Chapter 116: Invincible Deity Eyes

“SWOOSH!” While Fang Tien seemed to be effortlessly walking through the barrage of attack spells in actuality, he was under extreme stress as a new problem came to him. While his eyes could clearly see the attack path of each spell, allowing him to avoid by a hairs length, the truth is he’s only avoiding at such a close distance because his body is unable to react quicker.

While his eyes are able to see ahead his speed would need to be at least twice as fast as his current state to achieve the reaction speed needed, something that can only be possible after achieving rank 5 as a warrior, or if he was trained in a speed type cultivation art.

Avoiding at the last second allowed him to not only conserve his energy but the slight movement needed to do it made sure that he was able to react to each attack.

Seeing Fang Tien nonchalantly walking through the attacks, the worry within Pan Cai’s heart began to grow, as if a seed that was nourished with water, showing its edges as it blossomed, “We won’t win like this he’s just dogging every attack!”

“Shut up! Don’t you think we can see that!?” one of the magus replied in anger, it was obvious their plans had to be changed as he was just avoiding their quick cast spells.

Seeing the situation taking a turn for the worse Xu Yan quickly formulated a new plan inside his mind As his opponent could somehow doge all their attacks, by some insane lucky the best way would be to tie him down physically.

Looking at the warriors under his command, by allowing them to pester Fang Tien. Combined with the ongoing quick cast spell attacks to distract his attention and buy them time, this plan would undoubtedly be the best as a large long cast spell was a sure fire way to win.

Using his divine sense, Xu Yan shared the plan of attack to everyone, his thoughts resonating within the minds of Pan Cai’s team and his own team of 5 magi’s.

Receiving his instructions Pan Cai immediately mustered his courage as he charged towards Fang Tien, his steps heavy due to fear, as each step would leave an indistinct footmark within the ground.

The Pan family was famous for their strength, as each descendant has a stronger constitution than most, Pan Cai was considered extremely talented in his peers within his clan, having a high affinity to earth as a warrior meant that his defensive capabilities and strength were better than most.

As a large axe appeared within his grasp with one swing, the air in the space seem to split in half, feeling an impending force coming towards him Fang Tien dodged before replying with an attack of his own.

“Clank!” As Fang Tien’s long sword Clashed with the axe his body was forced backward by the sheer force of Pan Cai’s attack, while Axe users attacked slower their moves packed a larger punch carrying a force behind them that made it for sword users to match them head-on.

Within the corners of his eyes, Fang Tien could see Pan Cai’s two other teammates flanking his sides, their respective weapons attacking towards Fang Tien.

As if his joints were made of water, Fang Tien ha managed to lean backward, blocking the Axe strike with the base of his sword while the end of his sword parried the strike from Pan Cia’s other teammate, his free left grabbing the wrist of the third warrior stopping his strike mid-action.

This position was held for a second before Fang Tien pushed all three backward, all of this happening within a few seconds after Xu Yan had given out his orders.

Fang Tien began to worry as a large part of his attack force consisted of light elemental attacks, even his defensive abilities came from it, his best bet would be to either cancel the sealing formation or defeat everyone quickly, as a prolonged battle would only serve to tire him out.

“Leave his left side open, we’ll strike him there.” Xu Yan’s voice resonated within Pan Cai’s consciousness.

“HIYA!” With a loud shout and his axe coated in earth element, Pan Cai created a large crater as his axe swang downwards, missing Fang Tien by an inch.

As Fang Tien dodged a sudden barrage of fireballs came towards his left side, while the other two earth warriors attacked from his right and back, leaving him with no way out.

This time their attacks came from a greater length, giving Fang Tien no way of grabbing their wrist again, in a last minute desperate decision, Fang Tien ran into the short sword that attacked from his right side, using the gap between the pit of his arm, Fang Tien held the opposing warriors arms in a death grip, clamping down.

Twisting his body around and in consequence, dragging the warrior with him they had now switched position, “BOOM!” as the loud explosion of the fireball impacting rang out a smell of burned flesh could be heard.

“AHHHH!” as the warrior crawled on the floor in agony Fang Tien had used this moment of shock to quickly knock Pan Cai and the other warrior unconscious, his sword striking the backs of their heads.

While they would be distracted by the change in battles, Fang Tien was able to keep in an emotionless state, free of anger or fear, as each passing second in the battle his Deity eyes would transmit a pulse, calming his beating heart and refreshing his mind.

“It’s over for you now Fang Tien, you should have begged when we offered!” Xu Yan Laughed hysterically as a large circle of wind elemental force gathered, the other 5 magi’s had poured their energies into Xu Yan, allowing him to cast a spell above his rank, the rank 5 wind spell ” Ravaging Tornado.”

“BOOM!” A large tornado made of wind elemental went towards Fang Tien, the strong winds uprooting each tree within its path, being sucked into such a skill if not kill, would undoubtedly mortally wound him.

While Fang Tien could still use his 2nd divine ability to trap Xu Yan, forcing a backlash to be created from his spell a feeling as if he was being watched still could be felt, as such he wanted to save it for an emergency.

“Leader…isn’t this going to far won’t this spell kill him? we’ll be expelled if the teachers find out” A magus voicing his worry said.

“Shut up! Who’s backing us? he can easily handle something like this plus, we can just make it as if a fierce-earth wolf did it!” Xu Yan said, his eyes looking towards Fang Tien with pure hate, even though he was in such a situation his long was still carefree with fueled his anger even more.

“Spatial-Reverse!” “BANG!”

A strong silver light bloomed from within Fang Tien’s eyes, as an oppressive feeling of time covered the area, the entire area began populated by runic symbols of time.

Fang Tien chose Reversing the runic symbols of time on the casted spell, as time reversed the tornado went backward as if a recording of it was playing in reverse.

Mysteriously, Xu Yan and his team of warriors had been knocked consciousness by a strong wing, before Fang Tien had even cast his third divine ability.

A tall, and handsome figure had appeared before Fang Tien, his white hair carried a healthy glow as it flowed freely like a waterfall.

Fang Tien was surprised by this unexpected visitor, but what actually surprised him was his lack of danger felt by Long Bin.

As he stood there calmly looking forward, Long-Bin began walking closer, before stopping in front of Fang Tien.


With a strong force Long Bin knelt down before Fang Tien, his head bowed deeply, ” Forgive me Lord, punish me as you see fit for offending you.”

Long Bin was both ecstatic and terrified, as he had finally found the person described in his clans Royal ancient records.

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