Chapter 115: Fang Tien’s Might

Hearing Fang Tien’s reply the warriors and magi’s laughed uncontrollably as if the most absurd joke in the world was told, some laughed so hard they began to cry.

Of course, Fang Tien was completely serious but looked towards them calmly, his stance showing that he had absolute confidence in his words.

“Really, just because you’ve managed to beat Huan Qin you’ve grown arrogant, you’ve just been lucky before, but let’s see how your luck helps you against all of us.” Pan Cai said with a sneer.

The smile on Fang Tien’s face vanished as he looked towards Pan Cai, disgust could be seen in his expression, ” You’ve become the dog of a magus, don’t bark around me.”

“You-” Pan Cai words stopped mid-sentence as Fang Tien stared at him, a terrifyingly oppressive feeling covered him, it was as if his mouth became sewed shut, he found that whenever he tried to talk an illusion of two giant star-shaped pupils would appear. It was as if these pupils encompassed the world, taking up all the space as if every being vanished from the world leaving behind only these giant pupils.

Seeing that their leader had gone silent, and began sweating profusely, Ding Min and Ding Fu began to worry as they called out to him,” Leader, what’s wrong?”

“Huh?” as if awoken from a sudden dream Pan Cai looked around dizzily, seeing this the Magi’s looked on in disappointment.

“A simple word from him caused your spiritual energy to become so chaotic? Warriors are truly useless!” the wounded magus spoke as he looked towards Fang Tien with anger in his eyes.

“No need to argue with him Xu Yan, we just have to quickly fulfill our duty.” another magus said.

“You’re right, with our numbers even a class 2 member would be in trouble.” Xu Yan said.

A light smile once again appeared on Fang Tien’s face, it was as if he heard the funniest joke. “Numbers? What does it matter, in front of my eyes, you’re all as worthless as a pack of wolves.”

In a mocking tone, Fang Tien’s voice resonated within each person’s ears,” If you all chose to hand over your bags with fangs and Slap yourself three times, I’ll forgive you since it’s your first offense.”

“Forgive us? Haha!” a resounding laugh could be heard from the magus camp.

“We know you’re extremely talented in light elemental attacks and that your warrior prowess comes from that, but do you think a numbers advantage was all we had?!” Xu Yan said.

Pointing below, to a secluded area with tall tree’s his voice continued,” we’ve activated a sealing formation, sealing all the light elemental essence in this area, you’re now as defenseless as a lamb ready to be slaughtered!”

As Xu Yan said this he couldn’t help but smile at the thought of stepping on Fang Tien’s face. As he had been wounded by an attack from him the shame of being damaged by a warrior in front of his classmates caused him to become angry out of shame, hoping to take out all of his anger on Fang Tien.

Copying Fang Tien’s mocking tone Xu Yan added,” If you kneel and beg for forgiveness we’ll try not to bruise your face, after all with a face like that you can always live your life as a playtoy for a powerful Magus.”

“Clank” Sound cries rang out as Fang Tien drew his Long-sword, appearing from his spatial ring, he could sense that they weren’t lying as he was unable to use any light elemental attacks currently, it was as if the light essence between the world had vanished.

“BANG!” Fang Tien’s eyes bloomed a bright purple light, this light was so strong that this section of forest became covered in a purple shade, the star-shaped pattern within his eyes could be seen revolving as the detail of everything seemed magnified.

His Deity eyes were now activated allowing him to see the weakness of each enemy clearly.

“Don’t attack him close range, we just have to bombard him with spells from a distance, go!” Xu Yan said, it was obvious he was the leader of this group, at his words an array of different spells fired towards Fang Tien.

“Fire-ball!” “Flaming Barrage!” “Water ball!” “Wind Slash!”

Seeing the numerous spells coming towards him any normal warrior would be panic-stricken, but Fang Tien remained calm as his Deity eyes allowed him to see the trajectory of all the spells clearly.

“WOOSH!” Fang Tien walking towards the barrage of spells went headfirst into the fireballs, dodging each by hairs length, a long line of flame spells passing him as he walked casually through the line of fire.

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