fang Tien as his eyes could see the changes to the elemental energy within the air, as spiritual and elemental energy quietly rushed towards an area ahead of him. Fang Tien saw this typically happen when a strong formation was being activated.

While he was unable to hear it, his eyes could pick up small details such as small curves on the leaves that populated the ground and even the grass, indicating that someone had walked past it also recently, and in the few minutes too.

Fang Tien couldn’t explain why but he had a strong feeling as if he was being tracked, deciding to take a shot in the dark Fang Tien’s voice reverberated in His surroundings.

“Come out, state why you’re following me.”

After a short wait no one had appeared, with a smile Fang Tien stood waiting as he looked straight ahead, his eyes radiated a slight purple glow.

One of the hidden figures made the mistake of staring into his eyes, while they looked enchanting at first he quickly grew uneasy, as he became lost within Fang Tien’s eyes, it was as if he entered within another world, a terrified feeling of being watched flooded his mind as he began sweating rapidly.

“Found you!” as if commanded by his voice light elemental energy materialized into the air, taking the shape of a sword as it charged towards the Mysterious figure, a stuffy ahem could be heard as Fang Tien felt that it had connected with something.

“Rustle” shortly after 6 figures had appeared from behind the tree’s, these people ranged from warriors to Magi, Fang Tien had even recognized the warriors as they were in the same year.

Pan Cai Was the name of the largest warrior among them, Fang Tien had remembered his name as he was selected to be a team leader, the same as him.

Seeing how they had appeared Fang Tien knew they were obviously up to no good but a bright smile couldn’t help but appear on his face.

Seeing his smile made the group feel uneasy, a magus held his arm, bandaged up it was evident he was the one Fang Tien’s strike had touched.

“What’s so funny?!” The wounded magus shouted, his face bristling with anger.

“I’ve been contemplating how to collect fangs, but you’ve all gladly delivered your own to me, it’s as if the heavens are helping me.” Fang Tien said joyfully.

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